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Rate the DH above you!!


Nice Gear you hve. I'm goin with 7.5-8/10. Still some decent room for improvements there but overall very solid setup you have!


Thanks man. I maxed out aps with a calamity at 3.70 and tied fastest in the world (overall rank 61).

I have a "cheater bow" (White bow with only +20%aps affix) that gets it to 3.99aps and tied number 1 rank on Diablo Progress.

Send me an invite if you wanna see it in action some time :)

Haha, does it go higher than 3.99 aps when you get a frenzied shrine? Will definitely add you just to see it for fun sometime. :)

Cheater bow - 4.04 aps
Calamity - 3.76 aps

Enchantress + Frenzied
Cheater bow - 4.54 aps
Calamity - 4.21 aps

As far as I know these are the fastest attack speeds possible with any gear

9/10 - Love the new bow man, and I will be forever jealous of your nats chest
Since ur spending the big bucks I would get a DML with relevant skill dmg increase.
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@ Empire

Great attack speed - impressive. 8/10

Decent Demon hunter... you might wanna get some more Res all though
@ Landen

Sweet hp,9/10
@ultatron, decent dh,
def getting there
should work on getting more dex on ur pieces and upgrading them gems
cool boots,i like your build :)

I think your weakness is low life. Just 26k life is too low. You need to work on raising that, preferably to 35-40k.
@ Celanian

Nice Dh man 7/10. I would work on getting a Mempho when you can afford one with cc. Lots of damage to be gained with a good cc Mempho. All in all very nice.

Another godly dh! I just donno how u guys get so crazy dps
Im trying very hard but its either so expensive or i have to give up some tanking to increase dps

Dont have much to say but maybe some more tanking will be nice? Some more hp / resist
But i dont see anywhere u can upgrade lol

crit chance = good (4/5)
vit = very nice (5/5)
dex(@ your level) = not bad (3.5/5)
armor = decent (3/5)
dps = great (5/5)
ias = godly (5/5)

overall = 25.5/30
= 85% ~ final grade B
= very nice build

i love your helm, gloves & bracer.

hello! 8/10,

I guess you already know what to upgrade next to go even further, but imo mainly
-Nat's ring with Crit,
-Nat's boots with more dex,
-Inna's chest with AR so you can get higher DPS stats elsewhere maybe?
-and... Crit mempo lol


Hi guys, For myself, What are the pieces I should upgrade next to go even further(besides the obvious answer of "A better version of EVERYTHING")? I welcome multiple opinions! Greatly appreciated!
@ Villen,

I would say Nats ring would be next on your least, get one with high avg dmg, and 1 desirable defensive modifier like high AR.

Would also advice you to drop that Lacuni, as the MS is greatly wasted, get a solid rare with high dex, and it can match the Lacuni's DPS and provide more EHP.

Apart from that, it really is better versions of everything, Manticore with 2 sockets, better VW, better belt, better Inna's chest.

And I can see that you where a cold monk quite recently LOL
@shade very nice balanced dh u have. I'd say just work on more cc "helm"

Anyway 8/10 cheers !
@JJAY, pretty good, pretty good. maybe one day i'll be able to afford gear close to yours.
@Damien, not bad, you seem to be on your way, keep grinding!

I do not know your financial situation, but it's kinda cool ^ ^ 7/10

ps: I'm still under construction
Osiris - cant even comment, looking like an awesome build under way!!!

Would love any assistance/comments on my DH!! Its now the only char I play really (though havent played with it much!)
Nice build outkast, you should start looking at adding a little more crit chance and dropping sharpshooter to free up a passive. You should remove steady aim if you do higher MP levels too.
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Very respectable and balanced build.
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