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Detailed Gearing and Skill Guide [Genesis]


Upgrading your bow would give you a bunch of DPS. My budget manti gives you a 14k boost, and if you're prepared to start investing, a 10m bow could probably get you closer to 20k. I probably wouldn't start with that, but it's something you're going to want to do. Once you get yourself a starter set like the budget build, getting a good bow is pretty important. It will often give you some of the best bang for your buck (unless you're severely undergeared in certain areas). As it currently stands, your CC and CD are both great. While DPS is always good, don't forget about eHP. I've made the mistake in the past where I would gear for DPS and totally disregard eHP (I actually didn't even know about it at that point). I got so frustrated that I'd die whenever anything farted in my direction. Basically just remember that while DPS is awesome, a dead DH deals no damage.

If you're going to start scraping away at the budget build, I would suggest starting with the set items. I would specifically start with nats because it gives you the best set bonus. Start with the boots and chest, as they are pretty cheap and will get you the 2 piece bonus. After that, I would probably get the 2 piece inna's set, as they will give you a huge DPS boost (and help fix your low AS). Next would be a mempo because of its socket (great for levelling) and the AS boost. It also gives you a huge amount of eHP. After that, you can basically do the rest in whatever order you want. Nat's ring might be a good choice because of its set bonus, but at this point the major sources of appeal for the items has already been covered.


I'm glad to hear I've captured your attention for so long!

Your mempo is great, don't change it. Your bow is debatable. Before people thought DHs were OP in PVP, you could get a 1300+ DPS 1 soc with dex for reasonable amounts. I had one just like yours, but I traded it out for a 1260 1 soc. I loved it so much that I upgraded it again to a 1374 1 soc. At the end of the day, I ended up gaining ~25k ish DPS for a net cost of 50m or so (and note that I was already 250k+ DPS at that time). Point being, if you set your sights on a 1 soc you might be able to walk out ahead in DPS.

Before now, I always promoted manticores because of their DPS superiority and cost. Now with PVP, it seems that manticores have become the thing and calamities have (indirectly) been buffed massively. I haven't done comparisons myself as I don't have the plans for the new gems, but from what I have read, a marquis ruby in a calamity puts it in serious competition with manticores, especially once you factor in the resource regen and MFD bonus. What I'm trying to say is that if you can afford a new gem once 1.0.7 goes live, you could definitely consider going calamity. It would cost substantially more than 50m though, but keep it as a thought.

The only item I totally with is your chest. You have absolutely no vit on it at all! Apart from in PVP, I don't feel that extra disc is needed, and is certainly not worth losing all that vit over. That disc has displaced your vit which has caused you to trade out emeralds for amethysts, which has hurt your DPS. Other than that, upgrades will come in the form of improving your CC/CD rolls, getting more average damage (like your rings/ammy), and just boosting your dex.


Your budget won't allow you to change your belt and pants to inna's, but I would suggest that you change both. If you're going to use rares, make sure you're capitalizing on the rolls they can give you. By that I mean that they should both have high dex, vit and AR. Your pants might actually end up being better than other affordable rares (they have good vit), but your belt for sure can be upgraded to have AR.

I would probably try to figure out how you can work a mempo into your build. It will give you a substantial amount of eHP, and if you can get a nats reflection, you can keep the set bonus (while also improving your ring). Also consider getting a high damage 1 soc manti with dex. Other than that, try to boost your CD and CC as much as you can.


No worries That's an awesome amount of eHP. Your CC and CD are both awesome. Losing the
attack speed from inna's pants must have done that to you. If I were ever going to use rare pant which is something I've been considering, maybe…) is if I had lacunis to go with them. Reason being is that you're sacrificed both attack speed AND movement speed from inna's. Lacunis generally won't give you the eHP that your rares give you (unless you're loaded), so if you look into them, keep in mind that DPS will be your primary goal. I would look for dex and CC, then grab whatever eHP you can get in place. Or you could just drop the dex altogether and just focus on vit and/or AR on them if it makes it more affordable. I would hate not having 24% MS though, so I'd find a way to make it work haha. If you're not into that and really want better AS, I would look into new gloves. You could get trifectas, or just trade out the CD on it for AS. Definitely keep CC on your gear always. You'll probably get lower rolls with trifectas, so keep that in mind. If none of that works for you, you can always get inna's pants like mine. They don't really compete to powerhouse rare pants in terms of eHP, but they aren't terrible.

Another entirely different route to take would be going with a calamity. With the new gems, I've read/seen pictures of them coming much closer in terms of DPS to manticores. Of course you'd need a pretty good bow and would have to get that new gem, but it's an option that will let you boost your attack speed massively without reworking much of your gear.
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Hi Genesis,

Great thread, thanks again for giving me some wonderful advices 3 months ago. I am now 60 paragon and I've pretty much stuck to your good build haha. I tweaked it and substantially lowered my eHP... but I added MF and radius so that I can farm even better. I didn't get anything good until right before 60 and now I have ~200 mil to spend.

Do you which piece of gear I should improve on first? I think in 1.07 it might be more beneficial to farm higher MP... but obviously I can't do that with my current build. I know 200 mil isn't a lot but that's the most I've ever gotten! Hopefully you'll be able to give me some advice as to what to improve on and then I can continue my farming/leveling!


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Hey Genesis,

Any advice as to which piece of equipment I should upgrade or swap out? I've heard that I should get Nat's boots or ring and then trade my helm for one with CC, or get better shoulders - what do you think about it? Still down at 90k DPS - well, 88k. Pretty tiny budget too - 4m, plus 65 brims which could go for anywhere from 2-5m after patch apparently.

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Genesis, I knwo you're probably tired of all these "what should I upgrade next question". But I have a few.

The main one, what would you suggest I upgrade first? I probably am about right on your 800k build and want to start working towards the next one.

Also, what would you suggest I farm for gold? Someone suggested I follow Alkaizer's farming route.
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I'm having an issue about what to replace. I go through my items and I just don't really wanna replace anything even though I should. I only have about 500k too, I recently started playing again.
Thanks for this.
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That's awesome! Even with the upcoming exp changes, I suspect that the most efficient rates will still be in low MP. If you have the gear, you might be able to pull off farming MP1-3 to achieve the best rates, but that basically means you will be forced to use BL and HA (strafe won't be viable).

That's a pretty nice MF set there. In order to really improve, you'll have to start letting go of MF and radius (though I'd suggest keeping a piece or two if you ever want to strafe). For DPS, I don't see anything holding you back, so your upgrades will basically come in the form of better bows and more dex. Your eHP has some room to improve. I would suggest getting vit on your mempo, more vit and dex on your vile ward, vit and AR on your gloves, rare bracers kinda like mine (just not as expensive - we want to maximize that budget of yours), vit on your chest, belt and pants. Lots of things, I know! The problem with MF and radius gear is that it takes up the rolls for better stats. If you're comfortable farming with your gear as it currently is, don't feel like you need to spend your gold. Save it until you reach max MF through paragon and then just go all out on the quality of your gear. I went down the path of total power, ignoring MF altogether. My logic is that if I can kill things fast and not die, I'll get more kills per hour which. I almost want to call this pseudo-MF, except it gives me the added benefit of having a build that can do high MP, ubers and PVP.


With your budget, there isn't a whole lot that can be done. I would say that you should start by changing your pants and belt to good rares. By that I mean that they should both have high dex, vit and AR, as well as the two sockets in the pants. Getting %life on the belt is another thing to look for. I know that yours already has 3/4 of those things, but the rolls you have are pretty low (I think). It's worth looking into anyways. Next would be your boots. Nats boots would be a far better upgrade for you than a CC nats sight. As nice as a CC nats sight is, you definitely don't need to go there yet. It would eat up your whole budget (and then some) with gains that can be matched and surpassed elsewhere. For now, take advantage of that sight for its set bonus until you can get a mempo and nats reflection. Your ammy could use a second roll (namely, CD). I would also look for average damage and vit on there, but budget will be limiting there. Your shoulders should also have AR on them.


Yeah, that's looking pretty similar. My sample build was a bit beefier than that, but yours has more DPS. As long as you can farm act 3 in MP0 pretty easily, you're set. Alkaizer runs are definitely the thing to do. I modified it slightly by doing rakkis, but that's pretty minor. Keep grinding away at this and you'll start getting some drops. I would be lying if I said that's all I do to make gold. Most of my profits have come from working the AH. It takes money to make money though, and know that you might not always make money. If you know what to look for and what things should be selling for, you can make a bunch though, especially at times like this where the game is changing (the PTR).

As for gear, you're basically in a spot where you can pick any direction. Budget will be a limiting factor, but I would start with nats 2 piece (boots and chest), then inna's 2 piece, then a mempo. The rest doesn't really matter! Don't let your bow get left behind though. Even with great gear, a bad bow will really hold back your DPS.


With that budget, take a look at my budget build. It will help explain the stats that I think your gear should have. Most of your items are missing things that I would always try to get. For example, your rings, ammy and gloves all have one trifecta roll. I always suggest getting two (CD and CC) on every item, since it is hugely beneficial and very affordable. Another example is how you don't have AR on your shoulders, helm, chest, bracers, gloves, pants or boots. In fact, you have none at all (except your ring). Take a read and you'll see what I suggest and why. Come back if you have any questions about it.
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I've refrained for as long as I could before making one of these "please help me!" posts, but anyway here goes. I've basically been following your <75mil build religiously.. My prof still has my strafe gear on, but I have to replace them:
A strongarms (150 dex 20 AR 9% life),
A Nat's Mark (80ish dex, 80ish vit) to replace my Hellfire.
And of course an amethyst for the Mempo.

With all those gears on, from memory I'm sitting at about 138k DPS, 43k life, about 400 AR.
1 thing I noted about your 'good build' was that the AR seemed a little low. Basically my goal is to up the DPS without squishiness.

Currently I've got a 7mil budget and still just grinding. My questions are:

1. Where is an efficient spot I can gain Vit, so then I can switch my pants' gems to emeralds? I can't decide between pants (Super expensive), Vile Wards (super expensive) or Boots, or ??
2. I really don't want to sacrifice any AR. Should I aim for a strongarms with higher AR (I think that's another 10mil)? Or should I shoot for a rare with dex/vit/AR/CC and just eat the Dex loss compared to Strongarms? Dunno how to compromise here.
3. I know I have some work to do with upgrading my gems, but to me it seems like a massive gold sink for not much particular gain atm. Would you agree with me that I need to improve my gear first then doing my gems later?
4. Any tips on particular items to flip on the AH? (I can do ammy's and cheap rings ok-ish, but for other gears I have no idea)

Sorry if my char is hard to comment on without all my gear on... I can send a d3up link when I get home from work later if it helps :)
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I've gotten lucky with some crazy drops, some AHing and a bit of CC usage. Leaving me with this set of gear[http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Illy-1711/hero/741743]. I'm trying to move up to higher MPs, as i can fairly easily farm the lower lvls ones, running a Strafe Build.

Thing is i know my Manti is my biggest weakness. Assuming that is true, I'm strongly inclined to switch to a Cali given the upcomming changes. That being said, I'm wondering what changes I will need to make once I switch over.

1 - Should I use my DMQ, or DW a 1030 DPS Spite (1 Socket, 96% Crit, 190 dex, +10 max disc).
2 - What changes to my skill build would be required for using 1Handers over a slower high burst dps Manticore. Is Cluster and Spike Trap still viable using faster weapons? Also would like to know what "DH modifers" on my chest I should be aiming for. Doubt I'll run Strafe at higher MPs.
3 - Been considering swapping my Mempo for a Nat's Helm is this a viable choice? If so what should I be looking for stat wise.
4 - Is switching out my Witching Hour (My Ex-Monk's belt) for a good Inna belt a good choice, given a swap to a Black Damage Weapon (aka Cali)? I figure the 130 dex set bonus is nice.
5 - I have a 6% Frost Damage SoJ sitting around in my stash, 28% Damage to Elites, +Stafe Crit and +max disc. Will this result in higher dps over my Unity once I've swapping to a Cali (or even if I don't swap)?
6 - Lastly any other suggestions on swapping my gear around?

Thanks for the advice. Seems everyone is advocating manticores so finding good advice on NOT using that 2H CookieCutter Weapon is a pain in the butt.
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I went ahead with the swap.

1 - Well Apparently my Spite is better than the Quiver for the time being.
2 - Still unsure around what skills to use. Been testing HA:TEETH and EA:BL, seems okay.
3 - I'm running 3/4 Nat set so the reason to swap a Mempo to Nats would be to snag the 20 discipline bonus.
4 - Seems an Inna belt is more DPS than my Witching.
5 - Still unconvinced about this one.

Also I'm looking to upgrade my cloak, but I'm stuck between 100 Dex, 75 AR and 10 Max Discipline or trying for a 165 Dex, 70 Vit, 75 AR non-Max Discipline one. Any advice on this? How important is the Max Discipline stat. (ALready have 10 from OH or Quiver).
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While the AR on my 'good build' isn't extreme, it is better to look at the eHP value. AR only tells part of the story, whereas eHP tells you how much damage you are able to actually absorbed (once damage mitigation from all sources is compiled, like life, armour and dodge). Some people don't agree with including dodge, but I believe that it is extremely valuable once you reach a point where you are able to tank some hits. Point being, the eHP with dodge on that build is 400k, which is pretty good. Unfortunately with your strafe gear on I can't see these values. If it helps you wrap your head around the eHP of the budget build, it's about 60k more than your strafe gear has with all those amethysts in.

Without seeing your actual gear, it's hard to offer anything but generic advice. I'l give it a shot though.

1. For vit, good spots for you are shoulders, mempo, bracers, belt and pants. At this point in time, you'll probably want to hold off on the mempo (they can be pretty expensive with vit), but it's definitely something to consider in the future. Your shoulders do have some sort of life on them, but I would suggest a switch. I would look for rares that have similar dex, higher vit, similar AR and maybe even %life. The reason I suggest this is that they will be cheap and will probably offer you much more eHP than vile wards could in your budget. You may end up lowering your dex slightly in order to be able to afford it, but that's not the end of the world. Your bracers should definitely have vit AND AR on them, so that would probably be the best place to start. Your belt and pants should also have vit, but that will probably eat up your budget way too fast. Again, that's something for later.

2. As previously suggested, go with rare bracers. Try to get vit and AR on them too if you can, but budget will dictate.

3. I kinda agree. I would get stars at some point and stick with that until you have tons of gold, but for now I don't think it's worth the cost. To be honest, it would probably be smarter to drop the 100% gem in your bow for a 90 or even 80% gem. While it is a nice boost to CD, that extra 25m you'll get from selling it will go a long ways in your build.

4. It's hard to offer advice in that front. When I used to flip a lot, I'd have a routine. I'd search for certain items and their stats trying to pick out anything that seemed off. I only flip bigger things, so I don't think I could offer much in the way of advice.

Hope that helps. If you feel I've dropped the ball without seeing your build, come back and send me it and I'll give it a look.


Looks good! That's a nice set of gears. You definitely have the right idea about basically everything. For your unity, I would probably switch it out for a good rare. A ring like my rare (if it's not equipped, check diabloprogress or d3up) would give you more DPS and eHP. For your DML, I generally don't go with the extra discipline. It may be more useful for PVP, but for PVE I feel that the extra dex and vit you can get far outweigh the benefits of some extra disc. Even in high MP, 30 disc is enough if you manage it properly.

If you're thinking about going with a calamity, there are a couple comments I have. First, you need to get a good one and you need to get a marquis ruby. As it currently stands, I can't justify switching out my manticore for my equally expensive calamity. I find that the DPS loss is just too big as of now (not in PTR, but the live game). I find it much faster to use a manticore if you aren't using a marquis ruby. I haven't tested it myself (I can't get a ruby…), but from what I've read, they look promising.

1. I will be using a DML with my calamity once 1.0.7 hits, as will many others. You get higher AS, higher CC and tons of dex and vit from it. You simply won't get that with a spite. Even though that spite may end up giving you more DPS, a spite will make it challenging to have good eHP. I was working with a guy on this thread and my last about this. He has pretty great gear overall. Everything that could have vit or AR did, and yet he still was struggling to justify a change from his rare belt to inna's or WH.

2. I don't use cluster at all, but spike traps are definitely still viable. If you plan on running high MP, spike trap damage would be your best bet. I decided to go with inna's chest simply because of the higher dex and vit rolls I could get for the same cost. Any nat's chest with similar rolls were either stupidly expensive with a good bonus, or had a totally useless roll. At least with inna's I get a 6% damage reduction. It's an option worth considering.

3. I wouldn't do that. The only time I would use nats helm over a mempo is if I had a full legacy set, and even then I would probably still prefer my current set for any serious fighting. Legacy nats would be great for low MP farming, but if you don't have a good set, high MP will be a struggle.

4. That's a tough one. You'll almost certainly get more DPS out of inna's, but you'll probably also lose some eHP. You also don't get the attack speed bonus from WH which is part of the appeal of DW. I have both and plan to test drive them when 1.0.7 hits.

5. If you're strafing, yes. If not, then it's still probably a yes. For high MP, you'd want to get a different bonus (I use HA).

6. If you're tight on cash or need a little extra funding, I would highly suggest dropping your 58 dex gems in your chest for 50s or 54s. The little gain in dex from those gems are not worth the huge cost while you're working on improving your gear. I decided to do that and definitely don't regret it. I lost some dex, but with that extra gold I was able to make up that DPS and more.

Part 2:

1. It may be better for DPS, but for eHP it doesn't compete. If you're happy with your eHP, then that's fine.

2. If you're not into strafe, for low MP it's hard to beat HA - SoT and EA - BL. Multishot is viable too, so if you try it, use the rune that gives you disc so you can vault a lot.

3. As mentioned before, I wouldn't suggest dropping your mempo for more disc. With night stalker and proper disc management, you should be fine with 30. You will lose a lot of DPS and eHP by doing that.

4. That doesn't surprise me, and will be more true if you use a completely 'black damage' weapon. Something to not forget about is eHP though.

5. I stick to low MP farming for the most part and don't feel that I really need an SoJ. In high MP where fights are long, it becomes much more useful. Same goes for uber fights. Even though I don't do ubers often, that's the main reason why I have one. Now with PVP, having a SoJ is great. People are considered elites, so an SoJ is going to be pretty important.

The discussion about extra disc is split between PVE and PVP. For PVE, which is what all of my guides and advice has been based on, 30 disc will suffice. For PVP, more disc is pretty useful. I find that I run out of disc in tough fights with 30, so more is better. If you want a chest that will be best for PVP but will still work in PVE, get disc. If you want a chest best for PVE, then don't get disc. If you don't want to sacrifice in either, get two.
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Hi Genesis, I think what you are doing is cool and is helpful.

I'd just like to have your opinion on my gear ?

What pieces to change next, if you got any tips or etc.

I don't have a favorite weapon, I bought that Windbow because I copied one of my friend set. For now I have no budget at all, but I will eventually get up there and i'm kinda lost on what's worth changing.
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That's a pretty decent set of gear. I would suggest you change out of your inna's chest for a nats chest with similar dex and high vit if you can. Then change your belt out for inna's belt. That will boost your DPS substantially. I would also suggest not using a windforce. For me, they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of weapon choice. Not only do you lose DPS compared to a manticore or calamity, but you also have the knockback effect. Ever since spike traps were buffed, they have been THE BEST source of sustained DPS in any MP where you can't faceroll everything instantly. That means that the KB effect of your bow will render those traps nearly useless, which isn't good. For that reason, I would suggest you either get a rare bow with high damage, a socket and CD at least, a high damage 1 soc manticore with dex, or a high damage 1 soc calamity.

If you can afford a marquis ruby when 1.0.7 hits, the calamity will be one of the allstar weapons. It will have DPS comparable to manticores, yet has the attack speed and MFD bonus that will put it on par or better than a manticore, in my opinion. I haven't tested it out, but from what I've seen in pictures and other discussions, the DPS increases with that ruby is massive. Naturally I've gone off on a tangent here, and it's entirely moot if you're not prepared to sink 80m into a gem and enough into a good calamity. If that's not an option, you can't go wrong with a manticore.

Other than that, you seem to be doing well. Take a look at my budget build for some more guidance. It should help show you where you're missing some stats.
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Thanks alot ! What kind of belt am I looking for ?

Only dex and the amount depends on my budget or do I add vit ?

+ I tried the traps, but they don't seems to do that much damage :S + it is kinda tricky to make them walk on the traps and I feel it's just faster to elemental arrow the crap out of em.
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Thanks alot ! What kind of belt am I looking for ?

Only dex and the amount depends on my budget or do I add vit ?

+ I tried the traps, but they don't seems to do that much damage :S + it is kinda tricky to make them walk on the traps and I feel it's just faster to elemental arrow the crap out of em.

At some point, you would want to get an inna's belt with some vit. Something like my inna's belt that I use for strafe wouldn't be too bad if you're after DPS, or something with lower dex and some vit/AR would be an alternative if you want more eHP. Right now it seems you're really low on life and eHP, so definitely try to boost that where you can. I wouldn't change out of your rare belt until you can get eHP under control.

Traps are really the best source of DPS for higher MPs. The key part is the fact that it's high MP. This means you won't be killing them at a distance. You'll be standing right next to them basically the entire time, so you can set the traps right in front of you. In low MP, I agree with you though.
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Hi Genesis,

Looking to add some DPS and eHP. Very low budget, at $4.5M at the moment. Most things have been found, or I've bought low roll items.

Currently just farming Act3 Mp0, and key & uber running with a barb friend.

Would like to boost so that I can run higher MPs and be able to be effective in ubers.
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Your CC is awesome, and your CD is pretty good. Improving that would be good, but so would improving your AS. As a calamity user, your key advantage is your rate of fire. You could probably get your attack speed up a bit higher without sacrificing anything. When I put on my calamity, I think I'm at 2.76 attacks per second WITHOUT any pure attack speed rolls (just set items or legs that roll it 100% of the time). If you're thinking about a new reflection, you might want to get one with CD and average damage. I'd normally say CC, but your CC is very high as is and CD is cheaper. If you want more resists, get new gloves. You can higher dex, higher vit, higher CD AND get AR if you lose the GF and MF. Other than that, you're in good shape!

Thanks for the advice, I upgraded my nats helm and ring finally, quite happy with the results. (I can clear MP2 almost as fast as MP0, MP1 is now like MP0)

My current gloves/belt/pants/boots are for max MF, while Nat's armor for Vengeance skill (to get globes faster = faster killing) and yes I managed to snipe a cheap SOJ from the AH a few weeks back 30% elite with Hungering Arrow for only 10m. Those will be pretty useful once 1.07 comes, I'm currently saving gold to get an all out DPS gear.
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Could you tell me what areas I should be upgrading to be able to run MP8-10?
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Hi Genesis,

I am building from scratch. I just sold my barb gear since I hit p100 with him.

Maybe you could help me out and provide a rough estimate of how much I should spend per slot to get the most out of my gold. I have 1.1 b to spend on gear without having to worry about gems. I have radiants ready for any socket that may need it and a marquise ruby for my weapon.

I want to go with the attack speed route and calamity is the weapon that I am going for.

Please help me out as I may end up not properly budgeting per slot.
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Hi Genesis, I have gotten myself to a point where I am fairly happy with my build, but am at a standstill for armor/item progression. I have been stuck at roughly 200k DPS for a while but rather than finding/purchasing items that increase my DPS by any sizable amount, I have been replacing them with items may lower my DPS a little, but increase my overall survivability.

I can handle MP7/8 well enough, but it can become a chore which takes some of the fun out of playing.

The amethysts are a recent addition replacing emeralds I did have in my chest. The though being that I could replace dex for vit and then search for items that don't necessarily have in-built vit rolls in the hope of a cheaper option for more DPS. Sadly this hasn't proven to be the case! :)

I know I could swap the gems back out for a DPS boost, but I feel eHP is more important to me than DPS at this point.

Where do you recommend I go from here? Thanks,
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Hello genessis and fellow passionate dh's,

Im probably a not verry luky guy (my paragon level versus ma gear) but im not here to complain nor am i that unhappy about this. So basicaly all ma gear is hard farmed and never invested real money. No idea why but i really wanted to make this introduction :)

On topic, ive always pursued some objectives when makin and wanting some gear so that i can explain myself ill tell u my objectives:
1.Multishoter = 51% actual crit 58% multi crit, manticore, not focused on atak speed that much
2.40k hp minimum
3. 500 all resist with perfectionist (for low disc cost and AR)
4. rest of effort in DPS

37 disc = 3 SS or glooms in a row decent i think so im ok with ma new bought quiver (the last one had no disc at all)
im paragon farming with multishot and HA in mp2 dooin ok now

I stated my 4 objectives in priority order but im opened to other sugestion on how to prioritize my objective list. Now basicaly im just asking if what i plan to do next is the best sollution:

1. when patch hits move 1 mp higher = mp3 (mp2 is fast for me mp3 is medium - fast)
2. gonna paragon level a bit and paragon target = level 90 (allready will have max mf cuz ma templar assures me of that)
3. by now ill be para 90 no more pressure in speed level farming. Change ma hellfire with a litany of the undaunted ( for the crit instead of atak speed and average damage 40+. I will chose this ring to keep ma all resist at 500)
4.switch ma head gem with a % life one close to max
5. change ma natalya embrace with one with dex all resist and some extra disc (will lose vit) will change also ma inna pants with some with extra vit (will gain vit) = will remain at 40k +
6. get a natalya ring with crit also
7. All ma remaingin efforts will focus at last on a manti with 50 more dmg then mine

with the first 6 steps ill get 200k+ with archery 43k+ vit and 500 all resist

Now the questions:

1.Is this plan a good / best solution for ma near future?
2. Multishot - arsenal (cosnidering i allready have a quiv with 7 crit on multi) will be a good choise for pvp at the 200k dps / 40k+ vit/ 500 all resist ?
3. (mp2 is fast mp3 is medium-fast mp4 is medium speed at current stats) so considering i wont para level farm any more from 90, will mp4 be a good place to item farm?

Thx in advance,
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