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Hello everyone. I am just wanting some advise on where I could improve my gear. I have a pretty decent budget for this. Any help would be beneficial. I can do MP4 with little hassle. Here's my build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/OminousViper-1173/hero/30616932
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There's actually a lot that needs to be changed. I suggest you take a look at Uberjagers Thread and PhatPho as well.

In no specific order:

1. Andariels - You have 18% fire damage taken which is HUGE. Using an Andariels is fine if you are on budget but at least look for one with under 10%.

2. Get a new mainhand that is an axe/mace for the 10% crit chance boost. Look for Socket + Str + CD if you can afford it.

3. Consider changing your offhand to a sword/dagger with Socket + Str/vit + CD + Life steal. That way you can lose the bloodthirst passive for superstition.

4. Try and look for IK Belt with 170+ Str (goes for 100-300k~ unless price changed a lot). You will lose some dps, but in return you gain All res which you are majorly lacking. Get IK gloves with 170+ str + 9.5% cc or higher to gain the 2 set bonus for 60 more all res.

5. Change your bracers to Lacuni prowlers which will give u 24% movespeed, so you get an extra tornado. Not to mention the nice attack speed bonus.

6. Your pants have a nice amount of strength, but really you are lacking a ton of Vit. You should get some pants with 70~ Str, 160~ vit + AR + sockets.

7. Your left ring has nice base stats, but you should really be looking for one with both Crit Chance + Atk Speed or Crit damage.

8. Definitely can get more crit chance on the amulet despite losing some str.

9. Change your passives to - Superstition (After the new offhand), Weapon Master, and Ruthless

I am by no means of a good barb. Some high end barbs may disagree with some of my advices because I am terrible at calculating breakpoints and I didn't help you do so.

Edit: Forgot about Tyraels Might giving Movespeed lol. Either way, Tyraels Might is nice, but really not ideal. I suggest changing to a rare chest with more vit.
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