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Suggestions for WD Skills 1.0.2

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Pets should definitely focus monsters who are attacking you, first. That would be a great AI change!
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Speaking of pets I want a real pet class like Necro D2.

I think this can be easly done by buffing Fetish Army to the same level as Dogs and making them perment.

Fetish Sycophants can stay 60 sec but get the same buffs as the Fetish from Fetish Army pluse the passive will randomly spite out every kind of fetish and not just daggers.
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Oh i almost forgot!
Please fix the dog's AI when the foe is stunned/frozen. They do not attack!
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I have some ideas on how to get the necro feel. I think giving fetishes force armour is a good start. But we can certainly build up on that a lil' bit more.

I don't think fetish army needs to be permanent because we do have that passive, unless it comes from a Homunculus-like item . I remember they talked about an item for the Barb that made ancients permanent.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Also sometimes they charge Goblin from afar when you don't want them to.

Would our DOTs be insta-fixed if they stacked? Locusts, AC, Haunt, etc.
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Yea I think so. Only one of those can be spammed because your mana runs out, or in haunt's case, it's single target, so it doesn't matter imo.

The only exception might be locust with mana rune, which might be OP for large crowds, but only lasts as long as the crowd does.

+1 on fixing dogs not attacking stunned/frozen enemies (not sure about other status effects)
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Pluse one for Dot's stacking.

And no I dont think even the Mana Locusts rune would be OP.

1.) you have to get in close range that makes up for it.

2.) the mana one only feels op in large croweds so what that means mostly white trash on boss fights or elites that would be toned way down much like it is now.

So no I don't think even the mana rune would be op becouse we use the crap out of it for mana now as is for spaming bears in large crowds.
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Agree with Umbra. It would not be OP.

Instead of upping damage, I would rather they stack. Maybe not infinitely but certainly enough to make them more appealing. I would also like to see the visual effect of the skill change to show more stacks. I imagine haunt becoming more bright and intense. Locusts covering more of the target. AC is fine as it is.
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Sorry for english, french player

Stacking Dot is a non-sense, imo : Dots are all fire&forget skills. You use them once then you cast something else during the time of effect. Utility can be either (or both) increase of damage or/and support to other skills (mana problem, crowd control, increase survability...). So basically Dots should not be stackable because they will no more be Dots.
But i totally agree that Dots in general (so not only wd ones) are not correctly implemented in D3.

So here the list of my change for WD, by order of priority :

1. Up Dots for every class and specifically for WD
Major problems of Dots are :
- bad implementation of gear effects (ias, crit). Dots have different reactions for the same gear (ex : ias doesn't up Haunt, yet it ups Tornado) but they have the same description (x% damage over x sec).
Solution : either change tooltips (making clear difference between Dots so we can know how gear affect each Dot) or make every Dot function the same way.

Of course, as player, i would prefer the second solution as it would be a up of every Dots in the game.

- Low damage and/or utility
Only 3 exeptions : Rend and sprint (barb) and "Fixed" Tornado (wizzard). Every other Dots suffer from that lacks.

Solution : either boost damage or utility. Damage should be seen clearly without casting anything else (look at rend to have a fine example) and utility must be long enough to allow player to focus on something else for a confortable time (look at haunt to see a timing too short).

2. Make fetish another summoning option
- Make them durate as long as they not die (same as dogs or garg)
- Make them tougher (by giving them the same force armor than dogs or garg). Just give them less life than dogs (say 8000 life per fetish)
- Play with passive and gear (sycophant and gidbinn) to allow player to generate more fetish or replacement for army. Exedent fetish would disapear after limited time, replacement will last until it dies. Best thing would be to change the fetish type that we generate according to the rune we chose (ex : generate fetish caster if we chose the Tiki torchers rune)

3. Equalize the runes of the most used skills
- Zombie chargers (all exept bears)
- Acid cloud (kiss of death, corpse bomb)
- Plague of toads (all exept rain of toads)

4. Up the other skills
As point 1 and 2 would up a lot of skills, i can't really say which skills would need a buff or nerf.

I summarize so it is understantable more easily :
1. Up the Dots
2. Make fetish another summoning option
3. Equalize the runes of the most used skills
4. Up the others skills
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Would our DOTs be insta-fixed if they stacked? Locusts, AC, Haunt, etc.

Isn't it what I suggested? T_T
Come on JangBahadur, I know it is boring, but you have to make a summary in your opening posts of all our comments. Especially the popular ones. It'll avoid people repeating themselves, and help the developers understand what we are looking for.

03/14/2013 02:38 AMPosted by Neurf
Stacking Dot is a non-sense

Disagree! It'll help scale! You may still use it as a fire and forget spell, but since our skills slots are limited, it has to be interesting for any build!
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I'm with ZeMickey here, DoTs stacking wouldn't be a problem it is just like being able to use any skill repeatedly on any class and skills should stack, well I think they should.
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I'm pretty sure stacked DOTs will be a problem, even venturing into OP territory. Think just a general buff is what's needed.
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@zemickey & fean :
What will happen if Blizz make the Dots stackable ? We will stack them of course.
What does that mean ingame ? 2 possible effects : either Blizz limit the stacking and so we will be forced to cast x Dot to be effective (resulting in a lower buff than simply buff damage or utility of the skill in itself) OR they won't limit it then we will kill only by using Dots.
First effect means a waste mana and time. I prefer casting better Dot once than trash Dot a lot.
Second effect is even more boring : no difference would remain between Dots and Immediate damage skills. What the point of mixing Haunt and Spirit Barrage if one can stack Haunt until the mob die ? None.
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Stacking DoT is a very problematic way to balance DoT damage. They'll have to re-work on damage formula.

The problem with DoT right now is that its Weapon Damage Per Second is just low. Take Swarm for example, 360% weapon over 8s. That is only 45% weapon damage PER SECOND. Yes, it jumps and yes you can sort of cast it and forget for a while but it takes up ONE skill slot. Every time we take one skill, we lose another skill. Swarm also costs 196 mana and somewhat shorter range.

I use Devouring Swarm mainly for mana return. The AoE damage potential from it is quite meaningless.

The only time Swarm is okay is when you farm like very very easy area and let it spreads. I think Ghost Bomb can do similar too.

Some suggestions for Swarm and DoT in general.

1. Increase Swarm's base damage by a large margin so the Weapon Damage Per Second is at least 80-100% range.

2. Add Resistance Debuff for Swarm and Haunt.

Swarm Poison Runes can debuff Target's Poison Resistance by 15%.
Swarm Fire Rune can deal even more damage or debuff Fire Resistance by 15%.

Haunt reduces Physical Resistance by 15%, or Haunt's duration is refreshed every time it jumps, or when Haunted monster dies, Haunt jumps to TWO or THREE targets to make it more AoE-friendly.
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Sigh, I really tried to like Fetish but they are really USELESS. I hate to use the word USELESS but I have tried so many ways to like them and they really just don't do much. I bought SOJ, Mara for Firebats since Firebats proc Fetish the best.

1. A summoner build with Garg, Dogs and Fetish. All I see is Fetish blocking each other and damage potential is poor.

2. Just Fetish and Garg: Less blocking but damage is still poor and they actually die much quicker this way.

3. I even use Fetish Army Head Hunter and even against a horde of "minions", they can barely kill 3-4 monsters on their own within 20s. It is really bad.

Distraction? I can't imagine any high-level WD needs distraction from Fetish. Most high level WDs are stacked with very good survival already. Dogs/Garg alone are enough distraction. Fetish expires and die very fast against DoT on the ground.

I really don't know what Fetish is good for except for a few laughs. Yeah, I enjoy having 8-10 of them following me but I also know they are going to block each other and only stab 30% of the time.

They REALLY need to improve Fetish's damage. I don't mind 60s duration but they need to make that 60s COUNT.
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I think the Fetishes should be imortal and last for the role time the skill says (20 seconds for Fetish Army and 60 seconds for Fetish Sycophants). So when a monster hits then they will be knocked back instead of taking damage (if they dont take damage the mosters need other reason to hit then). This way they will work as a very good distraction and do some damage.

Or at least give then some force armor too and upgrade their damage, now they just pop up and die basically. It is a 120 second cooldown skill, it´s sopossed to do something very good.

Syncophants summoning all kinds of fettishes would be great too.
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Jibikao that resistance idea is interesting and novel. Seems like it would be more useful in PvP than PvE.

I have read your posts like 10 times lol. I like some of them but not sure where I stand on others.

Let's focus in on Haunt first.

If we up the damage it makes the skill feel even more mandatory for Pvp. Allow it to stack you say?
Currently the skill hits for ~100% weapon damage. Lets say I have 1.00 IAS.

100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 600% 600% 600% 600% 600% }10 casts = 4500% - free with RoE
After the sixth cast I am hitting the target for a stable 600% weapon damage/ second.

Compare this to bears.
236% 236% 236% 236% 236% 236% 236% 236% 236% 236% } 10 casts = 2360% - costs a ton

I think Haunt works at max of 3 stacks, any higher and it is in the OP range. IStacking solves the problem of accidentally casting Haunt on Haunted targets when they are amongst a crowd. Also three casts is a good number for showing the stacks visually; it goes from dull, semi-bright to ultra-bright.

But for those who do not want Dots to stack, how else can Haunt be made more appealing without upping the per-second damage?
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95.83% a sec for Haunt and 98 mana is far from free and using 1/3 passive slots for RoE is also far from free. At 3 stacks 287.49 a sec single target.

So the only reason to place that on my bar is the same as now for mana to cast bears. Only now I can stack 3 on one target reather then hiting 3 differnt targerts up.

So that will be nice for boss fights.

WoS 425% a sec at 1 sec cast time single target zero build up.

Haunt would need to stack at least 5 times to 479.25% a sec for only 3 sec with 3 sec ramp up. Just to slide past WoS and for me personly as haunt is DoT dmg and has ramp up it would have to have 6 stacks if I was realy going to use it for more then mana return for bears.
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95.83% a sec for Haunt and 98 mana is far from free and using 1/3 passive slots for RoE is also far from free.

So the only reason to place that on my bar is the same as now for mana to cast bears. Only now I can stack 3 on one target reather then hiting 3 differnt targerts up.

Point taken.

So that will be nice for boss fights.

Don't all three bears hit larger enemies?

Anyways Bears is always gona be top Dps packed into 1 skill. Haunt provides utility, perhaps it is the utility that we have to improve not the dps.

WoS 425% a sec at 1 sec cast time single target zero build up.

WoS is not 0 build-up. In fact, the other 3 souls come out later, simplified like this.

\ \ \ \ \ \ \
...\ \ \ \ \ \
.......\ \ \ \ \
...........\ \ \ \

etc, first cast is 230% ... but on the fourth cast you get 425% weapon damage. I think build-up skills are fine as long as they are good dps when they are built up. Spirit barrage is quite weak in that regard. Fire bats also.

Haunt would need to stack at least 5 times to 479.25% a sec for only 3 sec with 3 sec ramp up. Just to slide past WoS and for me personly as haunt is DoT dmg and has ramp up it would have to have 6 stacks if I was realy going to use it for more then mana return for bears.

5-6 stacks seem too many for a recognizable visual effect.
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@Jangbahadur :

For PvP balance, i think it's totally impossible to have a game with Pve and Pvp balanced with common value. So the only way is to make 2 different value : 1 for Pvp and 1 for Pve. The only thing that could remain is the core properties of skills, damage should be different. For instance, haunt is Dot, follow ennemy and jumps to another one when the target dies. In Pve it does 100%/sec, in Pve it does 50%/sec. So basically : 2 different balance.

For stacking :
The only reason i can see to allow Dot to stack would be 2 WD using the same Dot. Maybe they could be effective both at the same time on the same mob. But, for balance with other class, it should be the same for every one, so for the barb shouts (+armor one) or the monk mantra. I don't think it's a good way to promote diversity on builds : it's far better to make people have a little tought on what they can do to be more effective with using different skills when they play in team.

For haunt specifically :
My opinion is that this skill is not there for damage at first. It is an utility skill that is suppose to support you when casting something else. That something should be less efficient (or even impossible) without using haunt. Moreover it's a single target skill, so it should be efficient with 1 target.
I think it should be compared and opposed to Locust. Locust does damage but is not so supporting, Haunt does support but does not so much damage. Locust is great against numbers, Haunt is great against 1 opponent.Choose your preference.

So with that ideas in mind, i would do the following change on haunt :
- Only 1 haunt available (casting 2 haunt will erase the first one)
- When target dies, haunt jumps to another target and timer is reset to 0 sec
- Up the duration to 10-12 sec without changing current dam/sec
- Up the rune effect (life regen : +900/sec, mana regen : +60/sec, damage rune : reduce duration to 3-4 sec/sec without reducing global damage, reduce movement : also reduce attack speed by 30%)
- Change the only rune left to a boost of armor or to an armor type rune (casting haunt automatically, durate 20 sec, sending you back 1/4 or less of everything haunt can do exept damage - life, mana, regen, slow movement. The goal being to give the option between specialized but huge utility on 1 thing and general but weak utility on everything).

Here we got a nice utility Dot which supports us very effectively but only damage 1 target.

Let's follow with Locust to give an element of comparaison :
- Up the damage to 1120% (same as basic rend of barb => 140%/sec)
- Make it jump faster
- Change to rune
Pestilence => dunno
Devouring => gives back 37 mana each time a target takes damage (so basically each tick gives you back 37 mana per target) OR gives back 1-2% of your mana pool each time a target takes damage
Cloud => just precise the up of total damage on tooltip (duration up to 10 sec = total damage up to 1400%)
Diseased swarm => ennemies killed while under effect of locust explode. Each explosion does 100% damage to every ennemies in a 12 yards area
Searing => up the damage to 1400% damage (same as rend with damage rune)

Here we got a deadly damage Dot that shines when there are a lot of ennemies but is not so usefull against 1 opponent.
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