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Why do people buy gold/gear?

Time = $$$. And 1000 hrs surely worth more than couple hundred bucks...
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Is it just a reflection on the instant gratification society we are living in that people would rather pay $30 to have their character look powerful on a webpage than spend the time getting their gear on their own, or am I missing something?

it takes ten mins to beat an act. real people dont have time to play 900 hrs.
you're a towel
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erm.. Instant gratification.
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I've spent well over 1,000 hours with two characters in D3, and have only once ever received a drop that was a good find

dude you suck to.i get 7 to 8 a night
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It's funny that I did not read any comment from Blizzard about this problem. But I can imagine how dumb it would look like.

Hello Community. Ten years ago alot of gamers downloaded trainers or bought stuff on ebay to cheat in games. These people got yelled at that they suck because they are cheating. We at Blizzard had a fine idea. Why not give the players the opportunity to officially cheat? After we thought a bit about it we noticed that we even could make money with people cheating on our game. Ok making money on cheaters sounds good, but how can we increase our income from cheaters? I mean it's not worth it to get just a few dollars. Well we could adjust the drop rates of items in the game. Less drops means more people cheating and the result is that we get more profit on a game that already sold several million times for 60 bucks. This sounds awesome instead of monthly fees we force people to cheat and spend real money on the game. But gamers will notice that. Are we planning to hand out frequent content updates for free as return to the players? Nah, we say it's for the server costs and they're going to believe us. But what happens to the players who dont want to spend money on the game? Isn't it frustrating for them that they rarely get any good drop? Well these people do not invest into the game so there is no reason to keep them, they produce unneeded serverload anyways. And what about all those discussion which are going to hapen on the forums on the RMAH. Well we build the game to cheat and everyone can say that you must cheat if you only have a few hours to play. Thats how we designed the game and many people just dont care about money these days.

My text might be a bit harsh but think about it. You guys spend money on something you should get from playing the game in the first place. But Blizzard totally !@#$ed up the loot system so they can make some money with Diablo 3. Even if you don't care about spending 20$ on the game, I can't understand why you support this game not handing anything to normal players and forcing them to buy gold. If all your real money would get converted into good content updates, but even this does not happen.
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He has a life obviously and 2 gold is cheap..... obviously he wants to catch up to where you are because he started paying so late.
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Time is money.
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01/18/2013 09:35 AMPosted by UGotGanked
cuz they suck at video games among other things, and buy stuff to make themselves feel better.

This /thread

Besides. I get WAY more enjoyment making gold the hard way and buying my gear. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do.
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justify it with how much IRL money you make or how you just dont have time since you are such an important business man

truth is

you just suck at the game and cop-out by spending $$$ like little scrubs

no one who appreciates the value of work and $$$ would waste money on this game

unless you are 1. a spoiled little child with your dad's credit card
2. a successful worker making several 100k a year

% of people who buy items - 64%
% of people who fit into 1. or 2. probably like 5 % lol
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Haven't bought gold in my life
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01/20/2013 01:17 AMPosted by JohhnyTexas
I have a fulltime job and cannot keep up with you no lifes. Between work, girlfriend, friends and other obligations I might get lucky to play this game 12 hours a week. Dropping 30 bucks on 100 mil every few weeks doesn't hurt my bank account and allows me to stay relative with my gaming buddies.

Ok...I think that's the only good reason. You want to play with friends but don't have time to keep up.
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The thing is...

You can play MP1 without any need of good gear....and the prize is exactly the same than in Mp10 so there is no good reason at all to buy items. (except to make a live of it a sell items for money).

Some things that have been mentioned and I dont agree at all:

1- Time is money. If you think that every second that you are not doing something that produces money, then you are losing by playing this game. Anyway I think a lot of people here really overrates the value of their time. And its a game for gods sake, if you want to do something valuable do other things (mainly work or study - I can think of anything else productive)

2-I like to kill monsters. Kill them in Mp1

3-Want to play with friends. Make new ones that play as much as you do. Or speak with them and play in the same Mp than the guy with the worst char.

4-Cant catch up with people with no lives. Maybe the things that you do in your free time can aslo be considered a waste (including spending time with anyone). Everyone has it preferences and its not correct to jdge them.

5- I can do whatever i want with my money. Thats true in the same way that its a waste to use it to get gear in a game which main goal is that you get it by yourself. You can buy anything but its much more rewarding if you earn it

6- Buying gear is like paying to go to see a movie. This takes the hole cake lol. It has nothing to do. You can sepnd you money like you want, no one is saying another thing. The fact is that in this case we dont know what is the reason that takes you to buy gear. You dont need it to play the game. The purpouse of a H&S is to get it by yourself. The fact that you can do something doesnt mean that its right. This comparison is absolutely ridiculous.
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because blizzard couldn't stop cheating in their games so they decided to join them and make a buck off it! people pay to win due to sheer laziness and ego. it's a sickness really
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personally i think it is just how much enjoyment from the amount spent like catching a movie etc
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I don't understand the rush. There's no time limit.
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Maybe they get tired of farming garbage.
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It's b/c we live in a society where MOST people don't want to spend time doing anything tedious whether it's cooking a meal, doing a workout, finding items in a game like D3, etc. Companies are banking so much $$ on lazy people. I would say it's a epidemic and will continue to get worse.

As a HC player I've been fortunate enough to find a bunch of good gear and make a couple big sales on items to fund some purchases. Playing the game makes it more rewarding then just opening your wallet but to each there own!
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for some its the journey; for others, the destination
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01/20/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Isolation
for some its the journey; for others, the destination

I like that; it has a kinda poetry to it.
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I bought gold, the reason being I looked at the drops I was getting for several months with decent magic find (280+) and realised that the time I am spending grinding out items to sell in order to get gold to buy decent items was better spent having a life outside of diablo. So I bought some gold and was at least now able to play on MP1. Unlike some of the players like kripperan who dont appear to have jobs/lives others do have both of these things and dont see the advantage in wasting huge amounts of their time grinding out tons of items to sell to the vendor. oh and as for sucking at games, this game has absolutely nothing to do with skill, you either have the right gear or you die. Anyone who can take on inferno MP1 wearing nothing but blues please post a video to youtube and show us your leet skillz.
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