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Butcher's Sickle is fun

I was just wondering not many WDs use Butcher's Sickle. I think it's really fun with hex jinx. Turn enemies into pigs and drag them when I'm using my bears. Wats more is that fast moving monsters and gobs too. The free stun is also amazing. Would love to do a high mp run with 4wds with hex and sickle, It would be like a pig's slaughter house. Bruiser garg pounding them into meatloaf. Haha

Anymore sickle doctor out there?
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Sickle is a good weapon since it's black dmg with LS/crit d rolled everytime. If you get a high dps with a socket, they are pretty good. The reason why you don't see more use it is because it is capped at 55% base crit. That extra 45% extra potential crit + more LS + 180-200 int you get with a manajuma knife outweighs the black damage potential even running with zuni / tal combination.

However, butchers sickle's are cheaper... so they are still a good cheaper option if you cannot afford a MCK with 950+ dps, 90+ base crit and socket.
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I used sickle for a little bit and I enjoyed it very much; especially against those round, shield casting mage dudes. It infuriates me when I have to chase them down.
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Imagine using that on a zero-dog WD in PVP. Should be a riot.
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01/09/2013 10:16 PMPosted by Wtflag
Imagine using that on a zero-dog WD in PVP. Should be a riot.

zero dogs will be awful offensively in pvp, butcher sickle or no butcher sickle
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I absolutely love my sickle. I find that the higher base damage of the sickle vs the carving knife makes a big difference, especially when farming. A 975 dps mana knife is less than 1.5k more paper dps than my sickle, even with all the extra CD.

The sickle adds a lot of personality, too. :) I love the proc, it really helps vs kiters like succubi and the obnoxious fat goat things. It's way more fun than an echoing fury...I swear playing with some of my WD friends running acid rain with an EF makes me want to kick puppies...
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I bounce back and forth between my LS Skorn, and a BS + ToTD. I'm still deciding which stlye and build I prefer.
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