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Thoughts on dueling?

the only class can really own me good is wiz with storm armor 1v1
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watch out for the cruciatus spell!
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01/15/2013 06:25 PMPosted by LordJhef
the only class can really own me good is wiz with storm armor 1v1

Add pets
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yes full pets are very good vs ranged. hex very good vs mellee.

it seems the noobs are out today in ptr. went undefeated without a single death in almost 1 hour of 4player ffas. got kicked out of like 3 games.
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@Chuck, oh man, you need to back off or mis-click a bit. We need to keep low profile to avoid the nerf hammer!
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Well, I tried dueling for the first time last night. Without even much thought or effort on my part, I was butchering people left and right. I opted for Firebomb-Pyrogeist, Corpse Spiders-Leaping Spiders, Haunt-Consuming Spirit, Zombie Dogs-Life Link, Spirit Walk-Jaunt, and Hex-Jinx.

We're talking people with easily twice my dps... 95+ paragon level barbs and wizards, decked out in full regailia, versus me in my relatively modest gear. I suppose all the dps in the world can't help you much when you're stuck as a barnyard animal. It was kind of cute when one barb changed up his skills and tried to kill me with ancient spear and weapon throw to avoid getting too close and becoming bacon on legs... I guess he'd never seen Spirit Walk before. Or thousands of tiny spiders leaping at his face. Even if it doesn't last, it was worth it just to be legitimately feared by the "OP" classes for a little while.
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