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Made the calamity switch - keep legacy nats?

Now that I have >2.2~ aps, would it be redundant to not have night stalker and keep legacy nats, since my crit chance / ias is so high?

PS - i switched from an 1150 2 soc dex manticore, and i am very much enjoying the calamity more than the manticore
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Welcome to the Darkside.... lololol

Love calmaity as well.

Not sure why you would want to get rid of nats? Nats allows you to easily NOT use passive NS since you will get 3 disc/regen/sec If you find even with LN4 you use prep to refill disc you probably would never need to with calamity and NS together.

If you are in need of "survival gear" or gear with better stats than your LN4 then I'd first get a few pieces of gear to replace the LN4 pieces but NOT sell the LN4. I'd hold onto it for awhile just to make sure not wearing it accomplishes all your goals just fine.

From a NS perspective with calamity ... I like higher aps (> 2.7 aps)

Also you have to realize +3 disc regen on LN4 means that is active 100% of the time. with calamity and NS passive you only "can" proc NS to give you and extra disc back only while you are attacking. running or not attacking = 1 disc regen still.

So be careful before you decide to scrap your LN4. Chances are if you do sell it off...... you might not get as good of a set again for the price you sell yours for... :)
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I'd hmm if your looking for more dps gain your could upgrade to new nats. When I use to do low mp I use nightstalker with ball lightning and my I was vaulting like crazy, iirc I never ran out, but I did use focused mind when my pool got to half way I think I was running 48 discipline.

But I'd hold onto Legacy just incase. It might take some time for you to get use too if you've been using then for a long time. You could also try out bitter pill bola shot. I use them depending on the group I'm with.

But I'd change out that innas belt for a witching your for the ASI (2.2asi is slow for calamity user) if you were to get rid of the L4N. For your build you would have to get a higher end WH dex,vit AR, expensive...

Usually calamity users are just tankers (i am) and just sit and perma gloom. So the ASI is important to gain benefit from night stalker and bitter pill if you used that or thunderball for stun. I found it hard to kite which I do from time to time but at 2.93 ASI it kinda hard to do compared to manticore and WF. If you were to tank and just sit there like I do I'd get rid of the L4N and incrase EPH, rescource regen is crazy paired with nightstalker.
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Yeah that was a rough guesstimate, I have about a 2.7 APS without my WH.

i'm probably gonna keep my L4N, the static 3 disc/sec is very convenient
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Keep it. Playing with my leg nats and calamity makes my DH play like its on steroids lol.
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i love hand xbows,
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