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Why do people buy gold/gear?

01/18/2013 09:47 AMPosted by Fizzmopper
Why grind for hundreds of hours when an hour of overtime can easily make up that time?

Why buy all your gear in 5 minutes to then spend hundreds of hours farming for drops you then can't use?

Why do either when the game in its current state is garbage?
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A few weeks back I was helping some guy gear up his new lvl 60 barb. He had just bought 100m in gold and wanted to have a 100k+ dps WW and hellfire ring farming barb.

I helped him out, but in the process I realized that I couldn't wrap my head around why someone would want to pay real money to gear out their character from blues to legs right off the bat? Unless he wanted to make real money by farming gear to sell (which I don't think was his goal since he mentioned HF rings), where is the fun in having a fully geared character right when you start inferno?

D3 has no competition or endgame which requires having a fully geared character to start. Once you can efficiently farm inferno that's all there is to do! So why do people pay real money to gear up in 10 minutes skipping what I consider the entire point of the game (and most fun aspect of it as well)?

Is it just a reflection on the instant gratification society we are living in that people would rather pay $30 to have their character look powerful on a webpage than spend the time getting their gear on their own, or am I missing something?

Why do people pay to win? I have no idea. I was befuddled when the RMAH went online and I actually sold all of my gear for 500$....500!!!!! I then took a break from D3 and played other games. I kept 50$ in my acc just in case I wanted to go back to D3 when they added more stuff to it. Now, I feel like playing again and bought some gold to get gear(not end-game gear mind you). This is an example of why someone would use $$ on the RMAH
(som1 who didn't actually spend money, but just profited on the RMAH)
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01/19/2013 06:00 AMPosted by UGotGanked

Or, just maybe, they are awesome at making money in real life and can choose to spend that money wherever they wish. Whether it be in a video game, a bar, a strip club, a strip club with a bar, etc. You get the point. The great thing about making money, which clearly you don't make any with a comment like that, is that you can choose to spend it anywhere and on anything. Capiche hombre?

fall in love with a stripper hombre?

Maybe? :), I fell in love with her and then bought her a blouse, some pants, some shoes, 2 rings, a necklace, a tazer with battery pack, a belt, some gloves to keep her warm, a pandora wristlet and a lovely tiara so she knows she's my princess.

So, she's pretty decked out with some nice legendaries... That I bought her.
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01/18/2013 09:35 AMPosted by UGotGanked
cuz they suck at video games among other things, and buy stuff to make themselves feel better.

Yes, my life sucks. Hopefully OLED TVs come out this year, I really need to make myself feel better :-)
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A few weeks back a friend of my just reach legal age of drinking. He organized a birthday party, bought alot of booze and invited alot of friends.

I went to the party, everyone was crazy high, but in the process I realized that I couldn't wrap my head around why someone would want to party and drink so much. Where is the fun in it?

Partying and drinking has neither purpose in life nor is it beneficial to one's health. Once the party is over, you are back to the harsh reality of life! So why do people actually indulge in one night of what I consider a waste of time and money?

Is it just a reflection on the stress that people are facing in life that they really need the break, or are they just being pressured into a life of party and booze, that if they do not engage in such lifestyle, they will be branded as dull and boring by their peers, or am I really missing something?
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"cuz they suck at video games among other things, and buy stuff to make themselves feel better."

The real reason is of course that most people will never see gear good enough to do end game content. The drop system is so atrocious that most stuff dropped is absolutely worthless even for a fresh 50. They will certainly not gear themselves out in even low quality end game legendaries. That is why people turn to buying gold; because they feel they must and they are mostly correct.
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If using the gold AH or RMAH will enhance the experience for YOU.
That's all that matters.

... that's not all that matters. I'm convinced that the gold auction house is one of the major problems with the design of the game. A lot of posts have been focusing on the RMAH, but the RMAH will definitely exist outside of the game anyway (although in a more limited capacity), and it existed in the form of d2jsp in Diablo 2. The real problem, as far as I'm concerned, is the gold auction house. Let me take a moment to explain why I think that, and what might be done to fix it and ultimately make the game much more fun to play.

If you use it, the mere presence of the gold auction house completely breaks the gaming experience of playing from level 1-60. If I didn't know any better, I would think its use was an exploit. Just saying that a player could ignore it is simply not an answer, because most gamers of Diablo-style games strive to figure out how to be the best they can while playing... that's part of what gearing up in games like Diablo have always been about, and that's where a lot of the joy was derived. In the case of Diablo 3, unfortunately, the player who knew the auction house was there also knew that it was just a click away to get something better. The joy of finding something neat is not just reduced, but completely eliminated for most of the game.

Now how do we fix that? On paper, the gold auction house in particular may have been seen as a decent idea. It uses the in-game currency as an in-between in order to artificially make it more valuable (and not practically worthless like gold was in D2). It makes 'trades' easier by letting people bid on the items without worrying about the specifics of what is being offered. However, taking that approach to fix a relatively minor problem just basically broke the game, as described above. Traditional trading with a player allows for an item's relative value to be compared, and you get many more interesting trading scenarios as a result. This also means that it's more difficult for a player at level 20 to get top-notch level 20 gear. Paradoxically, this makes it more fun, but that's basic game design. I am aware it's still possible to get the 'best' if you have a higher-level alt or friend, or just some benevolent passerby - but all of those scenarios are also much more satisfying and fulfilling than using the auction house.

This may mean that the game needs an essentially worthless in-game currency, at least with respect to how its value is determined between players (or, at least, it should not be what is exchanged). Its utility should be limited to in-game shops and services... this is the only way that a calculated balance between what is gained in the game and what is spent can be maintained. When a level 20 character can spend a fraction of the gold they have to get something that blows everything they'll find in the entire next two acts out of the water, something is fundamentally wrong. This sounds limiting, but it's part of basic game design and it's part of what makes it more fun to play. Only people who like to min/max auction house trades could really enjoy running around with 10 billion gold... and that's certainly not what the game should be designed to cater to, but you have to take a step back and realize that is exactly what is going on today, that's essentially what the end-game goal in Diablo 3 today is.

Fixing this involves eliminating the gold-based auction system. You may possibly replace it with a market section accessible in-game in each town to see online players who are trading (anyone who is playing, you can check what they have tagged for trade anywhere) and search what they're offering without all the spam. With some thought this system could be vastly superior to, and more enjoyable than, the auction house... plus, it doesn't break the game.

I do personally think there are other design problems with the game, but I won't enumerate them all here. One step at a time... and this is a pretty huge step (and, I believe, a necessary one... because fixing this is a prerequisite to fixing some of the other problems like replayability and character specializations/diversity).
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I guess it's all about ego. Some kid cannot take on any pressure and has to win in every case. Every piece on every char of mine was hard earned through farming, no AH flipping or RM. Last night when I dueled with some paragon level 0 monk and plvl 13 DH who even have better gear than I wear, they kept complaining that I use storm armor and called me a kid. "That's unfair... he has to use storm armor cuz he sucks even if plvl 87..." My answer can only be to electrocute/educate them more.
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Here's my take on D3

I am still playing D2 lod as of now still trying to trade my way into a Enigma and other Godly gears and i have barely touch D3, What gives here, D3 is a better graphics, colorful and physics are great but I prefer the dark fog like setting, I like not knowing what is behind me when i am busily fighting a mob of monster and if i step back a few inches another group of monster see's me and starts to attack me than i have to rethink my strategy of what to do next, should i stand my ground, should i retreat. unlike in D3 i see everything on the screen at once all i need is my high DPS weapons and just slash through? What give? It feels like more of Call of Duty game but with a medieval setting! Just shoot your way through!
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Hmm... because:

ePeen = DPS + EHP


ePeen > Peen
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100mill will hardly buy you a fully equipped barb, it's enough for some good starter gear, so you can spend less time farming to buy/find gear that's worth 200mill+ a piece and really get your barb some good gear. It looks to me like he just wanted to save himself the time it takes to get that initial gear setup, so he could work on the real gear.

Everyone are so quick to judge, maybe he wanted to be up-to-par with some friends, so he could game with them or maybe he's just lazy. Either way, I don't see the big deal. It's not like some people who spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to equip their characters; now that I will never understand, even if you have that kind of money to just throw away on imaginary garbage.
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well its like me for my DH/Monk. i bought some of my gear. for me its the process in making money buy finding legs that i love. i find a good leg. sell it on AH. make a good prof. i find that fun. i like to grind because it helps me lvl and find legs. some people like to find all their gear. for me thats not fun. i like to make money. and u gotta spend money to make money.

granted it all depends on the person. others like playing their way while people think its retarded. if ppl wanna spend real money on the game like me. go for it. if they dont. good luck to you <3

anyways my monk is kinda !@#$ty cause i took the armor of my DH and am useing it for my monk. with a few upgrades anyways. it works. i got low hp but i can have a hige dps. and if im fighting something hard i go 2 other weps with LoH with ammy raidiant stars. i can get 3k LoH to fight that damn reflect.
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Initially adding an auction house to the game was not a bad idea. People traded in Diablo 2 also so why not give players a platform to do it more easily. To this point everything is fine.

People always say that buying items with real money was always there in online computer games. This is true but there is something really important. If there wouldnt be any auction house in Diablo 3 someone spending real money to get some high quality gear would not bother me at all since were playing "isolated" games in this case. Ok he might be uber in PvP but in this case I honestly dont care.

But now we have an auction house and we are all influenced by the economy in that auction house. I think without real money the auction would still be ok in a certain way because in game gold would be the only currency and we would acquire gold under the same conditions. Everyone would need to farm many hours to acquire gold in the game and prices wouldnt sky rocket.

But the moment someone buys 50 million gold where others spend days or weeks to get the same amount the economy gets broken since for that person these 50 million don't really have any value. At least not such a value compared to someone who played hours to get that amount of gold. Prices sky rocket and the game gets unplayable without joining the RMAH band wagon too, unless you get lucky and find an item of high value in the game to sell.

MMOs ban people buying gold for two reasons. The first reason is they dont want any chinese gold farmers to earn money with their game. The reason why Blizzard added the RMAH. The second reason is that players would get frustrated with high inflation on item prices and most likely quit the game or get banned for buying in game currency too. Result is that those MMOs would loose subscriptions. And this second reason is exactly the point Blizzard totally ignored while introducing the RMAH. The funny part is that they run a MMO on their own and should know about these problems. But WoW and other MMOs prevented such things with account bound items and you simply dont get the best gear in game from the auction house.

I dont want to blame people buying gold with real money. This is totally valid since Blizzard added this opportunity for them. But I really Blizzard for doing such a stupid thing. It is not hard to figure out the consequences of a RMAH. Many MMOs before Diablo 3 had to deal with these problems. Blizzard simply ignored it.

One thing Blizzard could do is removing the option to buy gold and limit it to buying gear. Because buying gold is what influences the normal auction house. They need to seperate players who want to spend money and players who just want to play the game. But its not my part to figure out ideas to solve the current problem. I can only say that it's a way too obvious why the game sucks at the moment and Blizzard did not mention anything to fix it yet.
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For me is just a simple answer... I was playing games my entire life, now I have 24 years old, a work, a department and I live with my girlfriend... since now my only limitations to play is the time is just do a jump for something that it gonna happens some time but like in my case is just a jump nothing more, skip some weaks of farming because if I wasn't a 24 yo guy with a girlfriend a department and a job I can do it in a Weak max...

Thats my case (I put 20u$s but was a mistake Im only wanna put 10 but anyway), that dont give me all the stuff in game just put me in a place to log in and get fun in my way to the top jumping the hard part (That i was playing since 1.0.0).

Now farming is the Diablo 3 actually end-game but it isn't fun and a real end-game system is just the beggining, gear is just a matter of time, someone dont have much time like me others just dont like the game being owned all the time.

What im saing is... dont put everybody in the same bag some, like me, are just aware of our limitations and our obligations in life that leech our gaming time, if I have the time right now maybe would have 250k DPS with a perfect hand-crossbow :P
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People do what they want. And nothing will change that. Why do you all care what someone else is going to spend their money on? If someone wants to go buy gears, let them. Its not your money to be worried about.

Go make some cheese and buy some gear so you can spend less time on this and have time to play a REAL game.
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Like The Sims!
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You pay in $ or you pay in time.
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