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Spectral Blade

First off, I apologize... I know very little about wizards...

Is spectral blade a good skill to use? I found a SoJ ring that's nearly perfect that I was going to use on the Wizard that I started and spectral blade seems like it would be pretty cool for a melee wizard.

What are your thoughts on this skill?
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we have builds here surrounding spectral blade

that said, blizz since nerfed spectral's proc rate down to slim to none but some still manage to use it, usually with cold blooded and ice armor or blizzard. throw in healing blade rune or deep cuts (highest sb proc rune)
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i havn't tried it personally but it could be a good melee skill supporting you when you tank stuff ala sns style. I can see you jumping in winding up then using spectral blade while your in melee

but to be honest it's never been a skill i have even considered for my gear type and build choices, it would simply not work for me at this point i think, i have to drop something important to use it, like my meteor kablamo
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Thanks for the input. It sounds like fun and a decent change of pace. I will look up some of the builds that you had mentioned.
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i find sb to be good in group farming, got it to work up to mp2, mp3 is just sluggish as crap and that's with SB dmg bonus 13% and 306k dps and cold blooded and blizzard.
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I am mainly using the blade cutting through MP2 and it is a breeze, but occasionally die due to bad combination affix (e.g. arcane + vortex) or 2 packs are one to next.
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When leveling my wizard, I played with a build using venom hydras, ice storm teleport and spectral blades. Make 'em chase you through poison and ice and if they get close.. slap 'em with the blades and teleport out. It worked, but it was a total kite build. Wasn't an efficient play style.
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I use Spectral Blade! And disintegrate!! Of course the rest of my gear is built around using them, but that's how all builds are really.. I can farm up to MP5 comfortably
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^Switch Flux for Arcane Dynamo there
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Oh, for sure. I was messing with flux to see if I could implement it when the patch comes. I don't think it meshes with the rest of my build well enough to warrant including flux.. I wish it did something in addition to slow >_<
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^if you're keeping things out of melee range then use Flux. iE Living Lightning instead of Blades them use it, Dynamo, and illusionist.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give that a shot after the LL buff. I'm all about melee though, so I'll probably stick with SB. Love me some slicing action
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