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Reporting in! I dig the s&b build, but I sure wish I could get the dps up a little more. I survive mp10 fine but killing is soooo slow. I think I have my pants/belt/chest/helm where I want them. My shoulders are ok and feet are all right. I think I need to find some better gloves and rings. Tempted to look for an amulet with attack speed, as well.

I don't think d3up is working quite right so that's making it a bit harder.
I did some tweaking and now I'm sitting around 108k-ish unbuff'd I believe. First time I've been over 100k so I'm pretty happy. I finally dropped my Blackthorne's set to make it happen and by doing so added about 15k in dps.
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Kind of new and I really love playing S&B over DW and 2h. The feel is just much more interesting.

Any suggestions on my gear and maybe what to upgrade next? Trying to hit 100k DPS but I feel like I should be trying to squeeze in a bit more AR as well. Kind of sad seeing as I'm on a budget I think I should stick to crafting for a while
@thomasbyron I agree that your resists are a bit low but you have chosen not to use OWE so it falls back on you.
Doing a non OWE build is expensive and should not be tried with those on a budget. First improvement i would go for is ammy, has no resist and low cc. Second would be bracers, yours has bad cc roll. Third would be your shield, dex roll is low and vit is hardly there. Improve those 3 and you will be happier.
Just tried a shield and kindof loving it. Seems to be able to face and sittank stuff as well as double LS weapon. 187k dps....not 200k with shield yet -.-
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Just tried a shield and kindof loving it.

Nice, so lets see it.
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Just tried a shield and kindof loving it. Seems to be able to face and sittank stuff as well as double LS weapon. 187k dps....not 200k with shield yet -.-


I was thinking about putting Lashing Tail Kick together with Cyclone Strike (I am Lashing Tail Kick now) and I played with a Monk playing Cyclone Strike last night and the combination of the two skills worked well with the "nasties," kick them out, move out of plague, arcane and molten, suck them back in (and all of the damage associated). However, I am having issues with Spirit generation with my current gear and current passives. My guess would be to throw Inna's belt back on for the Spirit reduction and extra regeneration and swapping out resonance for exhalted soul for the extra 100 Spirit and regeneration...anyone trying this build? If so, please share your experience and any advice. Thank to all!!!

However, I am having issues with Spirit generation with my current gear and current passives.

I'm using FoT/Quickening and it provides a ton of spirit.
S/B monk here. I recently switched from wave of light focused to lashing tail kick. I am a fire stacking monk, so when I saw this shield pop up on the auction house, I have to be honest and I think I might have wet myself a little, hah! Max crit and -5 to lashing is already very very rare, so all the other stats are just bonus. Wishing I could find one like it on a shield with better armor and block, but not holding my breathe there.

If anyone is going S/B with wave of light, I have a very nice shield with dex, vit, life, crit, wave of light crit for sale. S/B with wave of light is quite nice. The extra crit chance goes a long way for gaining spirit with quickening, and getting stuns with blinding light. I tried both s/b and dual wield for a while with wave of light (prepatch), and overall I felt much more solid with a shield, with similar killing speeds.
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However, I am having issues with Spirit generation with my current gear and current passives.

I'm using FoT/Quickening and it provides a ton of spirit.

Thanks BigE, I will give it a shot. Now I just need to fine a FoT.

I'm using FoT/Quickening and it provides a ton of spirit.

Thanks BigE, I will give it a shot. Now I just need to fine a FoT.

Happy to help. Just to clarify, I'm using Fists of Thunder with the Quickening rune. That grants spirit on crits. Getting a Fist of Az'Turrasq with a high spirit regen helps too...or another fist with regen. And also Mantra of Healing with the Circular Breathing rune offers 3 spirit per second.
@moose I think you would be better off with your sickle than a Fist of Az. You can only roll either cd loh or ls on it and you have all three with yours. There are a lot of ways to generate spirit without gear. Mantra of healing circular breathing 3 per second, Mantra of Retributuion transgression ups your as so you are hitting faster therefore getting more. You can also use Chant of resonance to an additional 2 spirit per second and keeps mantra going for 7 mins. If you go with FoT quickening as Big E said I would switch LTK for dashing strike and or FiTL for it. If you are going for a quick build as it looks like you are for low to mid mps I would try this.

@bapdawg/moose - Yeah, that is a tradeoff with the FoAz is that you cannot roll a life sustain and a crit/open slot together. Bear in mind though the FoAz does have some perks. The attack speed roll of 10-11% being one. Spirit regen is nice but capped at 2.5. The stun is decent with high aps and a stun skill. If you have a LTK/scorp sting build you will be stunning pretty much all the time. You also get a nice dex roll on the FoAZ.

Anyhow, I'd be curious as to the dps loss on a Butcher's sickle vs. a well rolled FoAz with LS or LoH. That sickle is showing such a high weapon dps obviously because of the ruby. A FoAz can roll into the 1300s. And considering the FoAz with 11% attack speed...you are gaining .25 attacks per second.

Anyhow, that sickle is super sweet regardless but just some food for thought.
@BigE yeah I had one and it was great for cc prior to this patch with thunderclap. Mine was 12xx w life steal. With that set up I was only at around 140% cd though. With over 40% cc those crits were pretty much wasted. Your dps is higher than mine when I was using it, but am not sure if you are buffed? You do have a solid AS build, which goes better with that weapon than stacking cc. I am assuming you switch to a ls weapon at times?

The thing with the sickle is it always has ls/cd and it also has a stun factor. Not to mention it has the chance to grab those guys who constantly run away from you therefore increasing your edps. If I played dual wield more often I wouldn't have any issues with using the fist, and when I did with my ef my AS was insanely fast so if you are stacking loh or ls it would work awesome. I just wouldn't consider it a superstar SnB weapon due to its limitations.
bapdawg- makes sense. I had a entry-level sickle a long time ago and liked it. I've been changing things up a lot lately. Had been using a LTK/Scorpion Sting build for the longest and now I'm using a bell build for the first time and loving it. My unbuff'd dps is just over 114k. Though it's basically what my profile shows with BoH up all the time. EHP at just under 1.4M w/ dodge and block. I did drop some vit so I could boost my dps recently.

I've gone from DW to SnB to DW and now back to SnB. Very little 2H....never liked it much. Really grooving on the SnB. I sold a pretty nice LoH EF and my LS FoAZ and did some major upgrades. Part of that was a switch to LpSS. I now have ~175 LpSS with Transcendence and about 700-800 lps without MoH. D3UP shows I generate around 19-20 spirit / sec with FoT/Quick and another 5-6 spirit regen with MoH and my gear. I also have about 11k additional healing on potions and globes too. It all adds up to a pretty decent sustain setup. Basically a nice trickle of constant healing, grab some globes as I run around and spam spirit spenders to stay alive and blow stuff up. :)
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I need to checkin more often it seems. So far, all advice and suggestions look good.

Thanks for helping out everybody.
What up S/B monks!

Just made my transition over to S/B and loving it!

Also still looking for an amulet that would keep my stats the same, but with atleast 5% CC.


i'm mostly self found type of player, but I think that im nearing the point where upgrades are in order. Im SnB monk from the start, and an avid lover of LpSS (ignore the build, im just f.around for fun now, profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/sidtherat-2330/hero/14082305

and there is a question - my gear seems to be impossible to upgrade via drops / trade with my two mates and i think about buying. i have like 150mln saved up (not buying not necessarily means no selling :)) and there is a catch: is there something (apart from craft-slots) that is possible to upgrade without general rebuild? gear from other toons stays there, it is not for sale (yes, wizz chest is worth a fortune, but it stays there)

what is my shield worth? I know it is a lot but around how much?

how do you search AH for monk-only jewelry (maras/sojs)? maybe there are some tricks because browsing thousands of items is a sh.. way of spending your time. but if it is the only way..

so many questions..
@BigE & bapdawg

Cannot remember the DPS prior to the ruby, not going to hit the dps calcs to see, but I am pretty sure it was 10xx. I just picked up a Sky Splitter with 2.9 LS and 198 dex and I continue to play with DW & Skorn. I do find myself sustaining with the sickle and board tho. Let's put it this way, I am seriously considering a retirement ceremony for my DH (not really). I went about 3 hrs last night in Act 2, farming for essences and warped through the key runs and VoA 5 times...(got smoked 2 twice) AWESOME, imho. I will give a try to the skill set that BigE suggested. I am not sure I want to trade off the LoS and CD stack for a fist tho, but the skill set changes are free and fun! Hopefully see some of you all this weekend...out!
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Yeah I was just sort of curious but no biggie. Your Sickle is nice. I wouldn't rush to change it. Yeah, check out some other skill or rune options and see what you think. I'm loving bells but honestly I still miss LTK. I like the stun rune a lot. It's like it's own sustain since you're taking less damage.
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