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1.0.7 looks good, but it's missing something important!

Just because they haven't responded doesn't mean they haven't read it, and since this is one of the most popular threads over the last day, I'd venture to guess they have.

Great suggestions and a thoughtful post. I'm sure they'll appreciate it and, once they've discussed internally whether it makes sense to explore these changes (or some iteration of them), I'm sure we'll get a response.
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Amazing post and I feel like this addresses a lot of the frustrations people have that have quit playing. +1

I agree with everything you say Testa and also jling28 and frisch.

What is also needed is a functional use for stats other than the main stat and vit.

While Armor, Dodge and AllRes is ok, it is just not enough to make those stats viable for all classes.

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I would also like to see a tighter stat range for Inferno Items. For example an ilvl 61 chest shouldn't roll 25 AR, 25 Str/Int/Dex/Vit etc but rather it should roll like 50-80 AR, 100-200 Str/Int/Dex, 100-300 Vit, as the affix level increases so would the minimum value of the stat range (the max value would be unchanged) so at affix level 62 it could be 60-80 AR, 110-200 Str/Int/Dex, 110-300 Vit, and at affix level 63 it would be 70-80 AR, 120-200 Str/Int/Dex, 120-300 Vit. That way there would be a much higher chance of rolling a useable item either for yourself or for someone else.
I really love this post. It's almost exactly what I've been thinking as well but you added way more detail then what I could have thought of. Finally a post with some minor criticism but ACTUALLY trying to give out a SOLUTION to what is believed to be the issue instead of just criticizing blizzard non-stop and rage quitting on the forums! Thank you for this awesome post. +1
Great thread OP - you've taken the real issue of this game and very constructively and clearly called it out. Exactly as they (Blue) have asked the community to do.

You are not the first to do so - and you will not be the last, unfortunately.

They designed this system to be this way - they knew exactly what they were doing. And the community consistently responds telling them they do not care for this system of loot. They do not want to use the AH/RMAH.

Chances are the CMs are avoiding this thread, because they know the truth of the issue and the corporate strategy that went into the "development" of this system. Simply; they know it sucks and they aren't going to talk about it.

Accept it - THEY GET IT. They all get it. They either were happy to "design" a game like this, or they were told to. So they could make more money than the 3rd party sellers of a loot system similar to D2.

But they will fix the loot system. Or at least address it in the most minimal way possible. Know how they are going to do it? One word for you: Enchantress.

Remember when they took her out during development, because at the end of the day she really didn't bring enough to the game to match their design philosophy? Yeah. Because by her very nature, she broke their corporate design philosophy.

My money is that they will reintroduce her for the first expansion, along with charms. Between those two - you can find mediocre items and "customize" them with her talents, or the charms added effects.

They need something cool to put into the game, besides more of the terrible story. And this is the most minimalistic way they can keep you happy about a loot system that was intelligently designed to make you want to the use the AH/RMAH if you want to not wait for the Lottery wins.

Soap box = it was once said during development in many a post that the RMAH would be tolerated, because the money received from it would help fund new development to the game: items, new mini dungeons, events, etc. Instead they have told us "no, no, no - this isn't an MMO. Don't get your hopes up." Where does that money go? Hmm. End of Soap box.
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+1 million, good post, hope this gets some momentum.
I'm sure all the games that run on battle.net have a cost to maintain. I'm sure there were several ideas behind the RMAH. Obviously a source of revenue. They tried to stop places like eBay and didn't really win. It was a lost cause to begin with considering they have to pay to fight it. People were buying items, I doubt they thought it would get so much hate. You aren't forced to use it. It was already happening why not let Blizz get it instead? Considering they've been paying for our online experience. (excluding wow)

Another point I'd like to make is that if the economy is thriving, then so does blizzard. Restricting the loots so they can cash in on big sales seems like a bad strategy. Considering that items are so rare that the very best aren't even sold on the RMAH and go well over $250. You would think the items need to flurish a little more so they deflate the value in line with what the RMAH offers.

Last thing I'd like to mention is the conspiracy behind the RMAH being the ultimate deciding factor in how the game is designed and plans it's future. While I don't disagree it is a deciding factor. A majority of these issues are game play related. If people are having fun and finding items, they will eventually get to the point where they will use the AH/RMAH. It is just not good for them to make decisions "for money" that would hurt the game when it's actually the opposite.

Ok for real lastly, the issues the AH/RMAH do have is that if I select legendary that it doesn't remove the restrictions for affixes put in place by item type. That I can't use the sell simliar option with legendaries. That I can't sort by bids. That I can't get a comma, a period, or a space between every three digits when posting an item.
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I'll support to OP on this.
I disagree with a few minor points, but overall he really hits the nail on the head with this.
01/15/2013 11:02 AMPosted by Anwar
so...blues avoiding this topic like the plague?

As usual? They tend not to respond to threads where legitimate concerns are voiced.

Personally, I think they prefer more of a baby sitter role.

I guess they could post into this one. They sometimes don;t want to post into threads with good discussion going on in fears of derailing. They could however post into this since there is no real discussion going on. Just lots of high fives. :) (I didn't read the whole thing, but looked ok)
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I keep laughing at the any random properties affix on items. That is AFU..seriously, anyone with a reasonable thought process can come to that conclusion.
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Sorry guys... I'm like the "Anti-Blue"... always have been :( My fault sorry !
I like this guy. +1 from me.
how is op not a blue?
Life per Spirit Spent is useful to me, I don't want that changed.

But I agree with absolutely everything else.
Dude i just logged in to tell you how much i like your ideas.

I dunno why you're not on the D3 team but you should've been.

Too bad that this game doesn't support mods btw. I'd play a version with the changes you listed till my eyes bled!

Anyway, i hope a dev reads your thread and takes some things into consideration.
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Testa, GREAT post man. Very well explained and documented.

I cant imagine why no one at blizzard cant see this, or at least bring this topic to their game design meetings... oh wait... yeah... I know why....

RMAH ... Simple as that.

Testa you said it: getting a REALLY good item = winning the lottery.

The way the designed this game and the way they continue to "update it" is DESIGNED to be like that. Have some very lucky players to win the lotto and the rest to feel very dissapointed, un-lucky and take advantage of that while providing an "easy-secure-fast" way to gear whatever piece you need to actually enjoy the damn game.

Im NOT against AH... i feel its a GREAT way to securely trade and select exacly what you're looking for...

Im REALLY AGAINTS the RMAH... I have said it before and ill say it again:

This game was F****ed the moment they allowed REAL MONEY into it.

In other words, The moment ACTIVISION got its claws into Diablo... this was doomed...

Think about it.. If YOU were a high excecutive, making MILLIONS in direct profit, selling virtual swords and virtual shields.... Would you STOP earning $$$ and kill your Golden Eggs Goose???

I sure as hell wont... i wouldnt stop making MILLIONS each month just because some engry kids or some nerds want more free gear.... nop.. ill squizze the hell out of them untill the last drop...

Look I know that there are many people like yourself that do not use the RMAH at all. So they only use the gold AH. That means those that only use the gold AH eat into the profits of the RMAH. So that means that this game does not revolve around the RMAH, period.

Also Blizz no doubt is only getting pocket change compared to their subscriptions of WoW and SC2.
I was going to write something very similar a long time back but only about a quarter of the size. I guess I just couldn't be bothered. Yes the itemization system is terrible and needs to be completely changed, but will it happen? Most probably never.

One thing I can’t stand is how out of all the level 60 leg items, only 8-10 are decent. The rest don’t even compare or come close. Which pretty much leaves almost every hero’s gear build in class looking exactly the same as everyone else’s. What a complete lack of creatively. The other night it was like playing with club Mempo of Twilight. Wiz, Monk and DH all wearing half the same gear.
Why not give say Andariel's Visage 8% CC or say 10-15% stun on hit? Unfortunately Blizzard gave us very few to none alternative options here.

Awesome post and yes grinding away for 100's of hours won't get you anywhere in terms of dope items. I think I have already clocked over 700 of them and only ever sold 1 item for as high as 97 mill. It is seriously that pathetic. And the whole big Oh WOW look we now have Paragon MF was just another complete bs scam. I know a few lvl 100s out there, as well as the posts from the forums and they all have reported being ripped off. Grinding away to 100 waiting for their hard earned rewards and getting nothing! Woe wait, hang on a minute except another 50 million Ivory Towers. Basically brimstone after brimstone.

Sorry I can’t find the link to back my comment, but I saw a thread from a site where a guy recorded every leg item from 0-100. Based on his graphs and maths the 3% increased mf per lvl calculated out to be something more like 0.00000086396% increase. Basically just completely minuscule!

This game for Blizzard was mainly about creating a mass revenue generating stream rather than rewarding and keeping their players contempt like they produced in D2.

Yes, consider the system rigged and Yes base your chances on winning like the lottery and not what Blizzard try to tell you.
Good post.
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well i would read about the new patch if your web page didnt throw an internal 500 error(should expect that)LOL
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