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Aus/NZ Dueling - Challenge Thread

Alright well with patch 1.0.7 we will finally be able to enjoy beating each others skulls in and taking ears.

I propose making this a place to put your name forward to be challenged, and if you'd like to take your gloves off and challenge someone in particular post that in here.

If there is any interest we can keep a list of win/losses here.

To get things started - I'm going to call out edzmond, I predict your monk will destroy mine, but lets get this going.

Match ups:

Edzmond vs Cayzer
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01/13/2013 04:09 PMPosted by Cayzer
I predict your monk will destroy mine, but lets get this going.

do you get a prize for determining the outcome correctly?
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01/13/2013 04:12 PMPosted by Troubleshoot
I predict your monk will destroy mine, but lets get this going.

do you get a prize for determining the out come correctly?

Pehaps we could get a betting ring going. I bet 2 million edzmond defeats me. Then someone could take up the bet :P.
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ROFLMAO. I will lose if you have your shield brah :) I think it will be close to be honest.

but yes, I accept the challenge!
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i'll fight a monk
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Duel duel duel.

Yeah my s/b is getting a fair bit of EHP now lol.
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Yo Edz and Cay are you guys on PTR yet?
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I had a crack before work today, it's pretty fun, will be looking to duel some tonight in our prime time (QLD for me anyway). Hope to see you later.
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I am at work at the moment...and I deleted PTR from last time...so I will need to redownload it tonight. I will be on live server tonight but will try out PTR tomorrow night.

no work abend? jelly :(
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I'm at work, doing OT so I can afford to buy gold just to unsocket my new Marquise gems lol. See you on PTR tomorrow night if I get it working.
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LOL and also cos u want to buy me (or make me) 8 emerald marquise gems right? WHY SO KIND ABEND THANK YOU xoxoxox

I will be on live server 2nite, I will prob only play PTR for like a day because I hate the feeling of getting a nice drop on PTR and realise it will be erased :(
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gonna download the ptr overnight if anyone wants to add me, keen to test out builds and get some practise in with some aussies.
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On PTR now.
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I'll be on PTR tonight.
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