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Why do people buy gold/gear?

There are many reasons why people buy items, either they don't have the time to spend 2000 hours and find maybe 1-2 good items, or spend a few hundred hours and realize how broken the game is, but still love it, and spend some cash to become more successful at it. It doesn't mean they suck at games, hell, Diablo doesn't take that much skill to become good at. It's all about gear and TIME. Time spent in Diablo isn't rewarding, it just isnt... other than paragon leveling. If you want talk about competition and how good a person is at a game...Play SC 2, marvel vs capcom 3, an FPS...Those games take skill. But Diablo? No, it's just a game about spending time at and hoping to get lucky.
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01/18/2013 09:43 AMPosted by JoeLimon
Why grind for hundreds of hours when an hour of overtime can easily make up that time?

best answer ever.

Btw,some people dont play d3 to enjoy the feeling of item progression, they just want that kick from facerolling mobs.
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Why buy gear when your completely nullifying the point of the game. The game is built on a loot grind, so you buy all your loot.. now what?

This ties into the point on how people can continually farm act 3 over and over again, when they literally have no more upgrades they can find (as they bought them all), or the likely-hood of one dropping is .. well it isn't going to happen.

I can maybe see it, if it all came down to PvP and you wanted the best gear possible (some have even mentioned that as their reason). PvP is not, nor ever will be the focus of the game.

The RMAH should be for pure cosmetic purposes, not for gear.
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I don't think people buy gold/gear primarily out of any personal failing they may have to get instant gratification. I think there are a lot of people that WILL buy gold and gear out of impatience but the farming is so monotonous. I think some people do it just to see what kind of experience they will get with "godly gear". Of course, one can always experience the "power between their fingers" by lowering the MP down to 0. Then though, the victory seems so hollow.
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...some people just like to watch the world burn.
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Lol last I checked 100 mill in gold can't buy you much people always waste there mo eh on stuff it's funny cause its so easy to make money in this game
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Well if you think about it, work 1hr on some basic casual rates of $20 an hour, spend 1 hours pay on D3 gold, might get you 66M say at $0.30 per Mil. Now consider how long it would take you to farm 66M in D3 gold by yourself. Unless you get extremely lucky drops, which evidently is harder and harder to come by these days, it would take you a while.

To clarify, i don't buy D3 gold, i just enjoy playing and working my way up to gear upgrades. But when you stop to think about it, some people just don't have the time to do so. So buying gold isn't that crazy of an idea at all, especially if you only invest a few hours of your real life pay.

Just please for your own sake if you do buy D3 gold, don't spen to much IRL $ on a game :)
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Buying Gold/Gear is nothing compared to some who either pay others to level up a character to level 60 and fully equip them or simply buy an account with a fully equipped character.


Also, this is not really an Action RPG game, it is a game of grind/lucky draws. Everything is about luck or grind.
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You can gear an MP10 WW barb for under 60 mil. instead of farm 1000 hours, maybe that's why.
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It's simple really. Time = Money. Spend 10 hours grinding to generate 20 million gold through any of multiple methods or work your job for 15 minutes, during which time one may choose to either eat a donut or browse reddit. That 15 minutes of work translates into $7-8 after taxes which can then be used to purchase 20 million gold. Thus 10 hours of gameplay = eating a donut at work. Capitalism at it's finest.
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01/21/2013 06:43 PMPosted by ravage
Why grind for hundreds of hours when an hour of overtime can easily make up that time?

best answer ever.

Btw,some people dont play d3 to enjoy the feeling of item progression, they just want that kick from facerolling mobs.

Worst answer ever. D3 wasn't meant to be work, it's a game lol. If you see this game as work I feel sorry for you.
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The better question is this: Why should you (or anyone else) care that someone else is buying gold and/or gear?

There are PLENTY of things that EVERY one of you spends money on that someone else would likely consider a "waste" of money. Heck, if you bought D3... or payed for a year subscription to WoW to get D3 free... you "wasted" your money on a video game in someone's eyes.

If you buy a soda... you are "wasting" money on a useless drink.
Other hobbies...

The list goes on and on and on.

But really... why should you care what someone else does with their money? That's what perplexes me the most with all of you whining about how "bad" someone is that bought something in a video game.

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The difference between Diablo 3 and many other games that succeed in the past is that... when you play diablo you are just playing to obtain something but the process that comes until you obtain it is not funny at all, it's rather an obligation than a satisfying experience. PvP should have been delivered at the launch. And the economy is dieing, because every day less people play, and items are getting stocked in the AH. When Diablo3 started i could easily sell everything, now the 90% of the items can't be sold, only the useful ones. The only way to win money without depending on luck is speculating with the good ones, that's how i managed to make 3 bilion since november, i played 0 hour since november and only entered the game 20min each day. This is not even funny, i just make it to sell money for euro. That's my expectations on diablo 3. It's not a game anymore.
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I'm just a drop in the bucket. I'd like to get back to a time where I didn't have to spend 1000+ hours farming only to be passed up by some guy with a credit card who started playing yesterday. Call me crazy, but I just don't think that is solid game design. The whole Bob and Fred argument is crap. I gave my buddy gear when he hit 60 and he keeps up with me just fine. People have to have their instant gratification nowadays and D3 preys on that.

Edit: I would like to state that I have no problem with the GAH.
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Because they can..
Rather than farming mindlessly for hours and hours they would rather just purchase stuff off the RMAH and jump straight into action, for now most people just aim to get to paragon lvl 100 and gear up to the fullest. Since the PvP system is still under testing that's all there is to do.
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You pay in gold or you pay in time. What's the difference? Farming is lame and boring. There is no reason to do it unless you're stupid or poor and can't afford any other decent games.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
I dropped $20 for the first time last week. I work full time in an office setting. I don't have the time to farm forever and hope for one lucky drop to gear my guy with. We all know you can't gear your own guy with your own finds in D3. I wanted to gear up some so that with my limited time I can have fun with my buddies on higher mps and smashing things without dying every 5 seconds. It's not the way I want to do it but my time is my precious :P.
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at the moment it's just a fake feel of accomplishment.
there is no competition. farming is the only thing you can do in this game.
so you buy gear to farm more gear. there is literally nothing else to do.
you can spend 5.000$ and you finished the game.
time = money only makes sense in some sort of competition/e-sport enviroment.
most people just don't enjoy the game and don't realize there is no competition (or got tricked with the pvp-arena promise) but want some sort of accomplishment.
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