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Free Uber Kills (MP10) #2

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That Barb charges a guy 3 mill to bring machines, and charges two other guys 6 mill a pop to leech off of that 1st guy's machines.

Pretty slick.
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That Barb charges a guy 3 mill to bring machines, and charges two other guys 6 mill a pop to leech off of that 1st guy's machines.

Pretty slick.

Slick yeah but nobody likes to do business with guys like that and really when you're geared enough to carry 3 other people on mp10 what is 3-6 mil to you anyways. Just my opinon though more power to him though I guess.
This thread produces the best results thus far for helping people and doing free runs, I have been absolutely dumbfounded, at the fact that some of the people from channels can not grasp from being told:

"MP10 Ubers carry, you bring 3 machines, no charge"

That people show up with 1 machine, people show up asking if we can get them keys first, the list of things can go on.

As much as I jest with Jco, this thread does an amazing job of weeding out that kind of idiocy.

With that in mind, should be on for some running tonight! Also jco we are still searching for a better shield for you!
I absolutely disagree Enot.

If someone shows up with 1 or 2 machines and is asked "you only have 1 machine/2 machines?" and they proceed to say Yes, then I feel we are obligated to run them as best we can. I would compare this to lowering the test average so everyone can pass; intelligence of the nation drops a few points but nobody seems to care.

The opening of the thread clearly states that if you need a Hellfire ring, get three machines and contact a runner.

If someone is silly enough to show up with less than 3, I am quite willing to run them. I will question them about their machine count and if they say Yes, then we run. No tissues passed out at the end however.
Discus this in another thread. Let's save the posts for the people in need.
We will be available to run people in a little over an hour... please post here to be added to tonight's list.
Anyone on in 4 hours or so?
Anark add Jirad#1207, Enot#1820, Lestat#1966 or narcolepsy#1563

I can assure you that at least one of us will be on at that time to help you.
Thanks Enot, will add you guys later on when I get home from work. It can be annoying sometimes, as NZ is in a slightly different time zone :S

Thanks for advising the guys to keep on track.


If the runners want to run you with less than 3 machines, they will either agree or not. Personally, I do not run people if they do not have 3 machines since I've heard complaints from some guys that they wanted me to help them key farm, which I have no desire to do. As such, the runners will determine if they will help you key farm, etc...I only kill ubers.
ill do mp10 ubers for free IF you have machines
im a 250k cm/ww wiz and i typically have friends always on to help.

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02/07/2013 03:17 PMPosted by Enot
people show up asking if we can get them keys first,

I don't mind, takes like a minute.

Add LegitBeastin#1971 fer carries.

I'll on at like 10:30pm eastern.
Edited by LegitBeastin#1971 on 2/7/2013 5:46 PM PST
Looking for a carry tonight,have 3 machines,Thanks guys!
Thanks to JRDIIORIO and VindKate,whoever you are ,fast and painless carry.Thanks!
Thanks Scrapz and Enot :) Great run. You guys are the best!
I have 3 machines to use and would like to get my monk a hellfire ring. (online now) Barnabyjones#1615
Hi guys, looking for a carry. I got 3 machines. Caspar#2240. Thank you!
If anyone will be around this evening, I have 3 machines and would greatly appreciate some help.

At work right now, but I'm thinking around 8pm CST.

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