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EHP wise, this s&b can run with any rare weapon and rare shield combo. Since you will have +40 all res extra using the set and all potential ehp rolls can be available to you. So this could be awesome if you are a tanker (but again, TDM is scratched)..

I agree and when I originally set out to do this I planned on more or less a CS-tanker build since I always play with teammates.

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The other problem is the supply, I don't think it's cost efficient to craft one.

I have to agree here as well. the plan is 30mil(?) on the Auction house and the mats+gold is too much I thnk to realistically hope for a perfectly rolled hand and shield but sadly I am stubborn. =p

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I would say low-tier: mp0 -3, mid 4-7, high tier 8+ , given that you can clear content without dying every other minute.

That is close to what I was thinking. So a mid tier monk wouldn't bother me. Thanks!


Those are some good rolls!
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Bruce Lee wouldn't use a shield...
I want to add that as a S&B monk my goal is to be able to tank. So I recommend making that your first priority. Get as much loh and life steal as you can while making your life sustain efficient with a lot of mitigation from armor and AR. Ehp will quickly diminish if you can't sustain it. If you're gonna stack a lot of loh, make it more efficient with high aps.

I rarely die to anything in MP10. Its just silly to carry a shield and be squishy.
Bruce Lee would use a shield...as a fist weapon!
Bruce Lee was a shield
+1 from a fellow SB monk. Lemme know if theres something i can do for this community. :)
Okay I am new to most of the talk and abbreviations in here... How do I figure my EHP and what exactly is it? I've been trying to build my monk up and recently purchased my weapon which from reading the posts so far I guess was a mistake as it doesn't have crit damage or a socket... Any suggestions for the direction I need to go would be appreciated
One point I want to resurrect for consideration is Jco's from another SnB post. He has 100k+ (I think it's 110k) health points. While the obvious part is that this keeps him alive longer, he also has more room to gain using LoH and LS weps. That way you're not bouncing so much from max health to 10pts from death. Vitality or Life% should be a top choice when considering a shield. Two birds with one stone: block and live longer.

Pleasure to meet you! I've heard great things about you. scrapz recommended I ask you about the numbers regarding Block%. My main question is, just how important is it? I've seen some very sexy boards (one with 300+Dex, 100+Vit, 70+All Res, 16% Life and 10CC) but with low block %. Are we carrying these for the chance to block with the perks being the affixes? Or are we carrying these for the affixes with the perk being the chance to block?

If the former...what is a low, mid, and "perfect world" goal for Block %?

Thanks so much in advance, greatly looking forward to your spreadsheet!

Here are my thought on shields and I have used plenty from super high block to low block:

This is regarding current play also since once PVP comes out (if it ever does) block may be very useful or stay about the same. If it becomes useful items like Helm of command and Justice lanterns (legacy and new) will become very very expensive items so I thought I would put that in here just so I am not totally ignoring block.

High Hit point pool along with LS and LOH will sustain you through virtually everything with no real issues as long as your resists are 600ish and if you get into the 700 - 800 then thats great.

anyway IMO:

#1) CC gets top spot on a shield (preff 8 - 10% CC) desired. Yes this is the most important thing to look for on a shield.

#2) HP Pool (Vitality & % Life) you will never go wrong with big numbers here. IMO the HP pool especially the vitality number is huge and the HP pool gets second spot on what to look for on a shield.

#3) Dexterity gets the 3rd spot. Yes I put it 3rd. I used to have it higher before STI was nerfed yet now it goes from number 2 to number 3.

#4) AR. Yes All resists get 4th place on my list. It does up your EHP on paper nicely yet if you are in the 600+ AR range you will be just fine. Yes I wish my shield had AR yet I can get it elsewhere where other numbers like Vitality are harder to get then AR.

#5) Yes Block is at the bottom of my list at least currently for PVM. If you have a huge HP pool, good damage and good resists you will not need to worry about an extra 10 percent block I.E. 20% vs 10% yet I recomment trying to find a shield with at least 13 - 14% block unless you get something hahahaha like what jco310 has lol.

For PVM I have done a lot of tests with different shields regarding block and yes I noticed a very small difference when going from 26% to 17% yet it was hardly noticable since my HP pool is very big so block is not needed, If you have good sustain that is. If you lack in sustain I.E. LOH & LS well then you may need to think about block yet I would not be thinking about block in that case but rather how do I increase my sustain, HP pool and RA.

GL and everyone thats worried about block currently in PVM don't its not that big a deal melee monsters are not a monks problem AOE spells are.
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Howdy, Lestat. Block is a hard stat to evaluate, IMO, because the value depends somewhat on the number of attacks you're facing over a given period of time and somewhat on the damage of the attacking mob. Shield mitigation is calculated after dodge and your resistances/reductions, so the value of a shield is something like this:

Chance you don't dodge
x chance to block
x average absorption value

If you have 50% dodge chance, 15% block chance, and 2700-4700 absorb, the value of the shield for every swing against you is 0.5 x 0.15 x 3700, or roughly 280 life per enemy swing. As you can see, that's a depressingly small number, and even a boost to 25% block only increases it by 40%, or roughly to 350.

So it seems to me that a high block rate is desirable but isn't much of the value of the shield. I prioritize life, resistance, DEX, CHC, and the actual armor value, which is often enough to let me exchange Hard Target for Overawe with no loss of armor. I don't do it in any particular order, mind you. Maybe I should, but I don't.

I suspect Piffle and Nameless have some of this, if not all of it, covered in their guides, but if you have any other questions, just ask.
Sweet! You guys in the know have helped me a bunch. Thanks. I just made some more tweaks on my gear based on ideas from jco and others. Very happy!
DW monk here looking to convert to S/B as well.

I have a shield sitting in my stash that is approx 240 dex, 120 vit, 10%cc and 80AR but just 12%block. Still dw-ing at lower MP as it gives me higher dps. If I uses a shield with my current off-hand (since my OH has both LS and LoH) in profile, my dps drop to about 100k. Still looking at how to improve my dps with S/B.....

Any advice from the pro here will be very welcome.

edit: my profile is showing my buffed dps. Unbuffed with dw its only around 130+k dps
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how do u guys like my sword and board? Getting a ammy the same stats as mine with 750 loh with 10% life as well added on top as well very soon and then all i have to do is get a 1k +dps main hand and im done finally with mayb 120k dps 80k life 1.2-1.5 mill ehp:) 760ar
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how do u guys like my sword and board? Getting a ammy the same stats as mine with 750 loh with 10% life as well added on top as well very soon and then all i have to do is get a 1k +dps main hand and im done finally with mayb 120k dps 80k life 1.2-1.5 mill ehp:) 760ar

Aside from the heavy reliance on OWE it looks good.
I like gear swapping to shield on tougher elite packs on high mp. It is real easy to just swap 1 item. Once the pack is cleared out a little bit, I will switch back to dual wield. I do this for skeleton king ubers also. Once sk goes down I go back to dual wield. The huge boost to life and increased mitigation helps prevents getting burst down too quickly.
LOST?? is this forum set up to help s/b monks or is it a conjecture of what may or may not happen if and when pvp does come to d3. Please lets deal with facts as they stand now and not keep on guessing.

@Sheldor Personally find situational fights and swapping gear to suit a little tedious to say the least. S/B setup to suit ALL situations as far as possible.
Experts please advise me on where/what i need to do next. I feel i have "painted myself into a corner" and cannot get out.
my barb doubles as a monk
How can improve my current dw in s/b? My 2 weapons suck , and only have 30m for the moment :(
finally!!! nice thread. +1 to this thread. I've went from a 150k dps DW monk to a 200k dps skorn monk (both during my paragon leveling up days) and now into a 95k dps S&B monk and so far I am happiest with my S&B set-up. Once you get over the "dps is everything!!!" mentality, you will see how a very well balanced and well rounded monk is (well at least from my experience) much better to play with.

One advice i can give is to get a few LOH here and there whenever possible (weapon, BT pants, ammy etc etc) as it really helps on top of your MH LS when standing toe to toe with reflect or ground effect (molten, plague) mobs.
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