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I Just Got My Leoric's Signet

After farming for a week and a half, I finally got my signet, so happy right now! I want to share with you guys how I got it, and hopefully it can help people who are interested as well.

First, Magic Find, I was at 300 MF cap when farming Act 3 Inferno, so MF wasn't a problem with me. With Monster power 10 in normal and 5 stacks of NV, you can get a total of 475 MF which is not bad at all.

Second, Skills. I use a Barb and don't want to waste time to level up a monk only to farm this ring. Sure, it is slower than a monk, but not a lot slower with these skills. Passives: Unforgiving (definitely), Animosity and any other passive. Left click: Cleave with Rapture. Right click: Sprint with Marathon. Other skills: War Cry with Charge!, Leap with Call of Arreat, Ground Stomp with Wrenching Smash and Threatening Shout with Grim Harvest (Hardly uses, not sure if works). With these skills, you basically War Cry and Threatening Shout at the beginning of each run to gain fury, and you just sprint and sprint and sprint. You almost never run out of fury, but if you do just War Cry and continue Sprinting. When encounter a large group of mob, just Leap into them or Ground Stomp them. Also, Leap is very useful when doing shortcuts.

Third, Armor. Fire Walkers is a must have. You basically put molten under the mobs when you walk, so the annoying invisible snakes, you just walk pass them, and when they reveal themselves, they die of your Fire Walkers. Also, you want more movement speed, I think 12% from Fire Walkers. The cap is 25%. As a barb, I got another 12% from Tyrael's Might. Also you can get Lacuni Prowlers as well. For the sole purpose of farming this ring, you can just buyout the cheapest of these legendaries, they are very cheap.

Lastly, Route. I basically go over all the common areas where people claim they found the ring. I first find the Vault of the Assassin and create a check point. Then every time I start my run I start at the VotA and clear it. I always get 5 stacks when I come out. Then, I clear the Sewers, Black Canyon Mines, Road to Alcarnus, Path to the Oasis(go into Ruined Cistern), and lastly clear the Dahlgular Oasis and whatever Dungeons that spawn in the Oasis.

Before I go, just a quick summary of what legendaries I got before I got my ring:
The Zweihander (Two-Handed Sword)
Split Tusk (Voodoo Mask) x 3
Aquila Culrass (Chest) x 3
See No Evil (Spirit Stone) x 2
Steady Strikers (Bracers)
Pox Faulds (Pants)
Ginzaniku (One hand axe)
Magefist (Gloves) x 2
Broken Crown (Helm)
Vigilante Belt (Belt) x 2
BoneShatter (Two Handed Mace)
Gazing Demise (Mojo) x 2
The Crudest Boots (Boots)
Girdle of Giants (Belt)
ScrimShaw (One handed spear)
Manald Heal (Ring)
Total: 24 legendaries

I basically get 1 legendary per 2 runs. Once I got 4 legendaries in a singe run. By the way, I got my Signet off an elite pack in the Sewers.
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I bet you almost cried when you identified the "Manald Heal"
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My run was basically the same when I received 3 of them in 2 short farming periods, than a whole day for the third. I changed my route which I documented on a thread here in the items forum, since I've gotten no rings but gave up almost a week ago.

The difference in my route is I would immediately exit the Vault when I was at 5 stacks to avoid getting a legendary here because the monster levels are too high and just went there for a fast 5 stacks.
Congratulations. :)
What percentage was it? Oh, looked at your profile. 27 percent is actually quite good. :)
You can see the two I have on my barb and follower.
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How the hell do you get a legendary every 1 to 2 runs? I'm calling BS on that.

My monk has capped out MF (300% from gear and follower, 100% from MP 10 Normal, and 75% from 5 NV)

He also has 24% MS and 10% MS from passives. Along with 25% MS from Tempest Rush/Tailwind, and enough spirit regen, I have permanent +59% MS.

I do the same run: start in VotA from checkpoint, get 5 stacks
Black Canyon
Road to Alcarnus

^^This route takes an average of 10 minutes.

I get a legendary about ever 6 runs, or about every hour. There's no damn way that with the same route, and same MF, that you are CONSISTENTLY finding 3 times as many legendaries as me.
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Your legendary find rate for a Leoric's Farm session seems very low for that MF level, Doctaphilly. My results for those runs have been slightly lower than the OP's, but much better than yours.
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I got Manald Heal on my first run, I knew I wouldn't be that lucky, so it was fine.
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