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looking for build/gear advice

I can currently do runs on mp1 and prob mp2 but I have a tough time living on mp3+. Should my current gear be able to survive and I'm not using a good build or is it the gear? I know my dps is low. Been trying to find replacements but have been unlucky in my search. Is it just mp dps holding me back? I have a low budget for upgrades.
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You have low Critical Hit Chance (CHC) and almost no Critical Hit Damage (CHD), which makes you only deals normal damage. I believe each hit you deals are no more than 50k?
With such low damage dealt, the 5.6% life steal you earn in inferno is very little (assume 50k @ 5.6%LS @ 20% efficiency = 560life)
However, with your 1723LoH I think you can do well.
Looking at your defensive part, you have like 4.2k armor+800ar, which is not bad.
try to replace Mantra of Evasion Hard target to Mantra of Conviction Overawe for boost in damage. sweeping wind use firestorm or inner storm rune because the cyclones can't benefit from your low CHC.
Your Vile ward is ok, and majority of other parts needs overhaul.
What is your budget? The first item I suggest you to change is the pants. An Inna Temperance would be good.
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In the long run, you would want the following:
CHC to be at least 35% - from ring, head, amulet, glove, bracer
CHD at least 300% - from ring, amulet, glove, weapons
some form of Increase attack speed (IAS) - from ring, amulet, glove, weapons
5k armor - basically every pieces is critical (beside weapon, rings and amulet)
movement speed (MS) - at least some of them, 12% would be ok and 24% would be good, more than that is overkill
600All Resist (AR) would be sufficient and of course the more the merrier, provided it does not hinder your upgrade path of other equipments.
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I have a couple mil to spend. So you think the build is fine...with a rune switch for sweeping wind. Was thinking conviction but I kept thinking my dfense was bad. If not then I will give that a try. So you say my ar has wiggle room to go down to find better dps on armor? Will look
for innas but they always seem so expensive. The ones on my dh cost a lot of my gold and they are pretty low on the totem pole for innas. Yeah the loh is my main source of sustain. I heard loh doesn't work on sweeping wind and I thought id need the extra life from it so I got ls too...which might be a foolish thought. So more offense less defense.
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