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Top monk to top monk

lets leave the racial references out of the discussion plz...
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Turkey was good.

I ate too much of it though. Now I have the bubble guts.
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how about you work on that vit/res of yours... so you can drop OWE for stg else and get better overal stats? Youre very focussed on DPS... nice items you got tho.
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Sounds overrated. Kill them before they kill you imo.
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01/05/2013 12:35 PMPosted by Rasaint
only 2 wailing hosts on ah with cdc and ias 1 with dex and 1 with int. dex 164 ias8 ccd29 cost 1.500kk and compare to my unity i lost 4400dps with this wailing host ring so...

Except when I checked the AH for upgrades for OP I was checking with HIS stats and items in mind on d3up.com, not yours. Item values fluctuate from player to player which means something that isn't an upgrade for you might in fact be an upgrade for him.

I would suggest using d3up.com in the future for you, for deciding on upgrades so you know what you're getting before purchasing.
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sorry man but you shouldnot even talk in this topic and hopefully you will understand why...
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Because you don't understand math and me posting makes you feel bad about yourself? My bad ...
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Komodo can you make me favorite and compare this wailing host ring for 1.500kk from ah to yours unity and say something about differences to mr.mathman?
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wtf is 1.500kk? And you already proved my point, the ring you're referring to is NOT the same item or quality I was suggesting to him as an upgrade. The one I saw was 2b which was indeed a 2.3k dps increase for him, over his Unity.

You really should use calculators and spreadsheets so you don't start arguments with people over INCORRECT math.
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stop using KK when you're talking about millions, M fo million suckaz!
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not sure maybe drop some crit dmg for loh/ls, you do more dmg when you are alive
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