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Detailed Gearing and Skill Guide [Genesis]

Glad you're doing this again. I didn't even know what eHP was the first time you helped me out. Hoping I can get some advice again! Appreciate it
I'm told that I should work on my All Resis and maybe IAS, but for now, a lto of that is out of my budget. I was wondering what else I could look to upgrade?
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nice guide
very helpful for everybody new to the DH. Also like the emphasis on balanced builds, since a lot of people just look on how much dps they can get for their gold.
But why don't you mention +max disc? Certainly it is a matter of preference, still you get a more versatile DH with a bigger pool of discipline.
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I'm glad you found it useful! For your manticore, ideally I would look for one with similar or higher DPS just with dex. Of course budget may be a limiting factor, but that is what I would definitely do if I couldn't get a 1200+ 2 soc dex roll. I don't think you would be able to get better value for your gold with your current gear. Your nats ring is great; I woudn't change that until you're ready for a pretty big step in terms of cost. I would probably change out your unity for a rare ring that has CC, CD, dex, vit and AR (average damage on there would be nice, but might add too much cost). That should be affordable and will almost definitely give you a DPS boost and will definitely boost your eHP. Your ammy is pretty nice for DPS, but you may want to balance it with some vit. Optimally, you want higher CC, CD, perhaps less dex (to keep things affordable), some vit and average damage. If you can get AR on there too, you're golden, but that is outside of my budget! Another thing you could do is get a bunch more dex and/or vit on your pants. You could probably get good dex if you ignore vit, or you could get a healthy amount of both if you keep the dex roll under 100. I'd say that a different DML would be good, but yours has me torn. You have AWESOME dex and vit rolls on it, but your AS is low and the skill bonus isn't ideal. I would try to get a little more AS and either HA or bola as the skill bonus, for reasons I have discussed in my guide. That might not be the best thing to do for you though, as getting rolls like those with HA/bola and better AS might just be way too expensive. Keep it for now, but keep it in the back of your mind as you progress. You'll eventually end up changing it and will probably end up losing a chunk of vit, so plan your other gear accordingly. All of the things I discuss are more idealistic suggestions that aren't always possible at once or under a budget. Keep that in mind, as sometimes you can find different solutions that are much less expensive that concentrate on different areas. For example, you could milk your pants for all the dex you can and then concentrate on vit with another slot leaving you with similar (lower) stats that could be a fraction of the cost.


Yeah, I think that would be a good call. If you want to keep your rings and just switch out your chest for nats, boots for nats and belt for inna's, you might actually end up with higher DPS (your rings might give you better DPS than a cheap nats ring would even once you include the set bonus). The most important part of nats is the 2 piece bonus, so definitely get that. Simulate the rings to see what is best.

If you're toying around with the idea of a manticore, go buy a cheap one and give it a test drive. As far as attack speed goes, they are all basically the same, so you'll get a good idea about the speed. I don't recommend WF generally though since they cause huge problems for spike traps. Consider getting a rare bow or a calamity at some point.


No worries! Your AS is nearly 2.7/second, which is awesome. I wouldn't worry so much about that, but rather try increasing your CD and CC. Your resists aren't bad at all! I've only got 50 more than you, so I also wouldn't worry about that. Your eHP is over 400k right now, which is awesome. I would probably suggest working on DPS as much as you can at this point. To deal with both the CD and DPS parts of my suggestion, a better calamity would do you a lot of good. I know they are expensive, but a soc calamity would help a ton. Your gear all looks pretty good right now. The only thing I would potentially suggest upgrading is your mempo. You can get a bunch more dex out of it and should consider getting a good vit roll on there too. That will help your eHP more than any AR upgrades could affordably get you.


Thanks. I don't suggest +disc simply because getting that roll requires the sacrifice of a bunch of other stats. I also feel that it isn't really necessary if you use the right skills and hit some of the targets I've laid out. With enough CC and night stalker (and good disc management), 30 disc is enough. I'm running a strafe build now with only 30 and I rarely find myself disc starved. That is a very disc intensive playstyle (I'm constantly vaulting) and it works well. That's just how I like to do it. If you prefer to have more disc, there's nothing wrong with that! I used to do that back in the day. I went from my 4 piece nats to a 3 piece set with extra disc. I eventually realized that I didn't need that disc and would rather have the extra dex/vit, so I dropped it. Haven't looked back.
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Genesis, you are amazing. Thank you again!

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Genesis, many thanks for the time you put into this guide.

I know my Dh is a mess ,1 shot deaths are very common for me but with your guidence I think I can turn her around and enjoy playing her more. Thank you very much .
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If deaths are frequent for you, I'd suggest you take a look at my budget build guide. It's pretty affordable and I promise that deaths won't be common. Be sure to read the guide though as I commented on some things I would change if I were to do it again. While the eHP is awesome on it, the DPS is on the low side. A DPS boost will make the character more effective overall and will add greatly to survivability with gloom.
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Thank you so much for the advice! I really appreciate it. Haha, I was scared of getting flamed for not wanting my guy to be ugly XD

I did not know about the movement speed cap, but it makes sense cause I couldn't really tell if he was walking faster or not hahaha. I'm dumb. Yay, I'll go look for the items you suggested! Thanks again ^^
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Many thanks for the helpfull reply. Yes I will realy give your guide a close look, improvements are there and it will take a long time because my gear ( no AH for me) is all self found. It may look a mess, but in group play I can surrvive, its solo I have trouble with.

So I'am looking at life (which is way too low compared to other DH's) and damage I guess.

Many thanks for taking time to answer my post.
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Hey there, so I got some budget build gear for my demon hunter. I am just farming act 3 inferno on MP0. Its smooth sailing expect for the times when I get knocked back into an arcane sentry or to ranged elites with fire. My main plan of attack is kill it before it kills me, if it lives too long I get a problem. Now the one thing I am having an issue with is reflect. If I don't check the affix and start firing away I will usually get too low on health and will die. I am thinking of putting in some Loh or Life Steal somewhere just to counteract that. Or perhaps use Gloom? I really like what I am using now so I might replace my pet for that.

Just thinking out loud here, what do you think?
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Genesis, awesome guide! Much appreciated! :) From looking at my gear, do you see any immediate glaring holes? I'm guessing the ammy most likely... I was just testing it out in MP5 and seemed to be ok (still getting used to the DH from a barb, big adjustment from mindless twirling!). I have about 10m to spend, not including my stuff for sale in the AH (potential another 20-30m).
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Hey there, so I got some budget build gear for my demon hunter. I am just farming act 3 inferno on MP0. Its smooth sailing expect for the times when I get knocked back into an arcane sentry or to ranged elites with fire. My main plan of attack is kill it before it kills me, if it lives too long I get a problem. Now the one thing I am having an issue with is reflect. If I don't check the affix and start firing away I will usually get too low on health and will die. I am thinking of putting in some Loh or Life Steal somewhere just to counteract that. Or perhaps use Gloom? I really like what I am using now so I might replace my pet for that.

Just thinking out loud here, what do you think?

I am not Genesis :D

I suggest you ditch your caltrops for Gloom and you should be alright for RD packs. Your crit chance is already high enough even for nightstalker procs.
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I actually still have the gear from my sample build that is just building up dust in my stash. Would you like it?


Gloom is absolutely the answer. You should be able to survive well enough with your gear, so I would probably trade out caltrops for gloom. I'm thinking that you already made this change, but I would probably suggest you use bat to help keep your hatred up. Up to you though, but you absolutely need gloom.


Thanks! I suspect you've got some of your gear on your monk, so I'll look there. Ideally, you would want to have CD on your ammy too, so try to get that in there. Gloves should have some AR on there too. If you're low on vit (which might be the case since you're using a vit gem), try getting some vit on your pants and some more on other pieces, such as your gloves and bracers. A better solution might be to get a new mempo that has vit. Everything else looks good. You may want to get a manticore with higher damage too, but if survival is your main point of concern, eHP is what you want to work on. A dead DH doesn't do any damage.


You are absolutely correct. Gloom is the answer and his CC is definitely in a good spot to take advantage of night stalker.
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Hi Genesis!

For a newbie DH, this guide was really great to read - thanks for your contribution!

For your high end build, approx what budget would I be looking at? I did a rough check of some of the key items and looks like over 1bil?? Like Mempo 3CC is about 350M, Manticore 1250DPS with 2socs and DEX is around 800M on AH at the moment?

Also can you advise what is the best and most efficient paragon levelling build for DH at the moment? How much XP/hr does it get?
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Thanks! I'm glad people are finding it somewhat useful. I was hoping to help clear up the forums of some of the commonly asked, basic questions.

For the high end build, it is basically just a description of what I've done. Of course there are some price cutting things you could do to have similar results just cheaper. The bow is a big ticket item, but I feel that if you're invested enough into a DH and want to take a step up, a 1200+ 2 soc manticore is where you need to be. The mempo could be skipped as it doesn't add all that much DPS over a normal one. You could also take advantage of a high dex roll WITH vit on a mempo to take the vit pressure off of another item. This would allow you to milk even more DPS out of something else.

The build I've referenced is (or was) in the neighbourhood of 2b, but it's worth noting that a HUGE part of that went towards just a few very expensive items, namely my bow, belt and helm (armour gets an honourary mention). Everything else was actually pretty affordable for a high budget person sitting at about 50m each. To be honest, you could probably get results that are very similar if you got a good inna's belt, a high dex/vit mempo and a 200m bow. You'd lose some DPS and eHP, but the results would still be fantastic and a huge step above the previous builds.

If you look at the gear and skills I'm using right now, that is what you should do. It's important to note that some exp items I'm using don't contribute to DPS significantly, so if your DPS isn't as high, you might want to reconsider. Of course you can just fiddle around with it until you find the right combination of items. I've been charting my exp/hour on a run by run basis for the last 10 runs or so (each taking somewhere around 10 minutes). My average exp/hour is sitting at around 70m. The more you do it and the more concentrated you are, the better the results. My times are often with interruptions or casually playing, so they fluctuate and are lower than if I were to get a good run in with a good spawn of mobs. If you want to see a video of strafe, look for a guy name TianZi in the forums. He's posted some videos of his where he was getting 88m/hour with new nats and 100m/hour with leg nats. He's much more experienced in strafing that I am, so you would learn a bunch watching him do it.

Edit: I edited the strafe guide to include these videos.
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Well thank you for your generous offer.Iam not to proud to take you up on any gear that makes my DH more enjoyable to play. Will be interesting to see just how useless my gear is. Shall be returned if you ever need it for another test model.
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My build is pretty solid overall, but I feel like I need to add a bit more eHP (vit and resist all) as well as damage..

What could I do to ready myself to farm MP1 as easily as I do MP0 now... so that when 1.0.7 comes out I will be able to paragon level faster?

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Not only do you give comprehensive guides, you give detailed and helpful responses too, your awesome :)

Thanks to your help, I can wait to start building it.

What is your opinion about Nat legacy set vs new set? What is the rough DPS and eHP loss in going from an 'average' new Nat set to legacy set?

Also for affordability reasons, is a high DPS windforce an option?
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Haha sounds good. Add me up and message me when our play times overlap. Some of it might be useful, some might not be, so try different combinations of the two sets until you find the optimal one! Also don't feel that you need to keep anything. Sell stuff and put it towards future upgrades if you want.


It looks like you plan on running strafe for paragon, so the biggest thing I have to say about that is that you should try to improve your DPS as best you can. With your pickup radius and DPS, you might be able to drop night stalker and get archery. That's what I do and I figure my DPS with archery is about the same as yours in my strafe gear. I would highly suggest ditching chakram for rain of vengeance - dark cloud. It speeds things up substantially.

Your resists are in decent shape, so I feel like the easiest way to boost your eHP is through vit. Try getting a high dex mempo that also has good vit. Definitely get some vit on your pants. If you were to get ones like mine you'd be set. If you wanted to further boost your eHP, you could get a ring like my rare one. It should give similar DPS, but substantially more eHP. For DPS, the biggest things you could work on are pretty expensive. Your CD is probably high enough, so leave the rest to CC. Alternatively, getting a higher damage bow would be another good way. I recognize that it is a huge cost to upgrade from your already good bow, but there isn't much left for you (apart from boosting your dex). With that said, boost your dex! I know mine isn't particularly high right now, but my old build had over 3200 dex. That alone would boost your DPS tremendously.


Thanks! I appreciate it.

Legacy nats vs. new nats... That's quite the debate. Others may disagree, but I tend to think that new nats beats out cheap sets of legacy nats (and by cheap I mean under 200m for the set, so it's not really cheap). If you can get a really good set, it is definitely a good option, especially if you like to vault a lot. I bought a low end leg nats set once and was extremely disappointed honestly (for high MP). My hope was that I would be able to facetank MP10 with permagloom, but found that I got bent over. My new nats set beat it out in all facets: DPS, eHP and had sufficient disc regen to essentially permagloom. For that reason, I sold it. I wanted a set that could do both low MP and high MP effectively.

If you aren't interested in going into high MP and just want to speed farm MP0/1, then legacy nats would be great, even a cheap set. The discipline regen will allow you to move through the maps faster than any non legacy set could allow you to. The DPS and eHP loss will be largely irrelevant since you're in low MP. The ease of low MP inferno basically nullifies the negatives of a cheap nats set.

Long story short, it comes down to personal preference. I like the DPS and eHP that the new set offers me and have enough CC that the night stalker procs keep my discipline up. If you are prepared to drop billions on a really good legacy nats set, I don't think you'd be disappointed though.

As for your windforce question, a high DPS windforce is an option I suppose, but I wouldn't suggest it. In fact, that is the last weapon I would suggest for a DH for one simple reason: knockback. The biggest issue with the knockback effect is that it will make any spiketrap build useless since you'll just keep knocking things away from them! Spike traps should mainly be used for higher MP though, so if you aren't into that, it would be fine and might even help you survive if you're low on eHP. I would personally suggest either a manticore (my personal favourite) or a calamity. Manticores are pretty cheap in all honesty, so if budget is an issue, see what you can see in the manticore department.
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Thank you so much for your help. I think your explanation about legacy Nats makes a lot of sense and I dont have billions, but still want a DH that can do all MP levels (including MP10). So I think I will just go with new Nats set, and maybe get a cheap Nat set for paragon farming.

You mentioned TianZi as the person to lookup for Paragon levelling builds and farming routes. I found his video on youtube and looked up his gear on forums, and seems like if you want the benefit of the legacy Nat set, you need to use the ring. Assuming the other ring is Hellfire for 35%XP, there is no space left for a possible Leoric ring.

So I was wondering, would it be faster levelling using a new Nat set (more DPS and eHP meaning higher MP level and XP bonus) and also using Leoric Ring? This as opposed to running MP0 with just a hellfire ring?

Also do you have any good guides on dual weilding crossbows or know anyone else that did one? Also something I would like to read about and explore!

Sorry to bombard you with so many noob questions, just so excited to try it all out :)
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