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Free Uber Kills (MP10) #2


It happens now and then that a guy will bring somebody else. Just ask them if they are solo or not. If they have a friend they are bringing and you have a full team, just let them know. I have had very few issues with carriers not being appreciative of getting the free carry.
i have 6 machines and need a carry

Nobody mentioned you were not DPS'ing. I did ask you to leave the game to speed up the kill, which would have eliminated the enrage timer, but you choose to stay. We all can be taken out in the SB/ZK fight, just part of the game. It is unfortunate, but it does happen.

JC - I had a similar experience carrying someone who was under developed. He was insistant on mp10 - so ok, we do mp10. After wiping a few times, I asked him to leave after he died. not realising that we'd would call him back when the boss was almost dead, he refused to leave...we got there in the end, but that fight was unnecessarily harder.

For educational purposes, if you're being carried into a harder mp than you can handle, and the carrier asks you to leave, dont take it personally.....he just wanted to kill the boss faster so YOU can get your hellfire :>
01/20/2013 01:28 PMPosted by AnHiLaToR
finally ready to start helping again guys. p100 is done... whew!

Grats! Great job, I don't have the "resolve" to do it...
online and willing to carry anyone who needs it (insuranceguy#1986)
I would like a carry as well. I do not have 3 portals at the moment but I can easily get them. I am on all the time so if one of you guys wants to add me that would be awesome.
I saw a monk carry mp10 ubbers and his gear didn't seem top of the line. I bought similar stuff but i'm having a heck of a time with this build and gear. Maybe i don't have enough attack speed but i feel overall i should be able to handle it with my stuff. Is there a guide, trick, or bug?

Nobody#1533 is the monk that carried my friend look at his items...

no LOH, only 7k DPS. Yet my buddy told me this uber run was really fast.

Can anyone help me figure out how to pull this off?
Nice thread!

I will gladly help but I could use some help as well. Currently I can kill 2/3 on MP4 solo. The problem is that at MP4 the organs seem to rarely drop. In fact, out of 6 recent runs I have found 1 organ. I waited awhile before I started chasing keys after the patch. Like I said, I would be more than happy to help anyone else as well.

I played for a long time as a Defensive Build prior to MP. Even on MP1, I seemed to struggle killing things with any speed. Since I have went more of a pure offensive build I can now farm on MP6. However, the bosses seem to eat my lunch. I'm still trying to obtain my first ring :( Chasing paragon levels without it seems silly.....currently at paragon lvl. 30.

Open to help or suggestions.....Thanks! xDivinityx#1887
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He is using the SW trick. This will be fixed in 1.07. Search this forum, lots of threads on this.


Make a thread on what issues you are having and some people will help you. If you need a carry, then we can help you. This thread is not for build advice.
Open for carries, add ingame.
Thanks Enot & Lestat for the carry!
Any others for a carry?
I have 3 machines, would like to have free carry service, thx :)

Online now (1/21/2013, 2:37PM).
90 Orc Shaman
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Thanks Enot,Lestat, and Scrapz for the carries. Smooth sailings :)
me and my friend have 9machines and looking for mp10 carry add me when you get a chance xdan27#1668
Thanks for the carry, InsuranceGuy and his team!
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My bad....I need a carry and realize the topic. Was putting a bit of info. out there as to where things stand for my toon. I guess my point was to let you know that I wouldn't be dead weight during a carry....Nothing more, nothing less.
01/21/2013 02:23 PMPosted by xDivinityx
My bad....I need a carry and realize the topic. Was putting a bit of info. out there as to where things stand for my toon. I guess my point was to let you know that I wouldn't be dead weight during a carry....Nothing more, nothing less.

Lobby has no dead weight, so for now, no one can ever have dead weight. They either do "ok" or they do "ok"

Basically don't worry xD
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I am in need of a carry. Have 3 machines, and can assist: Tamakiz#1951
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