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100mil gold, what items should I upgrade?

I have come into some gold recently thanks to a generous drop :) and I am looking to upgrade my monk. I think starting with my weapons to get more Ave Dmg and Crit Dmg would be best, but I am not the greatest at upgrading. What tips and overall direction can you all share? I'm pretty much a newb. Should I upgrade my weapons??? If so what should I go for- Shelong's or something else? What stats should I shoot for in the weapons? Or just how could I most effectively spend my 100 mil to get the most improvement/bang for my buck? THANKS a ton in advance. I really appreciate any advice I can get.
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Yeah I use d3up, but I don't know what I'm looking for. Like should I be going for a Shenlong with an open socket? Or a Won Khim Lau? or an EF? Things like that. I could use some just good general itemization advice from some expert Monks.
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Kinda confused about your build, looks like you're going high armor low res?

Bracers - I don't know. I would assume a double resist/vit/higher cc bracer would be better then high vit/armor roll.

Ammy - Your ammy is bad for dps, has major pDPS but no eDPS. Great EHP ammy though..

Honestly, I'd replace your inna's chest with a 200+ vit one so you could take those purple gems out.
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So, some questions: Do you like the Shenlong's set? If no, do you like EF?
If you like the set, get sockets on them. If not, look for an EF with 200+ dex and os, and a rare wep with dex, ls/loh and crit dmg.

Now, if you go for the set, keep in mind, you'll have to lose some damage since prices will shoot up when they have sockets. So balance your money out that way.

I also think you could use a new ammy. Look for one with crit chance and similar stats to the one you have. You could also swap out all res for phys res to help. Don't try to spend all of your money on it since you'll need weps with sockets too.

Another upgrade would be to get more dex on your belt like 150+.
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Thanks for the advice!! That is exactly what I needed to hear. I will look into what I can afford and what the most effective use of my gold is.
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