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Help me get to 100k dps with Maximus

My monk's very survivable but I wanna hit that magic 100kdps. Okay...technically I'm already over 100k dps if one includes the +35kdps demon, but I would like actual numbers. I want to get up there but there's a few things I want to keep.

I want to keep:

1000+hp regen
1000+life on hit

So what armor should I replace to get the most +dps?
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For a start, switch out for mempo and witching hour and use inna's chest to get 2pc set bonus instead. 2H weapon inflates alot with attackspeed and only those 2 would roll you attack speed for a helm and belt. That also gives you the choice to free up your BT neck for a tri/quad fecta ammy.

It might be nice and gimmicky to have a skeleton whenever you attack now and then. But it's a pretty useless set bonus and more CHC/AS would fair you much better in terms of DPS/EDPS if you replace one or both your rings.

But all that said, still depends on how much gold you have to burn. GL

EDIT: Keep the litany, replace the wailing host
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Really nice Maximus. Have you considered shifting to more Fire based skills if you're going to use that? Essence Burn and Fire Storm come to mind as compliments for the fire damage you're getting out of Backlash.

If you wanted to go to an Inna's with the Sweeping Wind bonus you could produce a pretty hilarious amount of excess fire damage using Tempest Rush Spec with Firestorm and Submission instead of the standard Cyclone.

The flame kick is also probably pretty sharp with that weapon and a few items that reduce the cost on lashing tail kick.
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