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Why do people buy gold/gear?

News flash: Diablo is and never was a skill-based franchise. It's all about gear and smashing monsters, and trading (even with real money) breaks the integrity of neither.


D2 PVP post-enigma XP was entirely skill based.

I will agree that trading (with any mechanism) does not affect that.

But it is not accurate, and disingenuous, to imply that D2 = D3 with regard to hand-eye coord & skill.
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Why does the RMAH even need to exist then whoop? Why not just the GAH. What other purpose does the RMAH serve other than to fuel profit for Blizz and Activision? Is it to give people this great business opportunity to become full time D3 players?
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People buy gold and gear because they have no lives, obviously. (Much unlike those that sit there grinding all day...)
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01/18/2013 04:30 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Because if the RMAH didn't exist, a black market would. People spent real money for D2 ... lots of it.

Yeah I'm sure it was millions. That was a convenient excuse for Blizz to justify the RMAH.
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BIS means best possible item in a slot for your char, In D3 ive found 1 echoeing fury which has a 1 in 3 trillion chance to roll BIS but in the same amount of time playing D2 I would have found at least 1 HoZ which has a 1 in 50 chance of rolling BIS.... see the difference.

the AH's and itemization are not mutually exclusive, bashiok said himself that the AH's had to be considered during development in regards to items because we have this amazing tool to trade with.(not to be confused with the AH determines drops nonsense)

Whether Blizzard ties drops to the AH or not doesn't mean they still couldn't itemize like D2. Again, D2 had a flourishing trade market. It just wasn't called the auction house. There is nothing evil about the auction house or people who spend real money on game gear. Your blame is misplaced.

ok this is probably my last post since you are not understanding

1st drops are not directly tied to the AH's, items have extremely wide random rolls to keep the AH's alive for a long period of time.

2nd I have no issue with the RMAH
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What does it matter if I did or didn't? It does not change the "problem" with the game. I have sold gear on the RMAH and I have purchased gold with the earnings. does not mean I agree with system.

The biggest problem with the game is the greed of the people trying to make a living off off the game.

So let me get this straight. You hate D3's system because of trading, but trading was ok in D2 because it was bartering or black market? Or was trading wrong in D2 as well? What exactly is wrong with D3's system? And how does someone trying to make a (laughable) living off the game affect you?

I know nothing about d2's trading I played it solo beat it played the expansion solo beat it put it away never played it again. That's something you could not and like still can not do in D3 in a timely manor because the loot is so bad.

Now with MP it may be easier but you didn't HAVE and AH in d2 and you didn't need to trade to beat d2 with any class and you would be geared enough to farm when you got to the end.

"What exactly is wrong with D3's system?"
There are so many things wrong with it i am not sure where to even begin. Not that you really care anyway.

How much of your gear came from the AH? all of it? OK then that's number one.

It's a struggle to get gear for your class just leveling from 1-60 and more so getting the right gear to beat the game.. IE finishing inferno MP 0

That struggle never stops if you decide you want to keep playing.. you can spend 1000's of hours or 1000's of dollars/billions of gold. Cause loot sucks.
The 100% RNG system of loot generation is just a bad way to distribute loot. There is so many bad choices in how things where done in this game...

"And how does someone trying to make a (laughable) living off the game affect you?"

It effects anyone that is in just to play the game.

Trying to farm money off other players, flipping auctions and keeping gear out of players hands that can use it is not part of the game, its not fun, and it sickens people trying to gear up. Its more like being scammed by a used car salesman.

It drives people out of the game because it becomes too rich for their blood and nothing ever drops.

The paragon system is the only thing that brought people back in for a while, but the way the AH prices are now, and the new changes with 1.07 The failed PVP ridiculously priced BoA equipment and increased exp.. I can see another major drop coming soon as the game becomes more and more pointless to try.
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Honestly because in D3 its easier to buy it then it is to farm it.

In D2 because of Ladder They wanted to be the best they could be in the shortest amount of time.

Honestly in D3 there is no real inventive to buy gear period there's no ladder no ranking. Do i think they should be allowed to buy gear IDC personally i just don't think the game should suffer for it.

But to answer your question It was mostly to compete and to work at being the best as fast as possible For E Peen.

Its no different really then CCP allowing people to buy plex for real money then to sell it in game to make tons of isk to buy ships and stuff. Or People buying gear in Wow For whatever reason or any other game. The difference in D3 is the AH because of how its tied to the rest of the game pretty much kills the game there is no balance.
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01/18/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Ketchup
100 mil isnt gonna get him the best gears. It does, however, let him farm efficiently in lower to mid mp. With that, he can always farm for upgrades and sell what is not. It's more of an investment is what i see it as.


I'm in the same boat as many on these forums - I don't have the time necessary to endlessly farm for upgrades. Once 1.05 hit, I felt it made sense to drop $20, buy some gold, and invest it wisely into gear that would allow me to enjoy the limited hours I have more fully (to do key runs, more farming on MP levels, maybe PvP).
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D2 PVP post-enigma XP was entirely skill based.

I will agree that trading (with any mechanism) does not affect that.

But it is not accurate, and disingenuous, to imply that D2 = D3 with regard to hand-eye coord & skill.

I come from a high level broodwar and SC2 background, so that's my benchmark. The diablo series is and never will be a competitive skill-based esport.

It is clear you've never played d2 pvp at a high level. I understand your point of view now.
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01/18/2013 09:31 AMPosted by Fizzmopper
I couldn't wrap my head around why someone would want to pay real money to gear out their character from blues to legs

real men play hardcore
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Maybe its just none of your business why.
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Because they have larger disposable income than you.
Because they don't play as much as you.

Why do people pay monthly for games?
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01/18/2013 09:43 AMPosted by JoeLimon
Why grind for hundreds of hours when an hour of overtime can easily make up that time?

Ever heard the expression "It's the journey that counts, not the destination"?

Farming for gold to buy gear, or buying gold to buy gear, are not equally rewarding.
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