Diablo® III

Free Uber Kills (MP10) #2

Yes, add me in game and then when somebody needs a carry, if you are available, we will do a run. Conversely, if any other carriers are on, they may take you on a run. As long as you can handle the ubers and carry a player, you are welcome to join.
k will do. yes i can handle them well :)
Any want to do an Uber run with me?
need a Run when someone gets a chance, Xdan27#1668
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02/03/2013 02:28 PMPosted by xDan27
need a Run when someone gets a chance, Xdan27#1668

Added you man
Can i get a run when someones free? i have 6 machines just add me in-game
If there's anyone free for some post Super Bowl uber carnage, I have three machines and am looking for a carry.


Edit/Addition: Big thanks to nWc and mooincow for carrying me.

Also, on our first attempt, I died and left game (not party). Once the fight was over and I resumed game, they got the organ but I didn't. Not sure if it was a bug or something else? Can anyone confirm this? We ended up just doing the fights all together, and I felt like someone armed with a toothpick trying to take down the great wall of China
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anyone can help me now? pls add me pensuke#6212.. already has 3 keys

edit: okay, done.
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I have some machines...not looking for a carry but a good group so I can get a ring for exp.
Can someone help me with ubers? I have 6 machines
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Is anyone around for carries?. I have 3 machines ready. Much obliged to anyone that can help. Streye#1527

Edit: Thanks again for the run Enot, Narcolepsy, and Jirad. Ubers(or maybe just Mp10) are rather eye-opening. I'll probably be back in this thread again in a few days(my roll was... interesting).
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looking for a carry, Xdan27#1668
Starting runs. Add myself or Enot#1820.

Or visit the stream.


If you don't rejoin the game shortly before the ubers are killed, you will not get an organ. I do not know the guys who carried you, so I can only advise you to have a guy on the carry list provide the service since they are aware to notify the carry to rejoin.

If the player is not listed on my carry list, you are on your own if they fail to get you an organ.
Added in game. Have 3 machines ready.
Jco, sorry you had to leave, msg me next time you're on when you need a carry!
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Looking for a carry, kadjo#1395. I have 3 machines. Thx.

The day you carry me is the day I give away all my gear. Don't clutter up the thread, if you want to banter, you can message me in game.
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Thanks to Enot,Lestat and Jirad for the carry.
NP, We should be doing some more runs this week for others interested, we aren't even going to discriminate against those with gear who need help.
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