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Getting to 2.73 attacks per second, help

Looking to gear my friend ot get to the threshold of 2.73 per second


at like 2.56 atm

can you recommend a few pieces to ge there?
All other stats are pretty decent
600 res all
loh might be a little low, but a new neck can help that.
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I do have an int Nats ring with 9 ais and a nats boots with some int. viable option so i can drop some crit? Trying to set this up for a friend and not totally familar with wiz, but have been reading http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350715501 to get info, but just not sure where to go from here.

Thx in advance!
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need to add 11 more ias on gear to get to 2.73 brkpt, also with only 9 apoc ur friend is gonna do pretty bad a lot of time since hell be out of apoc and thus unable to reset his cooldowns
stormcrow helm would solve problem of apoc and also loh
and ull need to make up the ias on other pieces

or u can open up the piggy bank and get an apoc force, note 17 apoc is the bare minimum at 50cc, and things are a lot smoother at 19 or 20apoc
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with the 9% on nats reflection help a bit so i need to find 10 more ais somewhere? Def go with a crit stormcrow?
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yeah a nats ring is a very viable option, but if u use a stormcrow u would probably need to max out the ias, on one of the 8ias pieces and get a 9 ias ring, cc ring
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Thx steel!
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What about getting a chan will with a bit faster attack speed?1.64
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.2 i gain is ais?
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yeah the way it works is wand speed times ias of gear
ur bud is 1.62*1.58 = 2.5596

the 2.73 breakpt is actually 2.7273 or something like that
so u need to make sure ur buddies stats are at 2.728 or higher, cause the insheet aps rounds up, so it might show 2.73 and youll still be below the breakpoint
with a 1.64 wand ull need 67 ias from gear
hope that helps
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thx again.
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With your current wand +0.22, you need to have +69 IAS in order to hit the 2.73 breakpoint.
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OK, I hijack this thread a bit :P

D3up gives me these stats:

DPS 94,103.17
Attacks per Second 3.08
+% Attack Speed 87%
Critical Hit Chance 52.5%
Critical Hit Damage 172%

To improve DPS to about 120k am I doomed to go another trifecta ring (50m+)??

I'd really really really love a CMWW expert to check me out! My goals are modest -- farming MP7 which I do FINE, just takes a bit longer than I like. I'd LOVE to get into MP8...


(ps. I _do_ have a really good socketed chants w/ 100% crit gem, but I find the LS on my current is awesome :-)
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Dont Ninja my thread yet!!!!

updated profile

2.74 ais
40k life
55 CC
3600 armor (that too low?)
470 res all (that too low?)

are these effective numbers?
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