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Please add a ghost image of cain (in town by waypoint), and have him be able to id all of my RARES only!!

Other additions IDEAS:

-Add NV with options as in different stats such as choosing or (random) between MF GF, AIS, MOVEMENT SPEED, or what else not while keeping XP gain. Maybe even increase NV to 10

-Hotbar toggle, so i can switch between builds

-Loss of NV only down by one if you switch skills or hotbars etc.

-increase movement speed by a little

-add gobs give NV

-add Leg Gobs that have a higher chance of dropping rares

ADD to the list if you have any ideas, or Change what you want.
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no this has already been decided by the community...Cain comes back as an angel of wisdom or lore or something...
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I dont care what he comes back as...he is needed to ID all items :D
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Or just make Tyrael, the "Aspect of Wisdom" be able to mass identify.

He basically becomes the new Cain anyway.
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In-game inventory item:

The Book of Cain

Right click to ID all items in your inventory.
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OH the book of cain!!! thats a good idea!
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01/12/2013 12:40 PMPosted by JPP
Please add a ghost image of cain (in town by waypoint), and have him be able to id all of my RARES only!!

Ghost of Cain
Spirit of Cain
Cain resurrected
Gill, the long lost brother of Decard
Book of Cain

These are just the latest stupendous ideas to get a 'Identify all' feature in the game I have come to read on this forum, and I'll keep saying it; since Cain does not identify items in this game, we don't need any Cain, we just need a button that says 'Identify All'. Fixed!

Edited to add another Cain.
Edited by Vresiberba#2940 on 1/12/2013 1:05 PM PST
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yeah i agree...
I wonder what those letters will be for! hopefully for something like the book of cain
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