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Rate the DH above you!!

01/17/2013 05:45 AMPosted by AsSyluM
@Austin Yea I see you are doing some upgrading. Get top gems. You have decent gear. Get more life and AR. Once you are around 200k dps drop SS and Steady Aim for perfectionist and night stalker.

Your DH looks great, 9/10, as far as I'm concerned, and with Night stalker and perfectionist I have 206k, I also took the gems from my barb, and put them back on my dh, and I also plan on getting top tier gems around may or so.
@Austin nice gear, but surely ball lightning will serve you better than nether tentacles?
@GinZ You are coming along nicely. Get more attack speed, more vitality and more cc. pretty much the normal stuff. Drop steady aim for another passive when you feel you can.
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@AsSyluM Nice Solid DH. I really like your rings and the amulet you have. Money well spent.
@AsSyluM just curious what MPL do you play usually?
Thanks a lot guys. Lots of hard work and research went into it. Well it depends. Para leveling I play at MP3. For fun, MP10. For gear grinding, MP10. Keys MP8-9. And I do solo ubers on mp9. I notice no difference in speed from MP0-3. 4 is just a touch bit slower with my XP gear.
@AsSyluM wow. I just ran through MPL 5.. i am not sure if i can acutally run thru mpl 10.
What would you say to spend my money on if i were to upgrade my gear?
@jkccheong really nice gear. good weapon and quiver. only slight suggestion would be to get some rare bracers with 100+ dex and vit. otherwise nice build and goodluck. 9/10
Lets see:

1.Get CC on your helm.
2. Get 1000 vitality minimum
3. Get a ring with IAS if you can but still good CC and CD
4. Get rid of that innas belt and go WH
5. A chest and a DML with a skill u actually use is a good idea too
6. Get a nats ring. Preferably with avg dmg and CC. Those are spendy but with it you get a 130 dex bonus back you will lose from WH.

Hope that helps.
u have a good sturdy DH there assylum.
@Drew thanks. I will consier your advice on my bracer. it is just that i just don't want to lose IAS from it.

@AsSyluM Thanks for a detailed analysis of my gears and all. I would get a CC on my helm if i could, however if I were to get CC on my my Mempo of Twilight it would be too costly for me. Hence, I wanted to get CC from other gears so i guess that is why I could still pull off 52% CC from the gears. Also, i did want to ask you whether or not the Innas Belt is a keeper for DH, but i guess the Witching Hour is THE belt to go for. Thanks a lot.
@imprttysaucy - pretty nicely geared DH, i would recommend getting some more AR and vitality. Also im not sure but you could always get rings with CC.
01/18/2013 07:58 AMPosted by reiren
@imprttysaucy - pretty nicely geared DH, i would recommend getting some more AR and vitality. Also im not sure but you could always get rings with CC.

Wow, amazing DPS and decent EHP. I'd recommend trying to get your HP around 60-65k and possibly a little more AR, but you've got an amazing DH right there. 9/10
@ surfinn: great dh my friend, if you can i would invest in a manti w/2 s other than that you are looking good
Surfinn- Good balanced DH of dps and eHP. Manticores are getting a little cheaper, but not sure if it is even worth to upgrade till the patch comes out.
@neoshinji: hey my friend very nice dh. i would like to recommend you to raise a little your cc, cd, as this will help alot to raise your dos other than that very good dh.....
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Neoshinji: Your next upgrades probably will be raising stats on the lacunis though your cheapest upgrade probably will be your boots. Very nice though. I like the use of the AR and Res all.

Chanzor: Your base damage looks solid but your eHP looks a little on the low side (vitality, armor, res all). Depending what you're going for, you might want to consider your next upgrades with those in mind.

EDIT: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Saros-1692/hero/4484548 Got some work cut out for me on my own.
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@Syriel probably a socket on helm, maybe a mempo with cc if you can
not much really, your dh is high end af lol.
@Anigerian nice dps ill give you a 8.5/10

I like your gear setup utilizing two different set bonuses. its a interesting play. Each piece however can be upgraded to include more dps/ehp mods ( cd , cc etc vit)
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