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100 Mill to spend on a witch doctor

Making a witch doctor for my bro and have a 100 mill and have no idea where to start for my bro. I played WD for a little a while ago and I used Acid Rain, zombie dogs, Gargantuan, Rain Toads, and 2 other skills I can't remember.
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bump anyone got some advice?
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Well i would stick with your normal geared pieces:

zuni set (helm/chest/ring/boots)
  • Helm: You will want to look for the best priced but want high int/vit (200+/75+) with probably mana regen roll
  • Chest: Best you can get for the price. extra vit/life%/armour/pick up radius are usually nice bonuses
  • Ring: For a cheaper price, I would get a pox that has a good avg dmg roll and possible more int, int/vit, life%, or socket. You wont be able to afford the cc / ias rolls.
  • Boots: rolls with AR/extra vit/PUR/ or armour are nice but could be pricey
  • Ammy: Probably a cheap Tal's ammy with high int/vit. Wont be able to get one with cc.
  • Pants: Probably Blackthorne's with int/vit/socket roll or something. This will give you a big health boost and some LoH for AcidCloud build
  • Bracers: Probably Lacuni if you are wanting the 24% movement speed... if not you can go with soem good/cheap strongarm bracers with int/AR or int/vit
  • Mojo: I would probably opt for a Thing of the Deep since it will give you the base PUR and good bonuses. Look for one with avg dmg of 225+. Getting a int/vit/life roll would be preferred after that
  • Gloves: Probably some cheap int/ar/cc/cd rolled rare. CC would best be 8+.
  • 2nd ring: I would either opt for a unity if you need more LoH with an AR roll or vit roll if you need. You can also go with a litany with an avg dmg roll which will give you similar to the unity but without LoH
  • Weapon: Some black dmg spear or mace with LS/crit dmg/socket or you can go with a skorn and not have to worry about a mojo
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    Do you think that I could do MP5 with this build. I would prefer MP6 since my bro will be playing with my barb and I can handle MP6 except for Azmodan adn Phasebeast elites. Also gearing other bro's monk so I am just cruious. Thanks for the help.
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    I have a Thing of the Deep that you can have. Maybe some other gear as well.
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    I've seen some strong WD with mixed gear pieces with NICE affixes.

    I currently run 50-70k dam depending on what's in my hands. You'll see my guy with an ok Thing of the Deep I use for gold running. I use a nicer Uhkapian Serpent that adds 6-7k damage when I run mp5+ And I have a Sky Splitter with higher base damage that boosts my dam another... 5k....7k... damage.

    What you don't see is a Zunimassa's Marrow. Why? Because I haven't afforded one yet. It's going to be about 3 million for a cheap one, but it will work for what I want, for now. But there are better Zuni Helms, better Vile Wards and all.

    If I had the gp I would go

    Zunimassa's: Vision and Marrow
    Manajuma's Carving Knife and Gory Fetch
    IceClimbers/Firewalkers with high Int
    Vile Wards: High Int, Dex, Vit.
    Blackthrone's: Notched Belt and the Pants
    Strongarm Bracers
    Gloves: Tasker and Theo with Crit Chance
    Rings: Litany of the Undaunted and Wailing Host set with crit damage
    Ammy: Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross with added damage

    Manajumma's : Carving Knife and Gory Fet
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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    Is it free? If not then lemme know stats and prices and if it is then I love you. I will add you in gane when I can get on.
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    to b able to farm mp5 and up, wd dont have much choice in gear:
    it's 4 pieces Zuni ( the bonus set is just too good, 130int,55ar and mana regen), any combo it's up to what u can afford then stack int, vita, cc and cd...ar isnt really on my priority since we benefit some from int ( 10int=1 ar)
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    As Hmongster said, for higher MP limited pretty much to zuni set for gear. However that zuni set will allow you to run many more differant type of builds than any other class has.
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    I disagree with you need the Zuni set to farm higher MP levels, IMHO I think its more on sustain LOH and LS and regen life the more the better. I have no probs doing mp8 with my build. and its not that great!
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    @Phambone: I agree with your point. I don't run more than vision, right now and I can do mp 4 and 5 solo (without dying every minute).

    That said, I want Zuni's Marrow because it is an awesome piece.
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    @phambone, imo for higher mp (8-10) the zuni set is a must have, the extra mana regen is just too good to be skipped.
    I'd like to see how efficiently u farm mp8 with no mana regen, with PTV, with 25% AS and no bear...not saying that u cant but if u go 4 pieces zuni u may lose paper dps but actually gain in eDPS...the 20mana/sec will help u spam more bear and bear hit like a truck
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