Diablo® III

Over 1 mil dps

Bears do quite a bit of damage at this level.

WD is such an awesome class :)
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cool story bro.


i am skeptical btw of the 1m dps. i was at 310k unbuffed and only got to a little over 900k with SH GF and BBV.

are you doing this all solo, or in groups? you should logout to prove such bold claims!
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I had it up there in my profile for a few hours. Buffed dps was just under 1.1 mil.

I'll do it again tonight and post here. It's obviously just maxing out on buffed damage and is not necessarily a proper build...I did it more just to see over a 1mil paper dps in a profile.

Frenzied Shrine
5 Soul Harvest
5 Gruesome Feast
4 Dogs Exploded (Provoke the pack)
Drop a totem
1.088 mil dps buffed.

Obviously if I used ias items I could go even higher. It's just a bit of fun to do now that farming is boring ;)
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bravo, i thought it was a troll post until i saw OP's profile.. jaw broken..
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It's fun to make epic dps number, i had pushed it to close to 1.8m for amusement.
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Wow, and you could do higher if you wanted to.

I wonder if spider queen cast on reflects damage kills you instantly.
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I'm pretty sure I would die instantly if I came within 20 yards of a reflect mob lol

01/18/2013 12:02 PMPosted by KCtheGreat
It's fun to make epic dps number, i had pushed it to close to 1.8m for amusement.

That's some damn fine gear you have there!
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