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Need better Visual information effect

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Hello blizzard, if you go see my account, you can see i play to much to diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 and i give to much real money in auction house. After that, i think i can suggest some good information update.

The frist, the buff bar visualization. Why we can se only 5 or 6 buff scare o_Ô?. Exemple. Energy armor + Magic weapon + War Cry + slow time + Diamond skin + 25% MF GF shrine + ............. What? I can t see my other buff on the buff bar. WTF, I know i got more but i can t see. Please; Fix that.

First 1.5, After you fix the first point, I really want to see a nice buff organization.
-All that is my buff on a same line (energy amor, magic weapon and etc)
-All that is temporary skill on a other line (slow time, Diamon skin, Nova and etc)
-All that is temporary action skill info on a other line (number of tornado on screen, Number of flash insight of Arcana dynamo and etc)
-All my partner buff on a other line (war cry, Mantra evasion and etc)
-All that is a curse on another line (Freeze time out, Burning time out and etc)

You do not have any info on these have colone. Just separate each with a free space will be perfect

The seconde point, I whant a visual effect when a deff skill like the slow time end. Exemple, when the slow time end, he just desapear without any visual warning. When i play with my friend, some time for survive, the action depend of the slow time. My side, i can see the cooldown but my friend NO. I will VERY appreciate when a skill like the slow time end, me and my friend see a visual effect IN GAME. A simple flash 2 second before the end. Flashing like a light missing energy before to close. Same for Nova 1 sec before the end, same for Diamon skin, same for Warth of the berzeker, same for every thing that a visual warning IN GAME will be very help full.

The last point. I whant a table score of party member performance. Exemple. When the players open the "Performence table score"

Name Buddzy / Hybrid / Zeph / Killgore
Table score
% DPS All unit 25% 23% 27% 25%

Unit kill 135 47 88 79

% DPS All Elit 17% 32% 17% 62%

Elit kill 3 4 2 5

Dead 3 2 2 1

more.. info

more.. info performance

more.. All information comparing performance between members of the teams and more i don't think to suggest

Imagine a monster HP bar on top of the screen. Divide the bar by the number of players. Each separation is to the width of the performance % of each player. Each separation is identified by a background color to identify each division. the player's name and % efficiency must be write in each separation. (or not if to low space)

I am a game designer in my soul and i don't understand how that was not already in game after all the time we waited on this game.
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