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Why do people buy gold/gear?

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Ultimately the whole reason is because some people don't know how to be patient and enjoy the game as they play it. Most likely because They've the attention span of a 12 year old that plays CoD all day; All they care about is the next best thing, even if they use real money to buy it, they don't care, because they will never know how great a game is because they don't earn their items, but that's their loss.
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You are pretty right guyz for everything since i too consider that buying gold or items is the proof of the ultimate noob but one of my friend openend my eyes a little and i have a better ( i think ) view of that.

Consider that most of working people won't have the time to grind for months or years and if they want to play with "us" they have to pay ... or stay low lvl for decades ( = no fun either )
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I've bought some of my items on RMAH, because I wanted to stay ahead of the rest. I have since been able to help out a lot of ppl since my gear has been very good and that is something I really like to do. Just...be a helping hand to those who need it. Ppl are always so happy when I don't charge them for helping out :)

Also, by staying ahead of the curve, I've been able to farm more efficiently than others, both on low and high MP. After reaching PL 100 I've only done MP 10 though, since that's the most fun. By doing this I've been able to sell a ton of gear, since most items I find are downgrades to my gear but upgrades to most ppl. Instead of having new gear all the time, I've added a few hundred euros to my bank account and a few billion gold in game. When the expansion comes out, I'll be able to do the same thing. Hopefully.
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You've summed up exactly why this type of game should never have had an auction house.

Yet buying gold can save time (life's most important resource) to do trivial things like gem upgrades, or blacksmithing (I don't feel as dirty when I get an upgrade from the smithie).
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Bouldergore - you have no chars - why are you commenting?
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With all due respect, Blizzard made this game for profit, chose not to charge a monthly subscription rate like they do for WoW, which I refuse to pay. If I choose to make my "contribution" in the form of the RMAH, that is nobody's business but mine. I do not shake my head and ask why anyone would pay real dollars every month to pay to play an online game. We all pay monthly bills for entertainment (cable TV, netflix, Hulu, etc.)

Blizzard made a business decision to try another route to get regular revenue off a game that they support. On Diablo II, the "real money" went to eBayers and WoW led to the Chinese "gold farmers". In the real world, I work in the capital markets. One hard and fast rule is that money will also migrate to where more money can be made. Plain economics 101.

If you don't mind my saying so, you have some awesome gear for a guy who claims to be using 100% "found" gear. I commend you for your success. Most of my gear has been found as well, but I do spend gold at the GAH and have purchased more gold on the RMAH and do not apologize for it. I play mostly solo, so I am not trying to impress anyone and I frequently drop items I no longer use for free to players who can upgrade with them or even sell for gold when I play multiplayer. Think on this Fizz, Blizzard could have made the game items all "bind on equipped". How much of your current gear would you have? And how much fun would the game be? I, frankly, would have left it after the first level 60 character.

So the simple asnwer to "Why do people buy gold/gear?" is "because they can".
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Some people like myself, have more money then time. I have decked all my characters out from the Auction house at about $30 a character. I just like to have my choice of which powerful character I want to play. I don't plan to make back my money or anything. I just have the money to deck out my character and wreck shop for an hour or two during my free time.
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Anyone who needs to defend themselves in using real money to buy video game items is pretty sad. Not because there is anything wrong with using ones own money to do what they want, but because the need to justify it to other people proves, deep down, you feel there is something wrong with yourself for doing it, and in many ways you probably feel embarrassed/pathetic for doing it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the need to defend yourself.

If you ask anyone in the real world, if they would spend money buying games, most would say, sure, if I want to play something I would buy it. If you ask anyone if they would spend several hundred hours on a game, most would say, maybe if it was really really fun and I had enough free time. Ask anyone in the real world if they would pay money for in-game, online virtual items to improve a video game character(which could and should be earned in game), most would say - no, and they would also think anyone who does has problems, or is some kind of obsessed weirdo.

Justify your Real-Money use all you want, no one is going to look at you any differently than 99% of the people in the real world. If you made real money from selling stuff and use profit to buy, that is completely different because you still used in-game mechanics to progress(by AH smarts, flipping or by luck).

If you think personal time constraints are justification for buying your progression, enjoy it, but know many many people have the same problems as you, and still grind their way to success for free, and also realize the people who actually play the game to earn gear through in-game mechanics/economy do not have to respect you for what you do. It is no different from telling some kid that if he needs to buy a game genie to win, he sucks, if you need a cheat code to give yourself any edge, you suck, if you need any outside advantage to do what many other people do with no outside edge, you suck.

The harsh truth is, buying items to be any good is a form of cheating, no different that using a cheat code to progress in any other game more easily. All you did was buy that game genie or a magazine with all the tips and cheat codes. You bought your success in the game, you did not earn anything or figure out anything on your own, you spent no time in getting to a high level of play. You may not even care, but the fact is that is what you are, a cheater.

If you think people who can afford to spend $60 on the game in the first place cannot also afford to spend more money to buy several hundred million gold for cheap to buy their way to higher progress, you are ignorant. Cheaters simply cannot fathom why then, everyone does not spend bucks to buy gear or gold to help themselves? Because unlike the pathetic cheaters of the world, who need instant gratification to feel good about themselves for sucking at the game(regardless of justifications/excuses no one cares about), many people prefer to play legit, and earn their character the way they were meant to in game. A "legit" player finds value in building a character from scratch, not buying their way to End Game, having built nothing themselves.

So do what you want, chances are legit players and cheaters will rarely ever know each other in-game or know who is legit or a cheater, just know that if you needed to cheat to be any good, no one has to respect you for it. Save your justifications and excuses for the rest of the cheaters "who suck at video games among other things, and buy stuff to make themselves feel better." Yeah, I said it and it still applies.

You sure are pretty arrogant to think that your "truth" represents truth for everyone else. Don't delude yourself... your opinion doesn't hold any more water than anyone elses... only you used a lot more words to try and make your point.
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The harsh truth is, buying items to be any good is a form of cheating, no different that using a cheat code to progress in any other game more easily. All you did was buy that game genie or a magazine with all the tips and cheat codes. You bought your success in the game, you did not earn anything or figure out anything on your own, you spent no time in getting to a high level of play. You may not even care, but the fact is that is what you are, a cheater.

Do you complain about people who drive better/faster cars then you? We live in a relistic world where MONEY IS KING. So make it and start competing or get out of the way.

I use to complain about the world not being fair, then I got off my as* and did something about it. It is easier to play the game then to complain about the rules.
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I always use this argument. Gold is approx 25 cents per million. for 4 million you can decently gear a character with enough gear to happily play without any issues and get some pretty kick !@# equips.

If you were to spend 1 dollar on a game extra in the AH you wont be as good as someone who spends ALOT, but honestly your investing time into the game because you enjoy it. Give yourself a little bit of a better chance at the game, it will only cost you a few dollars extra.

If you go out to the bar and Buy 1 beer, that will be 4-5$ with tip most likely (more depending on where you live). You will not get drunk off of 1 beer and will probably not have a great time at the bar. For $5 worth of gold on the AH you can buy 15-20 million gold. That would be enough to have dozens of hours of a great time playing a game you enjoy.

5$ on a beer or 5$ on gold. You pick.
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Okay, here's the thing for me: other than the gear, there IS no end game.

I've always thought that the game was like a big test for your gear. You play until your gear and skill selection starts failing you, and you try to figure out a better way forward and grind until you get the drops that you need. If you buy gear that's already confirmed to be BiS, you've circumvented what I would think is the enjoyable part of the game.

Killing things is just how I figure out how well I'm doing in the gear game, and how I get more gear so I can move further.

Say Blizzard offered a version of the game where you get a level 60 of your choice, out of the box, with BiS gear. With this gear, you could literally run through all difficulty levels and beat Diablo, no problem, no questions asked. To me, that wouldn't be a game so much as a really limited clicking experience. No room to progress, no reason to care about anything that drops. Why pick up gold? My gear is already great. Gems? I'm full up! New legendary sword on the ground? Well, I'll pick it up I guess, but I'm not gonna replace anything because I already know that my gear works all the way through.

So, the grinding and scouring for gear IS my end game. (Or it will be, anyway. I've already promised myself that I won't be buying anything.)

I played Diablo II for years just to collect gear. I just like finding new stuff, even if it's not really an upgrade. I found tonnes of uniques and set items and things and never traded for any of them.

That said, my end game isn't anyone else's end game. If you're buying gear because you love kicking Diablo in the junk, I think it's cool that we can play the same game with the same mechanics and have fun different ways.

In Crackdown, I used to stand on the highway off-ramps and shoot the wheels out of oncoming cars so I could watch the physics system do crazy things. I hardly expect very many people to think that's a good time, but that's the way I liked it. So I may not really understand WHY you think it's fun to pay real money for gear, but if I'm honest, I LIKE that you can have fun doing it.
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id rather spend $5 on a beer at some lousy dive bar because i can never have just one and in a couple hours all of my enjoyment i could ever possibly get out of it is gone. and after having a couple drinks and ordering too much food, my wallet eventually gets drained by other overpriced crap that quite frankly my body doesn't need either, and i cant be having that now because i care too much about what people might think of me every time i reach into my wallet and decide to spend money on something i want.

I really dont intend for it to be the end of the world for johnny no-money on the other side of the continent every time i reach into my wallet and buy something, but im sorry it has to be that way. i dont mind shelling out some of my wages for stuff i enjoy if i feel that it is worth it to me at that particular moment, much like lots of other people.

we should all just lock ourselves inside of our living rooms all day every day and hoard as much money as we can and never spend it. Sure life would become dull and there would be no fun left in it, but at least we wouldnt have to worry about getting ridiculed for spending it, because quite frankly anything you could possibly ever buy with money is going to be considered a waste in somebody elses eyes.

Judging by your gamer tag i realize you would take the beer. lol
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Well, people can spend their hard earned cash on whatever the !@#$ they want. It is no-ones business but their own. I farmed hard on the American servers and only used the Gah, now I'm returning home to the Euro servers and rather than having to start again from scratch, I'm gonna use the Rmah in order to progress once I hit 60. Again, mind your own business.
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Why do play play 1,000+ hours? Just do what you enjoy.
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