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Can't join populated pub chat. Always 1-2 ppl

I can't seem to be able to join populated public chat channels. Whenever i join I will be assigned to one with 1-2 people, regardless of how many re-logging attempts I make. Anyone with this same issue? This is annoying and has been going on for 2-3 week now.
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I have this issue to seems im always in same chat channel to.The chat system is lame anyway.
Only way to make friends atm seems to be coming to the forums.
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I have the opposite problem, 300 people screaming in every channel I join.
I wish I could find a nice quiet room,,,,, I envy you Leon.

Really? I stick to Hardcore or the class channels and they're not really active. Just bursts of chat every so often regarding drops, advice or maybe a farming group. Typically have between 10 and 50 people in the channels when I first login.

I left general as soon as I could and never bothered with trade. Saw enough of that garbage when I still played WoW :/
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I don't join chat anymore for any Blizzard game. Sc2's chat channel are bad and I'm guessing that D3 chat channel are about the same, but with spam bot.
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Hmm...yea but it's annoying when u needa sell something quick on trade channel. Plus, sometimes its entertaining watching people flaming each other while u're grinding. Guess this problem is just me?

When I send a ticket to blizz, all they did was saying sorry we can't help you after 2-3 days.
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Happens to me too. I've had this issue since channels were implemented... If i leave the channel and rejoin, same deal. 2-5 people at most. d3 is a lonely place.
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I have the opposite problem, 300 people screaming in every channel I join.
I wish I could find a nice quiet room,,,,, I envy you Leon.
Not sure how you are managing that since the maximum I have seen per channel is 99 users.
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I have actually never joined a chat with more than 20 people since game launched in over 1500 hours of play.

While I do avoid joining, the few times I actually tried have all been ghost towns.

I suspect the chat is divided into regions and no one actually plays D3 in Singapore anymore.
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Yea probably a matter of region. It's a pain if that is it.
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