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Why do people buy gold/gear?

01/18/2013 03:54 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
stop pretending to know RMAH is the reason why you aren't getting BiS loot.

BIS loot doesnt drop for anyone because the odds to roll a perfect echoeing fury are 1 in 3 trillion after it has already dropped! and this is intentional so the RMAH will still be usefull for the next 10 years
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01/18/2013 03:57 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
News flash: Diablo is and never was a skill-based franchise. It's all about gear and smashing monsters, and trading (even with real money) breaks the integrity of neither.

It does when it alters the mechanics of the game to drive people into spending real money.
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The biggest problem with the game is the greed of the people trying to make a living off off the game.

Any time real money enters the equation, it's the same result. Rich get richer. It's a fact of life.
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01/18/2013 04:00 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Your tin foil hat needs polishing.

Ok bro you're right this game is identical to D2
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01/18/2013 04:01 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo

BIS loot doesnt drop for anyone because the odds to roll a perfect echoeing fury are 1 in 3 trillion after it has already dropped! and this is intentional so the RMAH will still be usefull for the next 10 years

BIS loot didn't drop for anyone in D2 either. I guess we could go back to the black market days that you seem to prefer.

I found plenty of HoZ's which had a 1 in 50 chance of being BIS, I found a windforce which had a 1/3 chance of being BIS, I rolled -55% eth infinity's, I found perfect torches

stop pretending its the same when its not even close
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Agree, OP. It's weird. Especially when you take into account that there's no time limit on the game, and it's essentially single player.

It's a 'give it to me now' society. People are impatient and envious. That's all it is.
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A few weeks back I was helping some guy gear up his new lvl 60 barb. He had just bought 100m in gold and wanted to have a 100k+ dps WW and hellfire ring farming barb.

I helped him out, but in the process I realized that I couldn't wrap my head around why someone would want to pay real money to gear out their character from blues to legs right off the bat? Unless he wanted to make real money by farming gear to sell (which I don't think was his goal since he mentioned HF rings), where is the fun in having a fully geared character right when you start inferno?

D3 has no competition or endgame which requires having a fully geared character to start. Once you can efficiently farm inferno that's all there is to do! So why do people pay real money to gear up in 10 minutes skipping what I consider the entire point of the game (and most fun aspect of it as well)?

Is it just a reflection on the instant gratification society we are living in that people would rather pay $30 to have their character look powerful on a webpage than spend the time getting their gear on their own, or am I missing something?

Yup, you're missing something. For most people the object of the game, hell, of any hack and slash game, is to kill stuff. Lots of stuff. Drops are nice, they're awesome, but if you can't kill stuff, you never see them.

You're a twirly barb. You know that killing more monsters and killing them faster equals more good drops. That's why you have four lvl 1 mules in your account. That 30 bucks your bud spent on gold probably saved him 2 or 3 months in MP0 trying to get himself geared to where he is right now.

Give him a little time and he'll be putting items on the RMAH for a couple bucks apiece then buying more gold with his profits. That's what I've been doing for a long time now... But it was a real pain in the rear gearing those first couple toons without having the ability to buy a little gold here and there with the crappy state of itemization and the lousy economy we have in this game.
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This is something I also wonder about, and it really makes me wonder why they would include it in the game in the first place considering that there's no way to quicker ruin the addictive quality of the game than to give the player all of the loot. I've done as much in D2 through cheating when I had gotten bored of it all, and the game became instantly boring and all the more pointless.



However! If buying the gear is for the sole purpose of attempting to participate in the RMAH game, then I could actually understand that.
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I think a lot of people buy stuff with real money because they think they will be able to get that money back at the drop of a dime and that just is not the case with ANY game that you can put real money into and it claims you can get real money back out of the game. If Blizzard was really set on this being the case then there would be a set up to where you could go 24/7 and say well I am done playing now I want to sell all my items and characters please give me my money within an hour. But this is not the case same with the RMAH if you want to make it fair then everyone should have their name listed next to the items and gold that they are selling? How the heck are you going to tell me that some botter that farms gold 24/7 and puts it on the RMAH is not going to sell all his gold first before the other players that play half the time and don't use bots will sell any gold at all? Shame on blizzard for not making a gold cap on the amount of gold that can be in the game combined. At least if there is "x" amount of gold and players are hording it then they would do something to get the gold flow moving again not just keep putting more and more into circulation.
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Why do people buy Ferrari's when they can just get a Ford Focus? I mean, you're still going to get to work on time either way. Why do you need such a expensive and fast car?

I just don't get it.

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01/18/2013 03:58 PMPosted by MikeHoncho
News flash: Diablo is and never was a skill-based franchise. It's all about gear and smashing monsters, and trading (even with real money) breaks the integrity of neither.

It does when it alters the mechanics of the game to drive people into spending real money.

News flash... Diablo2 had a RMAH market ... it was named after the great site... Ebay

The RmAh was just a device they decided to put in since there was a large (and i mean huge) market for items for cash in D2.

They remove it...guess what -- there would be a HUGE increase in the "come to my site" spams, and its already bad enough. Alot of the loot sites have decided its easier to just sell on the RMAH as a majority of people will only use it now.
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Guys, I'm sorry to break it to you but many of us actually have careers and we are playing D3 because of an intense addiction to prior games in the series when perhaps we did not have other concerns.

Personally, I have spent a few $ on gold to play around with various game mechanics, almost entirely using Barbs (again.. nostalgia). I have perhaps an hour on avg a day to play this game (and this is the ONLY game I play.) If I want to piss around with a 70% crit chance ww barb, I'll do some theory crafting on gear combinations that suite, figure out which difficulty won't get me killed (am playing HC now) and if I don't have the gold through trades or pickup (haw haw haw... picking up gold... yeah right) I will plop a few $ down to make it happen now when I want it.

Last month's power & gas was $430, fuel for the vehicles $300, dining out probably north of $600.

I've committed about 300 hours to D3 since launch, and about $300-400 on RMAH, and I consider this excellent value for money. I beat Inferno HC Azmodan by the skin of my teeth and he dropped nothing but blues. I loved every minute of it.

I know many of you have played thousands of hours and spent $0, and many have spent thousands of dollars and played relatively little, but at the end of the day regardless of your own situation if you're happy and you find value in it, enjoy.
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D2 and D3 are not the same. Not even close. But I never said this. I said you didn't find all the BiS you wanted in D2 either (though you seem to have a different of BiS than I do). That's why people traded. That's why a black market existed. D3 just does it in a safe place called the auction house.

You can hate on itemization, but the GAH/RMAH are mutually exclusive of itemization. D3 could play exactly like D2 AND still have an auction house. This hate of the AH and people who use it is bizarre.

BIS means best possible item in a slot for your char, In D3 ive found 1 echoeing fury which has a 1 in 3 trillion chance to roll BIS but in the same amount of time playing D2 I would have found at least 1 HoZ which has a 1 in 50 chance of rolling BIS.... see the difference.

the AH's and itemization are not mutually exclusive, bashiok said himself that the AH's had to be considered during development in regards to items because we have this amazing tool to trade with.(not to be confused with the AH determines drops nonsense)
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