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Hi Folks,

I think I'm pretty much end game geared. I've balanced armor, life, resists, mitigation, and dps such that I can do mp10 without dying, although some elites can take up to just over 4 minutes. I recently found a nice drop though, so I've got some good coin with which to upgrade.

So... any thoughts on what to get? My budget is ~500m or so, and my goal is to further speed up high level MP farming.

Thanks kindly - Axxe
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I'd upgrade your weapon first, then gloves, then a tals ammy with crit, prowlers for movement.
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your helm needs upgrading to a crit version
a tal's crit ammy, but you can find an ammy that will do more dps for 50 mil or under. look for something with 90% crit or higher go as high as you can for crit chance
vile wards could have more int
zuni chest could have more vit
gloves aren't trifecta although they are nice.
your dps will go up really well if you pick up the 2 crit pieces i mentioned before. and why do you run mp10? makes me wonder if i should try it.
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there's no way he's running MP10 efficiently.
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imo with 500mil and if u want farm mp10 efficiently

Upgrade weapon to a nice spear 1200ish dps with ls, os and cd...at that point having int or vit in it isnt big deal anymore

then if u still have money lol, got for zuni helm cc and tal ammy cc, u might replace them strongam bracer too
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Here are a few things that could be upgraded:

Largest*** You NEED 24% movement speed. Either go for your current config and get some cc lacuni... or get inna's pants with AR roll or int/vit roll.

Boots: Needs AR or vit/armour roll or something
Ammy: cc tal's ammy... cc/avg dmg rolls are best
Weapon: needs help. high dmg socketed MCK will give you more dmg
Mojo: Good except the globes affix would be better off as life% or vit
Shoulders: vit? life?
Chest: double vit roll?

Those would all be upgrades... just pick the best deals.
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Thanks all; if there is anything I learned from my shopping is that 500m isn't nearly enough! I decided to go with both a crit Zuni and a crit Tal ammy. They boosted my DPS ~45k or so with only a slight loss in armor and life. I still have a bit left, but I can see I'm going to have to save quite awhile to get the other items!
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