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Highest single target DPS ability for ubers?

What is everyones opinion on highest DPS ability we have for ubers?

I personally think it is HA/SoT or DA, because you can sit off screen and shoot and hit the target 100% of the time. However, when there is a CM Wiz in group I think nothing can beat out Cluster Bombs.

Is EA/BL a good single target hitter against a boss? Seems like it hits 3 times a lot of the time, but I always thought of this ability as a AoE trash killer.

What do you think?
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Spike Traps Echoing Blast if you can get the targets to stand still with a CM wiz. pow pow pow...
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Yea forgot about echoing blast, those are pretty good too.

No one else has input?

prob gonna stick with HA anyway.
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Is EA/BL a good single target hitter against a boss? Seems like it hits 3 times a lot of the time, but I always thought of this ability as a AoE trash killer.

From my personal experience ball lightning isn't that great. Maybe if you had a CM wizard it would be ok, but for two of the three fights I find there is too much movement and by the time your ball lightning gets to where you wanted it to go, there is a good chance the uber has moved away.
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The only uber BL is good against is ZK if he's next to a slow time bubble. otherwise, it's a waste. rather go with spike traps if you have the CM Wiz
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Spike Trap, then Bola Shot - Imminent Doom I think?
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01/10/2013 03:14 PMPosted by Kadderly
Spike Trap, then Bola Shot - Imminent Doom I think?

ya, not a bad choice... you could also try some sentries and use custom engineering passive... they all work well together
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all ive been doing is uber runs mp10 w/ my cm wiz buddy. I use cluster bombs/imminent doom and the marked for death that regens hatred. Its almost non stop cluster bombs on them.
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if u have a cm wiz, cluster bombs deal way more damage than spike traps imo, especially with siege breaker / ghom
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With good CM wizzy i use the following for ubbers:

Spike Traps-echo

Bait the trap--10% extra CC
MFD-valley of death--24% additional damage

I find clusters are too slow to cast, where as i can get more hits per sec with this build
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01/11/2013 08:08 AMPosted by REAPER666
MFD-valley of death--24% additional damage

24%? how do u figure... does it not read 12%?
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If I have a CM wiz, I maximize DPS in higher uber runs through

Bola Shot - Imminent Doom
Spike Traps - Echoing Blast
MFD - Mortal Enemy (further spike traps spamming via hatred regen)
Steady Aim - make sure you are 10 yards away from any enemy for 20% DPS boost
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spike trap with 25% bonus to spike dmg. I crit for about 1.5-1.6m damage
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I've been using:
HA - SoT
Echoing blast
Steady Aim
Cull the weak with cold SOJ - it also helps to keep them on traps

And night stalker for mp9+
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I think Sentry deserves an honourable mention. Having two up firing at the same time is roughly ~400k constant dps on the thing they are firing at (for me at least) - and ubers are really the only thing in the game right now that stands still long enough for Sentry use.

400k dps may seem paltry in comparison to more conventional generators, but remember they fire autonomously instead of taking up an attack swing like all other attacks (Caltrops and RoV excluded, you can cast those while firing too), so it's actually really more like 400k dps + generator spam (Hungering Arrow is about 1.2mil dps for me) vs other abilities.
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Cluster bomb: 5 x 230%
Echoing blast: 3 x 275%

With the right gear u can fire 1 cluster every second, indefinitely.
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