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General concept is to obtain higher regeneration generated from hungering arrow to cast more hatred based attacks in a set rotation so you have multiple attacks hitting at once while not depleting your hatred. Being able to mix in cluster shots with loaded for bear, while doing a volley of elemental arrow attacks because they have a slower missile travel time then all other attacks is the general concept.
acronyms: hps hatred per second, hps3 hatred every 3 seconds(max speed is 3 attacks per second math is also done in 3s, simplified it in numbers of attacks generated relative to speed)

60 base cost of cluster shot
10 base cost per elemental arrow
51.78 hatred every 3 seconds
9.06 attacks in 3 seconds
bat 3 hps
nightbane 3hps
base 1 hps
bows 1.2 each hps
51.78 hatred every 3 seconds
8.2hps-24.6hps3--hps generated from ability's, base, and hps on items
7 items at 9%, 1 item at 11%
3.02max attack speed on 1.74 speed base
51.78hps maximum per 3 seconds

edit-I feel this needs a forward as well so people understand the trade off of doing 2 hander vs 2 1 hander. 2 hander is more good base line dps higher dps in just standing there and attacking while having less hatred/dis options in its maximized dps form. 1 hander exemplify more hatred/dis thus have the option to use more ability's consistently then there 2 handed option.

cluster1x(1), attack 3 seconds(3), 2ele arrow(2), attack 2 sec(2), cluster(1)
9seconds of ratioion 8.2hps passive during rotation, 73.8hps in 9 second rotation. 5 seconds of hungering arrow regen 15.1 attacks*3=45hatred.

rotation requires 60- at start, 60+ remain, at 4 seconds into rotation +9.06+32.8=41.86+ total gained 101.86 remain, ele arrow lightning ball 2 shots 2 seconds;20- hatred spent, 81.86 remain, 2 seconds of passive hatred regen 16.4+98.6 remain. 2 seconds of hungering arrow 18.2+ 2 seconds of passive hatred regen 133.22 total. you are now over your maximum hatred by only 13.22 even though one my shave off time by reducing the auto attacks by 1 or 2 you have to account for human error lag and movement so we will keep this rotation keeping these things in mind.

I will be doing a full true damage out put chart including things like hungering strike arrow proc's into account of said rotation as clearly one cant look at the sheet and say hey thats your damage.
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You should check out the build of that DH on youtube that downed MP10 Azmodan in under 45 sec. His abilities fueled rapid hatred regen so he could practically spam ClusterArrow/ClusterBomb.

His setup was inspiring and imo -- out of the box.
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