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Detailed Gearing and Skill Guide [Genesis]

I can run mp5 fairly decent but my hp sucks.... what can i do to improve on my character... kinda at a dead end im having problems finding better gear or even buying better gear without spending 50+ mil on a item.....http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/IneedMONEY-1994/hero/14015363
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any advise would help me out a lot thks
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Lots to say... Op is no longer active it seems

I'm not sure why you opted for a Marquise gem in your CHEST while you have a Radiant Square in your boots...

You should have a rad star ruby or higher in your calamity.

You are opting for a no crit Nats helm and ice climbers, and I can't figure out why. I would go Mempo, no crit, and a set of decent vit Nat boots instead,vthat way you keep 3 pc bonus and get the life % out of it while gaining 8-9 ias. Also, consider getting 9 ias legs, every point of IAS makes a big difference.

Other than that you could probably get better gear from crafting so keep at it.
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can u look at my gear

and any suggestion ? what is this gear categorized at ( I have no idea )
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Thanks! This guide has helped me very much and I went from farming act 1 mp 1 to farming all acts mp 7 - 8. Very good!
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need some suggestions on improving my dps and ehp.. thanks!
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Awesome, thanks!
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Hey Guys i wanted to introduce my Demon Hunter, i just have 100 Hours playing with him and i went to try Azmodan at Inferno with Monster Power 8, i have 379 DPS so far and my highest Critic hit has been 950k.
Here i have a video of it, what do you guys think about it?
Am i doing it good? bad, do i need to change my gear or something? And what about the skills?
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can we request an "un-sticky" for a thread? with all the changes in loot 2.0, every chunk of info here is outdated ...
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This ^
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Amazing work here Oscar. Nice to see people caring this much for the community.

Check my DH:


My idea is to use Hungering Arrow and "Ballistics", so I use rapid fire with fire support, spitfire sentry, i would like to use vengeance but i run out of Hatred too fast.

On the other side I don't know if my gear is the most appropiate for it.

Thanks for your advice!
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You're welcome, but I am not really maintaining this thread as I have no access to the original post. :-(
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any opinions with my gears :D
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Why is this still a sticky?
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