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Throw Barb - What do I upgrade next? 200m

So i've been savin my cash for a while now just farming lower MP's and I feel like it's about time for an upgrade.

As the title says I have 200m give or take. Apart from the obvious boots, I was thinking of maybe trying for a Crit Mempo or andariel as i already get my 2set IK from belt/glove/chest

Help would be lovely, I enjoy throwbarb so the belt and skulls has to stay ;)
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my andariel's visage cost me 10 mil. poor mans crit mempo. if you can do without the AR, i say its a nice filler piece until you can afford the real thing. i had a ik helm before and i lose 10% life and some armor which make a difference but if you have enough sustain and vit in other places, it works. i have to be just a little more careful but i still faceroll almost everything.
if you wanna try andariel's helm, its pretty cheap imo.
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I might head down that road then.

Any other suggestions?

I'm just returning to D3 so I'm not really sure where to head from here!
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why not complete IK set. fury never issue then. you can lose into the fray for bloodshed.
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Hey bro, we have almost similar leveling gear and about same dps on sheet. Add me in game Bibzski#6281

-5 fury is enough, if you can get the complete IK set (a lot of players are saying that IK is good on pvp) then you can remove the skull then perhaps can switch it out with a better ring?

Try also getting a mighty weapon for leveling on your main hand then use passive Weapon Master so incase you dont crit you get 3 fury back.

IMO The Three Hundreth Spear is not a good off hand weapon because it's too slow unless you have atak speed increase all over your gears... :D

I agree with you that Weapon Throw is an enjoyable build... so I'm very lucky with my belt! -5 fury cost and this is the path I am taking the Weapon Throw build.
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