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I have a 1046 dps sword with 613 LoH 2.4LS 59 CD OS sword that I currently have a 100 CD gem in but that drops my DPS to 135k ish :/ In regards to weps for doing MP stuff is it better to have a 100 CD or a ruby in the socket? For me the Ruby is ~1k dps loss on paper dps Sure wish i could get some auctions to sell and be able to upgrade my weapon to a higher DPS wep with similar stats on it.

@ Oldman54..... is Tal chest better for S/B than Inna's? and..... Holy F*cking sword batman that thing is wicked! Do you have a rough estimate at how many crafts that took you to get and what is the base DPS on that thing? I've crafted a good 50 Conq 6 stat swords and have yet to get one with 4 digit DPS on it :(
That is the infamous Rip Breath sword, unfortunately it's a duped sword, quite a few are floating around.

I prefer an Innas chest, but a Tals is decent, all up to you.
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That is the infamous Rip Breath sword, unfortunately it's a duped sword,

Yeah i feel "dirty" but the nearest upgrades were costing 3 times the price and a lot of lower dps weapons were going for the same price so my morals went out the door.

Base dps is 1238 603-1166.
It's a nice sword, MrNastyTime had one for a while and I contemplated buying it, but the cost wasn't justified since I have my axe.
heh there is a Rip Breath on RMAH right now just got posted for 149.95
Looking for someone to help w/ s/b upgrades.

Also wondering whether ruby is better than emerald for pve s/b monk
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Try a ruby and emerald in your weapon, see which one provides the most DPS. Depending on your PvP strategy, both work well.

What issues are you having? If you just wish to upgrade gear, what's your budget?
Just upgrading gear towards being mp10 able.
right now im looking at buying a unity w/crit damage. 11kdps increase.
and not really sure on the budget exactly, always have a few bids out and some items up for sale.
like 200m?
hi guys im new to the monk class :) but im loving it coz of this build :)
makes farming mp7 easy peasy but 8-10 is abit troublesome .
could u guys help me improve my toon thank you.
Giving away my old shield to someone who will use it. Sold my barb and was able to make some nice improvements on my monk. Some for cheaper than they should have been! Anyway here is..

Dex 195
Vit 109
Lightning resist 50
AR 73
CC 7.5

1081 Armor
11% block
3706-4706 block amount

@aljorocks your resists are all over the place. If you are going to stick w OWE try and maintain the same one for as many slots as possible.You have no dex on your WH and your gems could be upgraded. Try crafting shoulders/bracers first. You really don't need those lacunis and could add some good ehp there. With the low amount of resist in your pants I would switch to a high vit pair.
Hey all,

Ok i've been trolling forums for a bit... I am attempting to get to MP10 able while being able to be very solid in pvp at the same time.

Currently i am 153k dps 58k HP 630 All resist using OwE. My goals are to be 190-200k dps 100k+ HP at would like to get to 700 all resist but be at least 600 minimum. at d3up.com it has my DPS at 146k dps 716,003 eHP. both of which i would like to raise. I have been currently attempting to craft a better set of gloves and neck but no luck so far :( Would anyone be willing to look at me and give me areas to improve and what to look for? I currently have a 150m budget and items on AH so hopefully the budget will go up!
Matt, nice monk. I think my first move would be a nicer Nat's ring. Also the Unity could be improved upon I think...maybe a rare. I think your gloves and ammy are fine for now. If I were to craft it would probably only be the shoulders until you make some other changes. I say this after just crafting 60 amulets today and getting nothing to improve mine...not even close. Lol. I also crafted a handful of shoulders without any luck.

Your gems could all be upgraded and that would be probably several K increased dps. Inna's Rad. could use 6% crit (yours is 5%). Your shield is decent but you could get more dex on it...but keeping the other stats will get pricey. I'm sure you know most of this and some of the other things you could improve but these are the things that seem to be within your budget.
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@Matt- just as BigE said your rings are probably first after gems (cheapest). Your crafted items are pretty freaking solid for OWE and only one being off resist. For me to want to use a unity ring it has to be amazing and it is still only a moderate bump from my found rare. That is either with CD or ias, both similar dps gains but both hundreds of mills. If you don't find a better ring that is in your price range you can up the dex to 240 in your boots but lose the vit for about 30-40m.

Edit: where did my dex sword go?! Hopefully not to vendor!!
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Hey, I played S&B monk from release and have just come back from ~ 6 month break. The economy seems bonkers now with any slightly substantial upgrade being ~2bil per slot best I can tell. Since I'm just getting back into my monk, I was hoping people in the monk community may be more familiar with the current item market and might offer a suggestion for what slot I might be able to get a decent upgrade out of without costing an arm and a leg. -cheers and thanks

Monk profile:

Edit: Also looked at Jco310's softcore monk and about soiled my pants. That's crazy man!
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Here's mine: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TbouncerT-1824/hero/24178

When I get a chance to login, I am going to change the rune on my SW to Cyclone & my Sern rune to IK and switch Resolve to Guiding Light. 85% of the time I am playing with my wife that is a S/B Barb (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wert-1221/hero/3084562) and she is a beast and RARELY dies (normally it is me, but ever since I started using CS + WoW I've been surviving a lot better). So I've been trying to base my abilities toward 2+ people without trying hurt my DPS too bad. Right now, I pretty much like the way I have things setup, ability wise (still want suggestions and what not). I am more interested in gear and to do a higher MP. Right now we are farming MP5.
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upgraded my Chest and looking at rings..... either stuff i "Think" will be a substantial upgrade after testing from AH and checking in game its not much of an upgrade..... Found a just under 12k dps upgrade on my nats ring for 125m... not sure if its worth it....... and i lose resist/HP.... Im trying to up both my hp/ehp and dps at the same time... and im not going to use my CC to do it lol...... this is going to be hard..... Dropped 125m on a better weapon yesterday that was a 15k dps upgrade..

Also looking into a innas helm with 6.0 CC instead with more dex.... was like a 2k dps upgrade :( and they are pricey.... Boots...... no vit can get higher dex but again minimal dps upgrade and lose HP :(

As for rings.... what i am searching on the ah is CC IAS Average Dmg Dex and then looking through... What should i be putting in my search to be able to find some nice upgrades? Maybe im searching for the wrong stats and thats why im not seeing anything lucritive to spend high amounts of cash on
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You can get rings with 7 affixes, min/max, dex, vit, res, ias, chd, cc but they will cost heaps. Depends entirely how much you intend to spend but a quick ah check suggests these start at around 300 mill and go up to whatever.
ok just upgraded both my rings for 130m.... Gained 22k dps on both of them.. up to 175k dps S/B ... 55k HP..... decent?
@TbouncerT Your vit pool is way too low. Having high life% is not helping you at all. Like 30% of 400 is virtually useless. You must increase your vit pool for life% to work.
Because you are poison drop the inna's helm for an Andriels visage helm. 3 piece inna's doesn't work well and you are not using "deadly reach". Also drop that MF gem and use a life gem in your new helm. Drop the chest and try to craft 1 with rolls you need, dex-vit-res-3sockets etc or buy 1. Then try to pick up the lost speed by replacing the boots with something with speed on them. Gloves need an upgrade, crafting will do that for you easily or just buy if you want, very good gloves are selling really cheap. All these upgrades will not cost you a lot. Good luck.
Just found a kinda decent shield, if someone want it add me in game before I salvage it. And I hate salvaging kinda decent items.

1200 Def
14% Block
97 Dex
126 Int
132 Vit
8.0 CC
+10,607 life from globes
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