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Old Guy Playing D3

Hey fellow Barbs...I'm retired and like playing D3. Would you kindly have a look at my Barb and provide a few suggestions on what mistakes i'M making on my gear...much appreciated.
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Good to see old souls gettin' their game on.

Unfortunately I know less than nothing about HotA builds. Just wanted to say hello.
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You're one badass old guy!

Similarly I know nothing about HoTA builds and my gear is far worse than yours. But good hunting out there ;)

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Weapon: switch to a Skorn and get at least 150% Crit Dmg and high strength. If you use a Radiant Star Emerald then you will have 250% Crit Damage
Amulet: You need one with Crit Chance AND Crit Damage...an added bonus would be Attack Speed
Rings: You need Crit Chance and Crit Damage on both rings. Ideally you should get Attack speed on both as well but the price jumps with all three.
Bracers: Not bad, but if you could get Lacuni's with Crit Chance it'll help a lot.

Your gear is decent, but the reason why your DPS is so low is because you're lacking Crit Chance and Crit Damage. Your target should be 30% Crit Chance and 400% Crit Damage from gear alone.

Passive Skills:
You need Weapon Master and Ruthless. Weapon Master adds 10% Crit Chance if you use an Axe or Hammer. Ruthless adds 5% Crit Chance and 50% Crit Damage.

Active Skills:
Battle Rage is a must. You should use the rune: Into the Fray to generate fury when you crit. This skill/rune will allow you to spam the majority of your fury spenders (if you increase your Crit Chance that is).

Hope this helps. Goodluck and enjoy the game
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Ideally, HotA player with 2h weapon will have:
1. Skorn with life steal and high crit damage. Okay to not have life steal, but you are limited in your passives and belt choices.
2. Attack speed and crit chance on gloves, rings, amulet. HotA works much better as you get more attack speed, and the Skorn already has lots of crit damage so you don't need much crit damage on other gear.
3. At least 35k HP, at least 450 all resist, as much strength as possible.
4. At least 12% move speed, so you can run down ranged/fast elites.

Skills/passives: see my profile. If you can't get a good life steal Skorn, you have to use Bloodthirst instead of Tough as Nails.
Edit: Cleave - Reaping Swing is better than Bash - Instigation for everything except bosses/ubers.
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Depends on what you aim to do, which mp you want to run, if exp farming or just general play for fun.

I´d definitely switch around some defensive skills to offensive ones, more damage -> monsters die faster -> less damage taken and much more fun to smash stuff.

1. Get rid of Dust Devils. Either use Hurricane or if you want a skill that lets you position yourself or get out of being surrounded, try Furious Charge, it´s a very nice skill for 2H. Merciless Assault lets you spam the skill against larger packs (as soon as you hit 5 targets, the cooldown resets to 0) and Dreadnought heals you if needed. Or as a 2h barb, use Cleave rupture instead, stuff is going to explode a lot heh.

2. Ignore Pain and Revenge are very defensive skills, the monster damage has been nerfed quite a lot already, you don´t need them. Go with Battle Rage - Into the Fray and consider using Wrath of the Berserker instead.

Battle Rage greatly improves damage and your crits will often generate 15 fury (depending on what skill you crit with), which allows you to generate fury faster and spam skills like Hammer of the Ancients. I´d say Into the Fray is a must have skill nowadays for us barbs. Now that crits generate fury for you, you could drop Animosity for Ruthless (+5% crit chance, +50% crit damage) to further improve your damage.

Wrath of the Berserker is really the best skill we have, not only does it make you immune to crowd control (freeze, jailer, fear), it´s by far the best damage boost (25% more attack speed and 10% more crit chance). It could be tough to go with Thrive on Chaos if you´re not familiar with massive fury generation, otherwise go with Insanity or Slaughter for those elite packs that give you trouble.

3. You don´t need Warcry Charge, you´ll generate enough fury with Merciless Assault and crits in general, either use Impunity, Hardened Wrath or switch to Overpower - killing spree for more crit chance or crushing advance (defensive variant that gives you a flat damage reduction higher than Warcry and also reflects damage).

4. As you´ll be dealing much more damage than before, you´ll also heal more from life steal. Use Bloodthirst instead of Tought as Nails. 6% life steal (belt+passive) with a two handed weapon should be enough to not die.

5. Gear looks good, try to get a critical hit damage (>+150%) Boulder Breaker to keep the IK 5 set bonus, max fury only gives your Hammer of the Ancients 3% crit chance plus you don´t even use Overpower which is a wasted affix on the weapon. If you like Hammer, get a -5 Hammer cost one, but really the crit damage should be highest priority. Up to +200% critical hit damage means up to triple your normal damage on a crit, that´s huge.

6. Also try to get 12% more movement speed (try compass rose if lacuni prowlers/inna´s remperance aren´t an option), it makes the game much more enjoyable when you´re not "walking". Movement speed is a major reason for using Sprint in general, either Run like the Wind (with Whirlwind Hurricane) or Marathon.

Ugh, maybe I wrote too much, but my advice is basically drop defensive skills, use offensive ones and outheal the damage taken with life steal (belt+bloodthirst), also you´ll be surprised how much faster things die = more fun while playing.
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Thanks for the comments and advice. I'm on it.
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