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How to deal with reflect in high MP?

I currently have 185K unbuffed DPS and I literally just can't do reflect packs in higher MP levels, [8-10].

Defensive stats:

50K HP
2.5% Lifesteal
700 Life on Hit
800 All Res
1K Life/sec
3400 Armor

Coming from playing a CM wizard to being a bear witch doctor, it feels like reflect is ridiculous on WD's.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bfdUXi!Uac!bcYZYZ
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Reflect? Whats that?
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There are a few tricks...
- Only shoot your Bears at one elite vs. the whole pack
- Spam Bears while in Spirit Walk, and use more conservatively otherwise
- Mix in skills with high proc co-efficient to get good LoH returns

I think you really need to find a place for Acid Cloud/Acid Rain on your skill bar. You will heal yourself to full by casting it on an elite pack (even reflect). Another possibility would be to replace Widowmakers with Rain of Toads (which is also great for LoH returns).

Alternatively, there is a seat next to me on the LS Skorn bandwagon; double the LS possible with 1H / OH setup ;)
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And... add 2 pieces with 7% reduced damage from elites. Litany and Marrow are great candidates. For me it made all the difference, even at mp10. That's from the gear perspective; BigRed above mentioned the play tactics (Using Walk). Also GF is great for reflect as the globes help refill the health.
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Try using toads instead of spiders. That will help you cancel out some of the damage you take from bears with a lot of loh. Also switch to jaunt instead of honored guest to buy yourself one more second of damage free bear spam. You can also try using your templar, believe it or not the extra life regen helps a lot with RD. Pace yourself a little more, and try to rotate between spirit walk and horrify without ever using one while the other is still on cooldown. You will have less mana regen, but if you have a full Zuni set it shouldn't affect you much.
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adding zombie dogs with life link made a very noticeable difference for me.
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if you get your armor to around 4k and use frightening aspect when SW is off, and SW when FA is off cooldown, you should be just fine.
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Swap SoJ with Litany of the Undaunted for more AR, life regen, and Reduces damage from elites.

Find other places where you can get reduces damage from elites and either hot swap or switch permanent. As mentioned, Zuni Marrow/chest piece is a spot for permanent change, Blackthorn's boots, and kind of lol at the idea, but Stormshield as well.
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my opinion is that 700 LOH is not enough for reflect damage. i keep 1000 (because i am poor, i would like more) and i manage to stay alive, but only spamming rain of toads. corpse spiders only proc like 16%(actual number might be different but not by much) of the LOH. rain of toads does 50% per tick on each monster hit. ghost bomb has high LOH proc too.

like someone else said, zombie bears are only to be used in spirit walk.

i personally don't agree with acid rain, i find it more useful in low mp for speed farming against lots of monsters, one cast and the whole screen dies. in higher mp you will have to kite them a lot. i might be wrong though, i do not have definite proof on this, if other more experienced players swear on this, go with them.
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