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322k DPS DH using Windforce

For all the ppl who thinks its not possible to get to high dps without manticore i made a video to show that a glasscanon using windforce is totally beast. I farm mp 7 solo and i never die. My stats are in the description


Ask questions or comment here or on youtube.
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lol well sure its possible, but look at all the sacrifices it took....almost no AR and low Low LOW eHP crats ;)
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U dont know how to play a glasscanon, i never die on mp 7, watch the video buddy. i play with dhs having 1000 vit and lot of Ar and they die more than me
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Thats a pretty dumb build. Practically no AR and with this amount of DPS, you should be facerolling MP10.
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As a WF lover, I watched the vid.

I have to say, your glass cannon kiting skills are very good. You would have done extremely well pre-1.03 when the game was about not being hit at all.

That being said.
1. Your DPS is buffed due to steady aim. While I agree that SA works very well with a WF, you didn't seem to take advantage of it. Many many times in the vid you had a monster within 10 yards... so lets drop that DPS down a bit (or why don't u throw on SS too^^).

2. You didn't seem to really benefit from the knockback. The knockback allows for a "stand and deliver" style of play, every second you are kiting, you aren't doing any DPS, nor knocking anyone back. Additionally, cinder arrow is your friend... it has a double proc of KB (as well as for nightstalker).

3. Based on the above, how did using a WF help your build? An equally powerful calamity would have given you more DPS, the MOD proc and more attacks between kites... and better discpline from NS. You had either SS/Gloom up 95% of the time, so you didn't benefit from the LS on WF. Using a manticore probably would have given you more DPS... though the slow attack speed is a real mission between kites.
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I am just curious how you fight RD elites? With so much DPS and so little HP and AR, you should be one shot one kill by them?
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01/09/2013 08:02 PMPosted by RaveaAngel
I am just curious how you fight RD elites? With so much DPS and so little HP and AR, you should be one shot one kill by them?

Gloom, SS, native LS on WF.

That should cover it....
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lol u guys dont know how to do it, im online add and come play ill show you
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interesting add me.....
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Just watch the video, i think there is 2 RD packs
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1- My dps is still 238k totally unbuff http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/flight-1109/Jane/1722165
2-I dont see that kiting ure talking about, when i move its to get away from mortar or arcane, i also click so quick that i always attack while moving so im not losing dps there. You can see the knockback a lot of places 2:46 is an example
3-I prefer to windforce over calamity because of the knockback that i use a lot (idk why u dont see it) and lol pay me to use manticore cuz i will never use that slow !@# xbow

My build is fun to play, u get challenges, its quick, u have to be aware and do many things at the same time. If u wanna eat ur bag of chips while playing mehhh yeah that might not be a nice build for u
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You have HC DH ability, come join HC sometime.
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if actionkungfu says it it must be true.. he is nuts
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Wow you inspired me :))
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Wow, very impressed with your glass canon build.

Great micro side-stepping, maybe you should try hardcore.

Something i could never do if i had the same gear set.

Only thing is that when farming elites, steady aim passive wasn't up around half the time with all these other mobs around you.

That's why i don't use steady aim much in high MP.

Side note, the background music rocks in the video, 1080p ftw!
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Thanks!! i wanna reach the 400k dps so i dont wanna put much time in hardcore, but it might be possible one day :)
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nice player, played with him at mp8 he easily kill elite at act3 even with RD nice style.
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Gotta say takes some serious skill to survive MP's that high with your EHP. Now do MP10 jk
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Flight, i must say your kiting skills are really impressive. At least you can claim that D3 is not all about gears and definitely some skills are required for the way you play.
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I was a glass cannon dh for a long time made the swich to ar + hp i mean theres enemys that you really can't avoid and its painful.
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