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Dueling Tournament--White gear only!!!

Add me.
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This would rule out all of the possibly fun procs from legendaries.
How about a 50K DPS / 100K EHP format?

Put all those legendaries with crappy rolls to good use!

That would be cool--I'm for as many different brackets as possible. the possibilities are endless really. This particular one stands out as super interesting to see how players can use pure baseline gear and skills/runes skillfully!

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Glad you like this idea. I'm even thinking about having a "100k" DPS+EHP tournament format.

The idea is, participants can have a maximum of 100k combined DPS+EHP from their gear.
Players are free to gear up as 80k DPS / 20k EHP glass cannons or 20k DPS / 80k EHP tanks.
Or they have to figure out just the right balance of DPS and EHP and life sustain so that they can still kill without getting killed.

With DPS + EHP more or less equal for tournament participants, the outcome of the duel will be determined more by the following factors:

1) who has the more effective PVP build
2) who has a better balance between DPS and EHP
3) who has better life sustain
4) who has better affixes (that don't directly affect DPS and EHP)
5) and of course player skill!

- Gearing for this will be dirt cheap. Weapons with low DPS and Armor without All resist?
- Legendaries with interesting proc effects are not "instant brimstone material" any more.
- Hellfire ring fireballs and Andy's Visage Poison Novas are no longer just cute visuals that don't do anything substantial.
- We can always increase the DPS+EHP cap to 200, 300, 400, 500k if legendary procs are too powerful or if players don't want to completely regear to join.
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Sounds fun sign me up!
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This would kill the 2x pay2win auctions houses, sign me up!
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Love this i will be interest to join haha!! Tired of ppl with full set best gears!
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Absolutely in. :D sign me up.

Edit: Btw... Weapon racks are key to finding some sweet sweet whites lol

Edit 2: probably the best geared p42 wiz in NA lololol
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I am collecting a whole white suit just to try this dueling format. Maybe we can have the option for blue jewelry? So blue ring x2 and amy for customization.
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I think using blue gears is better.
I have list out some reason in the following post.
Because the sense of "trading off" and matching stats.Have a look if you are interested in it.
But sign me up, I support low level gears PvP.
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I don't PvP. But this is awesome!
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White gear only would render some powerful builds practically useless..
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I had this idea, well kinda. My first thought was only to PvP when naked.

This is an awesome idea though.
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This is awkward, because I have 2 Balanced Dark Blades

It's clearly the best weapon.
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This is an interesting idea.

You should make this "No rares/legendaries."

EVERYONE can afford blue gear, and at the same time, it adds customization/stat distributions so it adds a little bit of strategy to it

I agree. there will definitely an "all blue gear" tourney in the future. lets see how baseline we can go w/ whites. It's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. added
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sign me up
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I like this idea.

I like it a lot.

That said, I'm too wussy for PvP.

Best of luck, men and women.
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I like this idea. I would say no rings/amulets unless they are white. Let Blizzard create some white rings and amulets!
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i'm in, sounds like fun. :p
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well, if u do this u will only make the best white items more expensive.
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