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Chest and pants are integral components of a s/b build. Depending on your budget, it maybe better to focus on a MH first along with a shield opposed to purchasing a chest and pants. LS is mandatory on your MH since you are unable to acquire it anywhere else. LOH may not be very important after the impending RD nerf in 1.07.

Overall, if you wish DPS, inna pants are very good. If you want balance, rare pants are good. Blackthornes are good for the life%. For a chest, you will basically want either an innas or a blackthornes. In any case, gear however you wish, it all depends on your playstyle.
Been thinking about exploring this, sounds like it is going to be a pretty good idea with PvP coming up at some point. Might add a new flavor to the game for me because I'm getting pretty worn out without seeing and reasonable drops that are useful for me to equip or sell in most instances. Last thing I found that I equipped was my shoulders and those don't match resistance, so it is a waiting game for VW or something different to fall until then.
I took a similar route. Instead of choosing by merely chest and pants, i chose 2 pieces in which i wanted to build around. In my case it was my amulet and pants (by far the 2 longest standing pieces of my gear). From there, i built everything around that 2 piece core towards EHP or DPS depending on my whim. But if you notice, i'll rarely... if ever be willing to touch my 2 main pieces. Maybe it hinders me somewhat, maybe not, but so far that's made my gearing somewhat easier.
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i'd build my gear around that godly BT amulet if I have one as well. and don't worry, I'm pretty sure it is not gimping you by sticking to it ^_^ do you find the 1.3k LOH enough sustain for MP10?

I like facetanking. Therefore, 1.3k LoH is NOT enough to do that on MP10. It is if i want to play smart. However, i have another sword with an additional 2.3 LS. With the sword, it's enough to let me facetank anything in MP10.
I have a S&B Monk in Hardcore, currently Act 2 Inferno.

I would like to know what items should I upgrade.

I have 10M budget. (please note that it's Hardcore)
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Interesting buid, mind if I add you to ask a few questions?
Lol I just looked on Diablo progress - apparently I bought my shield off Narcolepsy.
I have a S&B Monk in Hardcore, currently Act 2 Inferno.

I would like to know what items should I upgrade.

I have 10M budget. (please note that it's Hardcore)


Good to see a hardcore monk!!

About your stuff, sadly to say I think the Inna's belt must go! It has very low ehp, you will want to switch to either Inna's vast expanse, or Inna's temperance... Both will open up new options.

If you took the inna's helm and chest...you can
1. take rare pants/ rare bracers - see jco31
2. go blackthorn chest, ammy or pants

If you took inna's helm and pants,
you will probably get blackthorn chest, and maybe ammy to finish off the two piece...

I hope this helps...I am building a hardcore monk too. I just finished act2.
Maybe we can play together... I'll add you and we can probably chat more in game//

Interesting buid, mind if I add you to ask a few questions?

sure go ahead, u can even add me in game if you want Kythe#1123.
Made some changes in the past couple weeks and hopefully getting on the right track. Almost to 100k dps and now finally over 1m ehp w shield. I need to watch some different playstyles though as my facetanking often gets me in trouble. Switching back to OWE was the way to go as my resists weren't enough, even with the IK set bonus and was losing quite a bit of dps by using it.

I guess my next step would be my bracers? Bump vit and CC up? Was thinking of upgrading my VW to one with about the same dex but with some vit or life percent as well purely for ehp reasons?

Are there any glaring deficiencies in my gear? I did drop my nats set as the rare ring I currently have and the IC I came across on the AH for cheap made up for the sheet dps and bumped my ehp at the same time. An upgrade to my nats boots/ring would be at least 100m for boots (1.2b for ones w vit)and about the same for ring to even stay about where I currently am. Considering I am sitting at around 90-120m gold it prob isn't a great option.
lol on that Axe @jco310 :D
Hi guys, I'm enjoying the Monk class. Love the play style, a refreshing break from playing the Barbarian but I got bored of the standard cookie cutter skill/item build of Sweeping Wind. A couple of weeks back, I happened to chance upon one of the Monk topics and read one of the posters had a SnB Monk with 150k dps then in another topic another SnB Monk stacking Life Regeneration ( he had in between 2.5k to 3k regen, with Mantra Of Healing of course). He claims he has no problems in handling higher MP Uber runs.

Oddly enough I was intrigued to try an item build revolving around that stat and I've set a goal to achieve it on my Monk.

My question is are these stats achievable and if so what is the budget range for me to aim to do so?

Armor 6k / All Resistance 6xx / 90k ( minimum target ) 100k ( what Im hoping to achieve ) unbuffed Paper DPS / 3x k Hit Points / 2k Life Regen / 5xx Life On Hit or 2.xx Life Steal.

My profile may show that Im dual wielding and higher paper dps at times but that's my gear for paragon leveling. My SnB gear stats are (without buffs and follower) :

Using Ruby gem slotted in helm and using a Hellfire ring. Im currently leveling with this item build in MP 0...cause I got bored a wee bit from the standard DW build so I change to and fro.

Armor : 6399
Paper DPS : 57k ( Hoping to improve this in the future )
Hit Points : 32k
All Resistance : 536 ( Without OwE , Im trying to substitute it with another better passive when I have the gear to compensate )
Life Regeneration : 1601 per sec
Life On Hit : 231
Critical Hit Chance : 47.5%
Critical Hit Damage : 271%

Base stats :
Str : 351
Dex : 2368
Int : 364
Vit : 782

Sorry for the long post. Hoping to get feedback on cost estimate with the stats Im aiming for. Cheers.
I have 2m saved up for upgrades right now, I know 99% of my gear is trash, so tell me what you think I should do with the 2m if you could.

Has anybody ever considered a LS Echo for this type of build? Im thinking about going S&B for PVP but debating on a weapon. Ive ran numbers using a shield and echo's still provide more dps than most weapons. I know the APS effects the offhand and wont work on a shield but seems to still effect dps. Ive ran calculators using shield and when I remove the APS the dps goes down a considerable amount. I think the APS effects the Echo itself and removing that takes the AS down from like a 1.43 AS to 1.2 like a normal mace.

Any thoughts on this?
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I think using an EF in a SnB set up depends on your gear. Like Jco said, your MH is the most important piece and you need it to roll with Natural CD or OS, in addition to LS and LoH.

With an EF you can roll only +2 properties, this will lower your sustain in place of achieving a higher dps as in most cases you will just get a CD/LS EF and ignore the LoH, but I guess if you have enough LoH or CD on your gear you can drop one of those stats from the EF. If only shields could roll with LoH/LS too.
LOH in PVP seems pretty worthless to me unless they make some drastic changes. Im going for WOL build with S&B. I have the Maras ammy with 7% WOL and SOJ with 6% WOL. I have a decent shield but am looking for one with at least 5% WOL. Without WOL shield Im at 70% CC, if I can find the shield put me at 75%+.

I should have around 700 resists, 70k+ life, 6000 armor and dps about 160K unbuffed.

LS & LOH are important for regular farming or ubbers but dont think its that important for PVP, especially if you just want to spam bells. Might become important if they nerf damage.
Im looking for a very nice main hand if anybody has one they want to sell.

If you wish to try and maximize DPS, an EF is difficult to beat. Unfortunately, you'd need to get a 12xx DPS one with CD and a socket to achieve high DPS using a shield. As such, you will have no LS or other sustain on your MH, which I doubt will enable you to handle high MP levels, let alone ubers, without dying. For me personally, I detest dying and have geared accordingly.

For PvP, LOH works better than LS since their is damage reduction. If you've yet to try dueling, give it a shot.

What is your budget on a MH? I know quite a few geared guys and depending on your budget, they may be inclined to sell you a top tier weapon. That being said, they will most likely be over a billion, and some are a few billion.
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