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After some fine tuning and what not I have reached 190k unbuffed DPS with 73k HP and 630 all resist. I will eventually upgrade my chest to add another 4k ish HP or so but I'd really like to hit the 200k mark with the snb build. Some day I shall make that happen!
200K DPS is nice if you can balance out your other gear. It's very expensive to balance and keep decent life, armor, resists and DPS.

Also, you and Enot both have the same magical sword, interesting.
Sadly, I decide that it the magical sword in question is way out of my budget, I will settle for one about 8k dps less, and spent the remainder on upgrading my other equipment.

Bracers et al could do with some upgrading, those are real weak.
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Jco what happened to your axe??!! It just looked more pimp than that sword lol.
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[quote="78643986473"]Sadly, I decide that it the magical sword in question is way out of my budget, I will settle for one about 8k dps less, and spent the remainder on upgrading my other equipment.

Bracers et al could do with some upgrading, those are real weak.[/quote

Don't settle man just saved up for the magical sword! Or else you'll end up regretting it eventually anyways.


Yeah I saw he had it and though he beat me to buying it but turns out there's probably a !@#$ ton of them lol.
02/07/2013 06:51 PMPosted by MrNastyTime
Yeah I saw he had it and though he beat me to buying it but turns out there's probably a !@#$ ton of them lol.

Yeah 1 on ah 600 mill to 1.2 bill b/out. Won't sell at that cause better available for cheaper. Pointless saying Blizzard needs to get on top of this.
01/28/2013 07:16 AMPosted by jco310
I'd be inclined to change out the Nat ring for one with average damage/CD and AR.

Still looking, and tyvm for the input.

Little confused with min/max damage though so if someone could help it would be appreciated.
To me say 30/50 min/max would be the best because it affects both.
But where does say 40 min stand up against say 40 max?
And does this factor into the incorrectly applied black weapon damage?
I still have my axe, the sword on my profile is solely for PvP since LOH and LS do little in a duel. The axe is for PvE.
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Hmm...does that mean the PTR is updating profiles now or were you just trying it out in 1.06?

Spent the last few days playing DW, Skorn and S&B. I can go in any direction, but I would like to not haev to swap weapons/shield in sticky situations (i.e., e's and packs). I have a sickle available at 1079 DPS, no socket and 2.9 LS. That give me about 10k more DPS (I think). I think I have the resistances and the eHP covered as well. I enjoy the S&B play style, but if I go higher than MP5, it takes too dang long to kill the packs (I am used to smoking them in a few hits with my DH). If I stick with the S&B set-up, what are the best skill/passives to use? Is my only other option a high DPS weapon?I would like to be able to hit uber runs at MP7 or 8 (if possible). Thank you again!
Newest member reporting in!
@ Shade

Who me? If so, I am in...I could definitely use some play advice. I am always up for runs (when I am not at the office). I usually play after 6:00 Eastern...and on the weekends before 1:00 PM. Have to "not play" when my wife is home tho, she hates this game (not really sure why, but maybe if I looked at my hours played per class, I could figure it out [I usually just ignore that stat tho]). I can play my monk and/or my DH. Add me in game. I am always willing to take advice and assistance...and provide the same, if needed. Thanks!

Most of us s/b use similar skills and builds. It is the basic CC build and you can check my profile. The one thing to note, is if your resists are less than 650, you probably want to keep OWE as a passive. Also, unless you are playing in a group, you will want to swap out GL for probably resolve since the damage reduction is helpful.

For a mantra, I would suggest either MoC Overawe or MoE Hard Target depending on if you need the additional armor and/or want to kill faster.

You will figure out what best suits your playstyle after trying out builds and use whatever one works best for you. Usually, guys add me in game and then I can provide better advice once I see how you play.
@jco, AWESOME! I will track you down this weekend. I will give those other skills a shot as well. Looking forward to some new contacts.
Based on my gear currently, and the new patch out, what are the new builds looking like for sword and board? Anything interesting?
Figured I'd post up on here to get some feedback. Just started running my monk, got him to 60 at launch and let him sit. Seeing as he's now been rediscovered to me and is now my new favorite character I'd like to get him a good set. I'm trying to craft some good shoulders and some new gloves currently as I feel like they are weak links of gear for me. As of right now i've got roughly 100mil though to upgrade gear. any suggestions? I'm looking for a new nats ring right now and I've set aside 60 mil for one aside from the other 100mil.
my profile. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Immortal-1630/hero/11031896
Immortal- Looks like your resist might be a bit low. You can gain a lot from crafting shoulders too, gloves I haven't had luck with. You def sitting pretty for paragon 4.

I finally hit over 100k dps w decent sustain (had ls no cd and vice versa). I know most of you are either at 200k or on the brink but I guess I am a bit on the slow side. Hoping I get a good bracer roll in the next couple of days and will start working on gloves. Thinking I would benefit from a classic trifecta for my rare ring as well?

ur shield is beauuuutiful

I have a problem with surviving above mp6-7 (some elites at mp5 still get me) what is the most important to get the most back from life steal, spamming overawe? lotsa cyclones? i think in game with my dh items on i have 60k hp and 600ar and 5000armor.

looking to play more of my monk, use use mostly stuff from my dh
I have no idea how to upgrade my set now. lol.

I'm at max mf without p100 =/.
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What should I upgrade next (other than the gems)?

How much AR I need (for mp 10)?
Suggestions will be appreciated.
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