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For those of us who are S/B and are looking for information on gear, builds, whatever...if it pertains to S/B, feel free to make a post with whatever you may need assistance on. As most know, I've been using a shield since the game came out and can probably provide assistance. Ideally, other geared S/B people will also post and hopefully provide assistance as well.

You are welcome to add me in game, just make a note that it is for S/B. I do not have many open friend spots and will most likely need to drop you after providing whatever in game assistance as is needed. I will try and get some other geared S/B guys (Simplemath, JRDIIORIO, etc....) to help out also if they have the time. I will even ask the math guys (Druin, Piffle, etc....) if they can help out with any formulas, etc....that would provide detailed information on mitigation, armor, etc....

Welcome to the thread and hopefully you are enjoying the S/B build.
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Gear Suggestions:

- The primary piece of gear which will tend to make or break your S/B monk is your mainhand (MH). Ideally, you will want to select a MH that has high DPS, AS, LS, LOH and natural CD and/or open socket. You will need CD on your weapon, either via natural CD or an open socket, for high DPS.

- The secondary piece of gear which will greatly impact your build is your shield. Depending on your playstyle and overall gear, you will want the following stats in no particular order of importance: Dex, Vit, Life%, Block%, AR, CC and your resist of choice.

***More to follow***

NOTE: Gearing a S/B can be quite expensive. The easiest approach to gearing is to take your time and understand the gear that you wish to use. I've used DPS and eHP calculators for a long time and do not make any purchases without weighing the pros and cons of each piece of gear. Once I figure out what piece of gear I am looking for, I actively search AH until I find the piece I am looking for. Sometimes, the gear is higher than the price you are willing to pay, therefore you need to be patient and only purchase gear that is within your budget.

NOTE2: For me personally, it's quite a bit faster to provide useful advice if you add me in game. Once in game, I can see how you play and make suggestions, based on your goals, of different gear selections and/or skill usage, which may improve your survival. My primary focus has always been on balancing my hp's, DPS, armor and resists. Over time, I've had to adapt my playstyle based on my gear level.

If you wish to add me, it maybe beneficial to make a post first stating what your goal is (PvP, MP10, whatever). Please be aware that some goals will require a hefty amount of gold so be prepared to take quite some time to acquire the gear you want and be patient, it tends to take time to gear yourself how you want.
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NOW we are talking!
I'm excited to see the S/B community getting closer
Here's mine: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Narziss-1360/hero/30410670
I think what I really need at this point is a loh/ls weapon, but any upgrade suggestions are welcome
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Looking forward to reading this. I have a few shield I am bidding on haha but no main weapon yet.
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So I'm pretty new to the monk class and the s/b build caught my attention. Any tips on how I can raise my dps because atm it seems pretty low? Thanks.
Yeah i'm really running out of ideas. I can improve my vile ward but it seems one with PUR which i need is going to cost me heaps. Aside from improving what i have i am a bit stuck.
Sitting on around 300 mill atm and always going up.
Nice idea, especially when pvp comes out, as builds will be pretty fluid initially. Not that it matters that much for me, being in Oz, ping is going to kill me vs anyone that isn't from oz anyway :P

My upgrades are pretty clear really, I want to find another 26k dps, and 100 - 160AR, then I'll consider me done. Gloves, new Nats, pants, getting the gold together is the problem!
I'd be happy to help out. Feel free to msg me in game. Like JCO i've played S/B monk since day one and I feel like I got at least a decent grasp of the playstyle. My friends list isn't as packed as JCO and some of the others but if it does get that way... i'll have to de-friend ya after helping. I apologize ahead for that.

I put my old shield away, but have been considering bringing it back out. Though need to seriously find a better one, looking at some of the S/B monks on these forums has just made me feel too embarassed to ever show anyone my shield rofl.
I'm excited to see the S/B community getting closer
Here's mine: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Narziss-1360/hero/30410670
I think what I really need at this point is a loh/ls weapon, but any upgrade suggestions are welcome

Heh, I see you went with a IAS/CD/LOH ammy like I did. Have you tried a CC/CD combo instead to see how it fares instead?

Here's mine.
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I can't wait to get Vrhk... err, however it is spelled on this.

I want to see some number crunching on pros and cons for sure!

This is exactly what I said to lestat when she was asking me about shields.

"Ask Vrkhyz to help you crunch numbers, he'd probably enjoy it"

I have a few decent shields /w varying block rates I could lend him to run some test on:D
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Ha, recently converted s&b here. I think the ehp bonus from block is huge when dueling and this will outweigh dps gain from duel wielding

You have been an stable of monk PvP status and hopefully we can join forces to theorycraft ways to let our class be the top vs. others.

BTW, do you think you have REVRAC beat? Let's hope!!
Very excited for this!
If you guys have Vrkhyz on FL, see if he is inclined to help with any necessary math, it is not my fortay as killing ubers is.

EDIT: PuddingHead and Scrapz, you are on the help list.
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Since PvP is strictly dueling at this point, It puts a razor sharp focus on how much dps you're doing versus how much hit you can take. You can't hope to hide behind a tank and come in and do crazy DPS when called upon. So let's look at some numbers here:

For myself, if I put on a off-hand of equal caliber:

Stat Diff %gain/ lost Old New
DPS +14,024.29 11% 130.3k 144.3k
EHP -216,711.56 -23% 935k 718.2k
EHP w/ Block+Dodge -916,892.37 -38% 2,403.6k 1,486.7k
EHP w/ Dodge -563,402.48 -27% 2,050.1k 1,486.7k
EHP w/ Block -377,923.45 -34% 1,096.2k 718.2k

You can see the benefit of doing less DPS is that in essence you are gaining up to 40% of ehp with the benefit of dodge and block.

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@jco, yup I got him on my list. I'll contact him tonight and see if he can help us in any ways.

As far as specific results, anything specific results you guys would want prioritized first?
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