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d3rawr and tDPS

Quick question about Attack speed and tDPS as it pertains to d3rawr

I know with higher attack speed you get more ticks, so for example if i have a barb with 100k dps and 2.00 aps both hands and another with 100k dps and 2.5 aps. Does the 2.5 aps do more damage or just more ticks and higher potential uptime for WotB?
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Can someone explain what tDPS is? I am new to barb and not to familiar with things barbs look at for builds.
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Why does the tDPS not change when increasing off hand DPS? Isn't the tDPS the total damage of whirlwind + tornados?
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Here is the link to how tDPS is configured....it is a guideline at best, don't invest so much time/gold into the calculation, but use it like it was intended.....to give you a rough idea of how to increase damage with the WW build.

EDIT: this link takes you to player rankings....I can't seem to find the thread where Lorenze commented how tDPS was calculated....needless to say, I stand by my comment that it is a guideline. Keep in mind that tDPS calculations do NOT take into account other skills damage you include in a tornado build (like Rend and Overpower in my case)

01/10/2013 07:24 AMPosted by PicklesJr
Why does the tDPS not change when increasing off hand DPS? Isn't the tDPS the total damage of whirlwind + tornados?

tDPS goes by breakpoints and average damage...the DPS of a specific weapon may be higher, but also may reduce you a breakpoint, so in turn will alter your tDPS score.
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So at 2.01 aps I get 400% RLTW dmg and 322% dmg WW

but at 2.51 aps I get 520% RLTW dmg and 414% dmg WW

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I have found tdps to be very close to ingame effective dps. When someone recently posted a ghom mp10 thread to measure in game dps, mine was within a few % of the calculated tdps on d3rawr. Will it provide an exact number to the 2nd decimal point? No, but it does provide relative changes to in game dps for different upgrade options. You can convert these to a percent and see if it's meaningful.

I'd rather spend my gold based on an approximation that comes close to the in game experience rather than some dps number on the character sheet thats based on an autoattack I rarely use.

Why does the tDPS not change when increasing off hand DPS? Isn't the tDPS the total damage of whirlwind + tornados?

Because the vast majority of your in game damage comes from 5 sprint nados ticking on monsters. Your WW tics are the equivalent of 1 nado (not exactly but close) but alternating weapons. The tdps will change but not much. I've looked at replacing my OH EF with a 1k dps with similar stats. Despite a 20% on weapon dps increase, it only gives me a 2% tdps increase.
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I am a new barb and trying to digest the material little by little also.
(Man...that's a lot research they did!)

I think I am looking for a tDPS gain table, just like the DPS gain table, which breaks down the possible gain of tDPS from each stat.

I don't know... I am still confused...but really appreciate the hard work.
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