For those of you who are tempest monks like myself, all know its good for ONE and only ONE thing: Speed. However, with endless bugs and problems, its cons outweigh the pros by far.

Im never on technical support section, so im not sure if a thread similar to mine was made yet.

I have actually been wanting to let my voice be heard at the start of my tempest rush experimentation when i was level 20-ish. Now I am lvl 98 and the anger and effects of this terriblly bugged build is starting to literally make me feel murderous.

Here's just but a few of the existing bugs/Problems with the build.

----Rubber Banding----

This is the most extremely angering problem. I have asked TR monks in the past if they also experience rubber banding and some said, "yes, always", and some said sometimes. I know Im not the only one this is happening to, and it is not because of any personal internet lag. When Tempest rush monk ever uses his other primary attack (I use deadly strike), immediately after using this attack and you try tempesting you will only get about 5 yards and it will set you right back from where you just tempested from. This is quite angering because when I encounter molten mobs when they are in the process of exploding, I will hurry and get out of the way before they explode. NOPE! you almost 99.9% of the time are sent back right in the middle of the blazing explosions = death. With arcane mobs, they will set arcanes right under my feet or close to me, I will tempest away before the beams come out to evade them. NOPE! Your dead...With Fire chain mobs, they tend to be programmed to surround you so the chains burn you, when this happens I tempest out of the chains to avoid them. NOPE! You get stuck on the chains and you are rubber banded back to your unavoidable death. If this banding problem has never occured, my monk would probably have been unkilled for months, since I have made him pretty diesel. But nope....

As long as this exists with TR monk, You and I will die dozens of times on a daily basis, no matter how strong your tempest is.

Oh....Speaking of how strong your tempest is.....

Its pretty hilariously amusing how weak blizzard forces the tempest monk to be. Good luck trying any difficulty past mp2 or 3 without having 100k life, 7k armor, minimal of 500 AR, and 200k+ dps and a sh1t load of convert/LOH. In order to successfully and effectively use a TR monk, You must sacrifice ALL your defensive auras and passive skills to Spirit Regen ones. You must use circular breathing sacrificing your armor mantra. You must also use at least 2 spirit regen Passive skills as well, which would sacrifice even further "resist all" and "armor" bonuses.....

Even after sacrificing more than 70% of your protection bc of all of these spirit regen skills, it is STILL extremely difficult to keep your spirit up. Therefore, forcing yourself to spend money to replace your "already godly" helm for another helm with spirit regen added.
Not only that!! But while TR monks use sweeping wind like they are supposed to, the skill end within 5 seconds and you must turn it back on, which drains half your friggin spirit....This means, you are now Forced to buy 4x piece Inna's set, just for a crap 0.3 regen and also so you can spam sweeping wind without losing too much spirit.

With all this being said.....All blizzard needs to do is change ONE lousy thing about this build to fix it all. Decrease the amount of spirit needed to fuel your attacks, etc. and to also fix this stupid rubber banding that is causing every TR's daily deaths

Its sad to say I will be lvl 100 in a couple days, and just now decide to rant about it. I should have opened my mouth earlier. But I was extremely stupid to think that Blizz was going to fix it themselves, or make a useful update for once

I will most likely add a link to this thread in the next few days of a video of the rubber banding im experiencing. Happens at least 20 to 30 times in 1 game. Once I have the video uploaded you will then see my anger and start asking me how I keep my sanity
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