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next upgrade?

Hi everyone. I'm trying to plan my next upgrade and wanted to seek some help. My goal is to gain both dps and EHP to farm higher MPs for experience when the patch hits (assuming it's worth it with the boost) and kill high MP ubers (I currently kill ubers and keyfarm on mp7 using a HOTA build without too much trouble). I run a ww/sprint build with my 2hander to farm, even though I know it's not as efficient, because I think it's fun and I like seeing big numbers. :) My budget is 50m. I'm currently trying to get a better Skorn (high CD, 1400+ dps) but beyond that not 100% sure what to do. I want to upgrade my amulet to one with CD but I'm having a hard time finding an upgrade in paper dps because my current one has such high str. I'm also considering upgrading my gloves to a higher trifecta (e.g., 9% AS/40%+ CD). Thoughts?
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I would say your pants as it has very low vit....Pants are genrally a good roll for vitality....
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You could try saving for some set combos like IK gloves and belt or Black thornes pants and chest....But if you do pants chaest you need movement speed so you would buy a cheap pair of fw or an expensive lacunis for more dps than what you are wearing for bracers....
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Yeah but high vit inna's are super expensive. It'd be really hard to compensate for the loss of 8% AS and movement speed if I go away from inna's. I think bracers are definitely an option for a massive EHP boost at the cost of some dps if I pick up some high str/vit/AR/crit ones...
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Your boots would boost your dmg alot if you went with ice climbers or fire walkers...fire walkers are pretty cheap for a good pair and ice climbers are a bit more expensive
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bump, any other suggestions?
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